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The bus between Boston and New York City is roughly 5 to 6 hours, depending on your driver and route. For some, the Fung Wah is a line to keep in mind if you’re planning an impromptu weekend trip and you don’t have a set schedule.
If you’re usually a bus traveler and regularly take a bus from Boston to New York, your train station might differ from those of your former bus line. With Amtrak train service and plane tickets as high as $200 or more per fare, travel between Boston and New York City can seem out of reach for many. If you plan on visiting NYC or Boston, one bus line you might want to look into is World Wide Bus. World Wide Bus Line Service features on board extras that ensure you arrive at your destination comfortably.
Greyhound Bus Service Boston To New York Greyhound is a nationwide bus line with routes to major cities in the US and Canada. Boltbus Fares Boston to New York For $1, We Show You How… It’s not easy to travel on a budget. In Boston, the Blue Man Group performs throughout the week at the Charles Playhouse, a historic theater housed in a structure built in 1839. Boyston T Stop on Green Line When you come above ground, you will be on the corner of Boylston Street and Tremont Street. November in Boston will see rapidly falling temperatures so both autumn-like and some winter-like days are likely to be encountered. By the end of this month afternoon temperatures will often only reach into the mid to upper 40s (8-9C) with overnight lows mostly in the mid-30s (1-2C). While in Boston, please join us for one of our walking tours like the Beacon Hill Crime Tour or one of our food tours like our Boston Little Italy Food Tour.
For a faster trip that will get you up north quicker would be interstate 95N.  This is a fast, four line highway that will get you up north quicker but not so scenic as Old Rt. There are also many tours offered that will bring to the best viewing sites.  A few of the better guided tours are listed below. All Boston Tours: which at the end of the leaf peaking will swing you by an apple orchard for cider.
No matter how you chose to check out the foliage, either on your own or with a paid tour group, this year is expected to be spectacular. The Warren Anatomical Museum, founded in 1847 and started as the personal collection of Harvard Professor Dr. One of the most popular finds here is the skull of Phineas Gage, a railroad worker who in 1848 had a 13 pound iron rod blown through his head.
Admission to the Warren Anatomical Museum is free, and it is located at 10 Shattuck St, Boston, MA.
The Ether Dome is also home to Padihershef, a 3000 year Egyptian mummy brought to MGH in 1823 and is the first complete mummy brought to America. There are also some scary medieval looking surgical tools on displayed in the Dome as well as the original sponge use to administer the either during the first surgery.
Before going into MGH to the Ether Dome, check out one of our newest museums in Boston, which is the Paul S. The Boston Athenaeum is a private Library in the city of Boston that has over 700,000 volumes of books, many rare and historical documents and a great collection of art works. Some of its famous members included Nathaniel Hawthorne who reports that he encountered the ghost of the Reverend Dr. The weather here can change quickly in October so it’s best to bring along sweaters and medium to heavy jacket. Posted August 14th, 2014 by Stephen Pickhardt & filed under A Blog on Visiting New York City, Boston.
BoltBus – Tickets usually range from $13 (usually Mon-Wed), to up to $36 (usually Thu-Sun). Megabus – Tickets usually range from $17 (usually Mon-Wed), to up to $36 (usually Thu-Sun). Greyhound – They have dealt with competition by improving their fleet and lowering their prices. The bus stop in Boston is usually the same at the South Station Transportation Center, 700 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02110. If at first glance the tourist passes seem too pricey, be sure to calculate the estimated cost of visiting all the attractions you hope to see.
Keep in mind that there are still many ways to dive deep into Boston’s rich history without purchasing a tourist pass. The CityPass is a booklet of 4 admission tickets that saves 43% off ticket prices to Boston’s top attractions, and lets you skip the long lines at the front door. For the CityPass, we suggest that you purchase tickets online, or at any of the attractions listed above (though you’ll need to stand in line). If you have ample time in Boston and intend on visiting all of the attractions listed, then the CityPass is a great way to explore on a budget. The Go Boston Card is a pass designed to give you discounts of up to 55% on 41 different attractions, from museums to tours, customizable for 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days. Pro Tip: To make the best use of the Go Boston Card, you’ll need to plan your day’s itinerary. Unlike the All-Inclusive Pass, the Explorer Pass lets you choose either a 3 or 5 attraction bundle that saves you up to 35% on admission.
