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Model railway baseboards are like the foundations of a house, and failure to build a rigid baseboard that has no movement will inevitably lead to problems.
This is a useful book for those who are starting out in the hobby and want to get an overview of the many facets that make up the construction of baseboards and their ancillaries. All in all a first class book on a very important aspect of our hobby, very well presented. The book is a welcome addition to the canon of model railway books and is particularly helpful for N gauge modellers.
There have been books before on building baseboards, but this is by far the most thorough and extensive coverage of the subject we have seen so far.
I have been out of model railroading for a few years and decided this would be a good way to get back into it. Hi Ken, I do have one suggestion  of my own and will second the ones made by Denis and the one about running the yard to the corner.
In looking at the tracks in the corner if you extend the track at the tail of the runaround to feed your yard tracks you get a better curve. I also had the front and rear of your layout mixed up, your latest picture really cleared that up.
Apart from building Eythorne (see my other post for details of this project) I am also involved with a project at my club; the Itchen Valley Model Railway Club. The club was formed some years ago in private premises and just over 10 years ago we moved into our current premises; the ticket office and waiting room of an operational railway station in Southampton. The classic CJ Freezer plan of Minories was chosen and at the same time; the name of the project.

The discovery of the Scalescenes Website was a revelation and most of the station is now being constructed using that sitea€™s products. Chestnut Hill as seen from the station end with all the usual clutter of a club room!Before anyone says it; I know it's a plank! Well, I am well on the road to recovery and getting my energy back so work has started again on Chestnut Hill.
The fiddle yard is well under way and I hope to include pictures and news of it operating on my next post. Or to reply to an individual post, or to include images, attachments and formatted text,click the Quote or Reply buttons on each post above. For many years the members of the Dutch model railroad club were building their model train layout in HO scale. I think, I'm going to have to tie the new L-girders to the existing ones to add support for the new corner. Sudden changes of personnel meant that the membership was formed of a majority of new modellers. We fancied that going out on exhibition with the Minories plan was bound to prompt the cry of a€?that old chestnuta€™ from certain Smart Alecs that haunt the exhibition circuit. Points are operated by Seep Motors and the layout is wired for DCC although I am assured by those who know about this electrickery stuff that it will run analogue as well.
The large buildings will provide a reason for the end of tracks on your original layout and help to camouflage the square corner at the back of your new addition. From my own recollection these remained on Southern Stations until the BR corporate blue period thus giving a wide range of dates within stock could run.

This brings us to the present and all that leaves for me to do is to include some pictures of where we are now.
About the time of my last post a larger club; the Southampton Model Railway Society opened their new premises just 400 yards away from our cold and damp railway station. The model railway is based on Dutch trains and presenting different eras of the Dutch railway history. You could also add  a turn out and a compact industry to the front edge of your existing layout by fitting a switch where the curve on the track that leads to new row straightens out. If the walls were on the other side of the layout, I would do what you suggest for sure. Their premises came with all the modern conveniences of the age; toilets that worked, windows you could see through, heating, more space and adequate lighting. I would think team track or an oil tank loading rack or something similar that would only require the rack to be modeled or a ramp and you would be able to spot many cars there, hope you can understand what I have written. On the right module there is a small harbor and a fiddle yard as well as a reconstruction of the railway bridge in Rotterdam. I can have a one man operating session that will last 45 minutes to an hour and that seems about right for me.

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