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Eastern Bus and Today's bus was purchased by Megabus in Feb 2009, and still operate under their old logos. Because of so many buses and bus companies here, some of them began to play a cat-and-mouse game of double-parking and then driving away at the first sign of police. At Jamaica, walk next door to the AirTrain monorail terminal, pay the rip-off $5.00 to take you the rest of the way to the airport.
Party Bus Kingston brings limo and party bus service to everyone with their cheap party bus rentals in Kingston. This was actually the first capital of New York State in 1977; however, British soldiers burned most of the buildings after the Battle of Saratoga. Kingston, New York Party Bus has built a reputation for excellence in both service and product. When you rent a paraty bus in Kingston, NY youa€™re getting way more than a sophisticated limousine or a maxxed out party bus. A romantic evening, like dinner at La Stazione in New Paltz, is magical in a limo bus rental.
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Bolt Bus free wireless internet on board, and loyalty program (currently, buy 8 trips and get 1 trip free). Subsidized by the casinos, run by NJ Transit (ticketing system by amtrak), the Atlantic City Express Service (ACES) costs $39-$200 one-way, and only runs on weekends. This option is the fastest way of getting to JFK if you are located anywhere near ny penn station. No longer reserved for the rich and famous, Kingston, New York Party Bus Rental will pick you up in 12401 or 12402 and treat you like youa€™re in 90210. The three major neighborhoods are referred to as midtown, uptown and downtown - and the latter two are historic districts.
Today, Kingston is a beautiful contrast to New York City, yet ita€™s only 91 miles north of the Big Apple, and Albany is about an hour to the north. Youa€™re also getting the assurance of dealing with an established party bus company, and youa€™re getting the freedom to party as you please.
Or take a monster party bus with up to 50 friends into Poughkeepsie for drinks at Sky, Karma Lounge or Smiles Night Club, dance all night at Orient Ultra Lounge. They also cater to surrounding communities and cities, including Hyde Park, Bloomington, Woodstock, Rosendale, Glasco and Pleasant Valley.

This is an architects delight, with representations of Greek Revival, Neo-Classical, Art Deco, Victorian, Italianate and Romanesque adorning the city. With its rich cultural diversity and proximity to the biggest and best of everything, Kingston literally gives you access to the world.
Your driver handles all the traffic and parking logistics, so you can spend the entire outing with your friends. Party buses in Kingston, NY have an amazing fleet of vehicles, each with state-of-the-art features, like bars, music and gaming. Whatever your pleasure, Kingston Party Bus will drive you as far as you like and let you make as many stops as you want.
And everyone should attend their big dance in the luxury (and safety) of a prom party bus in Kingston.

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