If you know the places you want to visit, and are looking for a discount, check out the Build Your Own Go Boston Pass by Smart Destinations.
Before you buy: This pass option offers less of a discount, but is a good deal if you plan on only visiting a few attractions during your Boston visit. The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority offers a FREE discount book to all visitors, which has coupons and deals for attractions, food, and hotel accommodations. There are many websites that offer a platform for hotels, car rentals, tours, attractions and other services to offer deep discounts on their products and services.
Posted June 25th, 2014 by Stephen Pickhardt & filed under A Blog on Visiting New York City, Berlin, Boston, Charleston, Chicago, London, Miami, New Orleans, Paris, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington DC. Start to adjust your internal clock several days before you fly, by staying up later (if traveling westwards) or getting to bed earlier (if travelling eastwards).
If you are travelling overseas, on the day of your flight, try to sleep in or sleep as long as you can.
Once you arrive, don’t nap more than 30 minutes or go to bed immediately if it’s not bedtime yet. The Daily Catch  located in the heart of our Little Italy Neighborhood at 323 Hanover St. and also at 2 Northern Ave.
The Boston Athenaeum is offering special free tours of their Rare Books and Manuscripts collection from now through August 2014.  The Athenaeum has acquired many rare and interesting books through generous donations and wants to show them off! The real heart of the rare book collection is their collection of early American history.  The Athenaeum has early Boston newspapers, early American government documents, publications written in Native American languages and portions of the book collections of George Washington, Henry Knox and other New England area patriots. The Exhibit also features author manuscripts, for example the papers of architect Charles Bulfinch (Architect of both the MA State House and the US Capitol), painter John Singer Sargent and circus impresario P.T.

Red-hot competition among Boston - New York bus companies means you'll find a lot of bargains . You'll find some big differences between destination and drop-off points, amenities, service, and cost - so it pays to look at each option and decide which fits YOUR needs the best. The Limo Liner provides complimentary internet access as well as a movie, CNN on TV, a full meal, snacks, beverages, and in the evening, wine. Seats are spacious and comfortable, work space is great if you're using a laptop, and food and beverages are available to buy - although both Penn Station and South Station offer much better food choices than you'll find on board. This bus line is known by New York and Massachusetts students as a low-cost method of travel between cities. This may be why for college students and people on a tight budget– affordable bus service has become the most popular form of transportation between major cities along the East Coast of the United States.
The exact duration of the trip depends on your driver and the timeliness of your departure. Early in the month the fall colors still may be seen in parts of Boston, however, most trees lose their leaves by the end of the month. About 6 days this month see morning low temperatures at or below 32f (0C) with some days dropping down into the low to mid 20s (about -5C)! Bring along a couple of sweaters and at least one medium weight jacket or coat with hat and gloves for those colder days. 2 which is a rolling two lane road that takes you though some very scenic cities and old mill towns and is flank on both sides with vivid colors and many places to stop, shop and if you want to make a day or two out of it, B&Bs and farms. John Collins Warren, whose personal collection was made up of some 160 unusual anatomical specimens. You should dress in layers so you can adjust according to the temperature.  Evenings and nights can be cold, especially during the latter half of the month, so the jacket will become a necessity. Snow is rare in Boston in October as measurable snow has been recorded here only on four occasions during this month. There are two different pick up stops to choose from in New York, and the buses run almost every hour.
Once you buy, you can show your tickets from your mobile device at the gate and get fast VIP entrance.
The first is all-inclusive and based on number of days, while the second and third options let you build your own experience.
