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A passenger boards the bus at Portland Transportation Center on Monday morning for the inaugural direct trip to New York City. Concord Coach Lines made it first direct bus trip from Portland to New York City on Monday.
Karen Roen of Waldoboro reads a paper while waiting to depart from the Portland Transportation Center for New York City on Monday morning.
The bus, which was about two-thirds full with 20 passengers, smelled new but was purchased last spring and has been used on other routes, according to Dana Knapp, Maine division manager for Concord Coach Lines, who was on board before departure, snapping photos and passing out gift bags that included a key chain flashlight, sticky notes and a first-aid kit. Several passengers said they were excited that the bus route started just when they needed it. Caroline Jova, 28, of Portland was on her way to JFK airport, because the savings on her flight to Spain was significant versus flying out of Boston. Ambient noise on the bus was at a tolerable level as it only came from the bus itself and barely a word was spoken among passengers during the trip. Concord Coach Lines Marketing Coordinator Melissa Miller said the company likely will add additional departure times.
Here at MaineToday Media we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion. I think a trip mid day from Portland that got there in the evening and then picked other people up at 10 or 11 and drove through the night would be great because it would save the hotel cost. Then again, for a trip of even a few days, the exorbitant parking charges at PWM will end up being more than the flights.
They fail mention that half the time you drive to NYC, the final 50 or so miles in through Connecticut is often heavily congested and creeping bumper to bumper traffic.
For the price of fare, at least once it goes up in a few months, I’ll just drive my own car to Southern Connecticut, park for $5 per day and take the Metro North commuter rail into the city for less than $10. Portland's MAX, short for Metropolitan Area Express, covers 44 miles across the Portland Metro area. The MAX Blue Line is the first light rail line in Portland, and is the main east-west spine of the MAX system.
The next cars ordered were 52 Siemens low-floor cars, eliminating the need for the notorious wheelchair lifts which slowed down travel across the system.

The 200 series inaugurated North America's first low-floor light rail vehicles, and prompting a massive platform rebuilding and retrofitting the older Bombardier cars with recorded announcements. The 300 series were ordered for the Interstate MAX line, and are identical to the 200 series Siemens cars. Unlike most modern light rail systems, MAX trains use roll signs instead of digital readouts. All three types of trains are able to run on every section of the system, however consists are limited to a maximum of 2 cars. The fare system is enforced by the Proof-of-Payment (POP) method, so everyone's on the honor system. 8 that it would offer nonstop service to the city after hearing from travelers and deciding there was plenty of demand. Driver Roger Dubay checks his mirrors before departing from the transportation center in Portland. All seats are equipped with power outlets, fold-down tray tables, foot rests and head rests. At the back, a counter area offered an impressive array of free snacks and beverages, including coffee, juice, water, cookies, fruit, granola bars and yogurt. The Portland Transportation Center, OTOH, needs more spaces – and ideally a rental car connection.
DL and UA usually match JetBlue fares and you can fly into LGA or Newark which are a lot more convenient to Manhattan than JFK airport. Add an accident or road construction and the 6 hour trip could easily take serversl more hours.
MAX uses a combination of right-of-ways including freeway shoulders and medians, paved tracks on city streets, and private right of way. Beginning in 1986 with the Portland-Gresham segment (Cleveland Avenue to 11th Avenue), this was extended from downtown Portland to Hillsboro in 1998. The first trains received were high-floor Bombardier cars, ordered for the original starter line. Using an ingenious "Bridge Plate" ramp, these trains sit level with the platform surface, with the deployable ramp spanning the gap.

All trains now have recorded messages announcing the station name, which side the train's doors are opening upon, line color, destination, direction of travel, and safety information. Other than some improved electronics and a new TriMet paint scheme, only the numbers are different.
Signs for the various lines have the line color in the background, with either white or black lettering stating the destination. This is limited because Portland's smaller, 200 foot blocks would not allow a train to use a station without blocking auto traffic on cross streets. However, fares are enforced by random sweeps by local law enforcement and TriMet Fare Inspectors.
Tri-County Metropolitan Transit District of Oregon Schedules, real-time arrivals, and more! Until now, getting to the city without driving required a costly plane ticket plus transportation from the airport to the city, or a train or bus ride by way of Boston. These cars presently are not allowed to run as singles or doubles on the system, as these would not comply with ADA. These ramps only deploy if the operator in the cab is requested to do so, or a passenger pushes a button. If you are a member, feel free to start a new thread about the topic you were expecting to find here.
TriMet, the Portland metro area's Transit Authority, owns and operates the MAX Light Rail system. A low floor car must be coupled to any Bombardier car in order to guarantee wheelchair access. Previously, those in wheelchairs had to use lifts at every station, which required MAX operators to leave the cab and operate the lift.

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