This is a great option if you plan to visit a number of attractions on a given number of days. The price for this pass varies based on the attractions you select, and the number of people in your party.
With this, you are able to totally customize your trip and see only the attractions that most interest you. You can view a PDF of the CharlieCard Discount book before you get to Boston, and enjoy extra savings when you arrive!
Many of our tour guests who travel from afar or from overseas have trouble to adjust to the new time difference in their destination city. The more you rest before your big travel, the easier it will be to adjust to your new time zone. This goes for either direction, as you will likely skip a night travelling eastwards, or you will have to stay up much longer when you arrive travelling westwards. Even if you don’t fall asleep into a deep slumber, your body will thank you later for each little 20 minute nap you do on the plane. It’s best to purchase a bottle of water at the airport (after you are through security), so you don’t have to get the stewardess attention every time.
Prior to the mid-19th century eating lobster was considered a sign of poverty.  Lobster was served to servants, prisoners and was used as fertilizer and not until the mid-20th century was it thought of as anything but a cheap canned food. Brian is leading pay-what-you-like tours of the Freedom Trail, so don’t miss out to learn more about Boston and maybe lobster with him. Bus provides free WiFi, power plugs, and even leather seats on some coaches.  With service from Boston's Chinatown to New York's Chinatown, Yo!
If you have an extra hour or two before boarding in New York, be sure to stop at one of the several great Chinese restaurants by the station.
Lucky Star is also a reliable line, and both offer great last minute deals through Gotobus.
It’s also used by those who don’t mind giving up key comforts in return for a cheap ticket.
If you’re used to reserving your seat, you should know that the Fung Wah is known to overbook their buses. As someone who has frequented a number of bus lines that make the Boston to NY run, I suggest setting aside a little extra time to look into other bargain bus lines. However, Amtrak does offer different travel services that might make the extra fees worth it. When purchased a month or two in advance, you can reserve a round trip coach fare for just under a hundred dollars. The terminal is just down the street from several New York City travel spots, including Times Square and the Empire State Building.
As the weather turns colder, however, Frog Pond in Boston Commons opens for ice skating or perhaps you might wish to attend the Boston Christmas Festival.
While there you may as travel down the road to Salem for its Haunted Happens Celebration which runs for the entire month of October. Doggett’s Repository of Arts a 19th century art gallery that no longer exist, where hundreds of people paid .25 cents to see him.
October is a great time to view the fall colors which normally peak around the middle of the month but this can vary from year to year.
While train and airplane tickets can be rather expensive and driving by car might not be an option, we suggest you take a seat, lean back, and discover about all the different bus options for your next trip to Boston from New York or the other way round.
If you don’t have internet access (you probably won’t read this) you can make a reservation by phone, but you pay the standard rate which is more expensive.
For example, The Museum of Fine Arts is $25 for adults, but $10 for those 7-17 and free for ages 6 and under. Choose from Boston Duck Tours, Gray Line Boston Tours, New England Aquarium Whale Watch, OR Boston Red Sox Ticket. The guidebook also includes restaurant suggestions, and is a great tool for planning your exploration of Boston. But since they run roughly every 30 minutes, passengers usually end up catching the next one. While companies like Greyhound Express and Peter Pan Bus lines offer lots of extras on board, other bargain lines offer surprisingly low fares.
Tuft Medical Center T Stop on Orange Line Take the Tremont Street exit, not the Washington Street exit.
Spend less on your actual travel so you can spend your coin on whatever you like at your destination. Good to know: Make sure to choose Greyhound Express and check the schedule details, since some routes have several stops on the way.

To help mitigate the costs, a number of companies have created Boston tourist passes which offer entrance to popular attractions at a discounted price. However, if you are pressed for time or not particularly interested in all 4 attractions, it might be better to look elsewhere.
Also, the Harvard Museum of Natural History is $12 for adults but $8 for those 18 and under. The All Inclusive Pass is a bit more expensive, but if you want to see and do as much as possible in a short amount of time, this could also be a good option.
Usually getting over jet lag should take 3-4 days depending on how far you have traveled from. If you are booking our walking tours, stick to the morning and daytime tours, and avoid the evening tours. They offer several discounts for buses along the Eastern seaboard, including service to New York City, Washington D.C. If you have a flexible timeline and a small budget, the Fung Wah is a bus company you should consider. Many travelers prefer a quicker method of travel, like plane or Boston to New York Train Ride. Of their Eastern lines, the train service route from Boston to New York is one of the easiest to use.
Intercity bus travel has gone up a notch: almost all providers now offer free wi-fi, power outlets, a restroom, and air conditioning. BoltBus offers $1 tickets (only 1 per bus), so you might get lucky, provided you are flexible, book in advance, and you can spend the time researching which ride still has the 1 dollar fare ride available. Your ticket might be a lot cheaper, but it might take you forever to reach your final destination. Flying eastwards will make it a bit harder to adjust to the new time zone, then when you are flying westwards. It comes in handy for impulsive plans to meet friends or sudden free time to visit the city. But if you don’t mind the extra time spent driving, you can save hundreds on a ticket and baggage fees! On board, the biggest difference between bus and train service is the extra space trains offers. By planning your New York get away or your New England vacation through their site, you’re sure to save quite a bit.
If you make this a weekend trip consider leaving on Thursday and coming back either Saturday or Monday. The customizable options are best for those who are less familiar with the city and don’t want to bother with having to plan out the specifics of their trip.
That is because our body accepts it better if you are staying up a little later, then having to go to bed much earlier than usual. In addition, they give great New England travel tips as well as info for hotel packages near their bus stops. World Wide might be a great choice for you if you plan on visiting Harvard, MIT, or downtown Boston.
Their buses make the run several times per day, so you can be sure you’ll get a ticket at a low price.
Since Amtrak trains don’t tend to run late, train service offers a quick and reliable way of traveling from city to city. They’re a great starting point for some basic travel info, and a good way to save some extra cash on tickets. And unlike the Fung Wah or Lucky Star, World Wide does not stop in New York City’s Chinatown. This also means, that last-minute bookers, will still find a bus option for their trip tomorrow. In addition, if you are used to getting up rather early, flying eastwards is a little bit easier than for people who generally stay up late. If you are booking our walking tours, avoid the early 10 am tours, and go for the afternoon or evening tours.
Their site even provides info on European tours and international travel, including several historic small towns.
And because of their route between Chinatowns, you’re sure to spot some great Chinese restaurants along the way. And since Amtrak’s trains stop near famous tourist spots, their stations offer a great start to your trip. If you’re on a tight budget, it may be worth looking into bus lines that run the same route. It might be worth signing up as a Loyalty member for free, since they get priority seating, meaning they may board first. And vice versa, if you are a night owl, you will have less trouble adjusting, if you were traveling westwards. But if you check around, you may find a deal that offers more amenities for the same price. Their line stops at the Alewife Station at the end of the “red line” subway route in Cambridge. This is a bargain considering lines like Greyhound can run up to $78.00 per ticket for the same route.
But if you’re looking for a more responsible bus line, you might want to go with another service. If you plan on visiting downtown Boston or any of the city’s major colleges, their station might offer a good start to your tour. Gotobus compares bus companies like World Wide and Lucky Star, as well as major travel tours through the East Coast.
Since both cities have great forms of public transportation, don’t let station location sway you.
As I mentioned earlier, sometimes you can find a $15.00 ticket that offers a more comfortable ride. This station is at the end of Boston’s “green line.” And since Boston’s subway line departs several times an hour, these two stops make using public transportation easy.
Their site offers excellent travel tips and serves as a guide to everything from general price quotes to info on wine tours.
And if you’re a New England college student, you’ll really enjoy the discount tickets on bus travel to New York City and Boston. The site also runs specials for several hotels and shows, allowing you to make the most of your trip.

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