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Under the bus cam deal in the state budget, the city could crack down on drivers in the Nostrand Avenue Select Bus Service lane, shown here, but not regular bus lanes across the city. Transit advocates remain positive about the legislation -- enforcement is most important along SBS routes and something's better than the usual nothing -- but for now, the benefits of camera enforcement will be limited.
Why not just put stanchons between the bus lane and other travel lanes, similar to what is done with many of the bike lanes? The Straphangers have always been a pretty effete organization when it comes to actual politicking. Many problems in New York transit planning could be solved by infusing basic knowledge of foreign innovations, such as systemwide POP. What’s ridiculous is the principle behind limiting the bus camera program (or speed cameras, or red light cameras, etc). Anyway, it makes more sense to just get cars off streets and change the environment where there are still cars to reduce their numbers and slow them down.
Collectively, our organizations (TSTC, TA, Straps, EDF, NYLCV, etc) spent hundreds of hours in Albany over the past few months advocating for bus cameras. So blame advocates if you want, or thank us for putting up with Albany so you don’t have to.
But I must say, few things annoy me than this habit for obstructing overall good ideas over one narrow concern.
Is it a win that the state is robbing the MTA and is authorizing limited bus lane enforcement on a few routes as a consolation prize? What is the non-silly explanation for why the authority finally agreed to transport students for free without the state restoring student funding? According to their CBS affiliate, New York city’s transit agency is currently testing a new digital advertising system on the sides of buses.
Great, every uber-futuristic, dystopian movie ever made showcasing TV screens depicting ads on everything, has come to be.

Kind of (creepily) reminds me of Margaret Sangers eugenics system where she put abortion clinics in poor neighborhoods with minorities. They'll be another SBS feature, not a path toward providing faster speeds for all of New York's slowest-in-the-country buses.
And when riders and legislators start to recognize that this tool is saving transit riders hundreds of hours of lost time and only the illegal bus-blockers suffer, there won’t be resistance to wider adoption. At $50 a ticket, the MTA would have to generate 7890 of them a day to cover the $144 million annual shortfall caused by the student MetroCard agreement.
The problem is, they keep demanding more money, rather than finding explanations and ways to prevent transit costs from rising faster than inflation. Adding more cameras to the front of busses to enforce existing laws is not exactly going to change that.
As it is, they seem more concerned with screwing-over downstate concerns by playing games with the MTA like a cat playing with a dying rodent. There’s none to be made for making people pay for transfers, which is what New York used to do. The system apparently uses actual flat screen displays to show rotating static advertisements as well as short commercials, but what’s particularly interesting is that the ads will be targeted towards the specific neighborhood the bus happens to be passing through thanks to GPS. It's a small, preliminary victory for New York City transit, embedded in a much larger defeat. The bus cam idea as presented to the state legislature was not sold as a foreign invention. Albany wasn’t going to restore cuts to the MTA or student passes in return for not passing bus enforcement cameras.
A company called Titan Worldwide has a 10 year, $800 million advertising contract with the city’s public transportation system, and the first buses to feature the new ads are currently being tested on a Manhattan route. Aside from the fare of innovative consumer electronic products, the reader can expect to find news about geek culture, absurd inventions, awe inspiring technology, and an ever growing assortment of articles that we like to think fit within our view of what we’re calling the Geek Lifestyle.

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Drawing lines on a map is much more exciting than coming up with good service plans and fare collection mechanisms, and then debating the separate questions of which routes need dedicated lanes and which need bus cams.
I’m not sure why public cameras in New York City should be a concern to a legislator in Buffalo, especially given the hordes of private cameras already all over the place that the police already use to investigate everything except traffic violations. Choose from Uptown, Dowtown, Day or Night Time, Brooklyn, Movie Sites, Celebrity TMZ, Food Tours, shopping tours and many more.The RideThe Ride combines entertainment, hilarious improvisation and wild people-watching amusement on its one-of-a-kind New York City tour bus outfitted with stadium seating. It took NYC from 1996 to 2010 to go from 50 to 150 red light cameras, and still no speed cams. Instead of facing forward, passengers sit facing the long side of the bus, so you can see tons more of NYC.
The ride is a short 1 hr, 15 minute tour and gets rave reviews, such as "hands down the best interactive experience in NYC! If DOT and MTA properly document the effect of the bus cams, and the advocates effectively use that info, we will see bus cams on regular bus routes soon enough. The group has a long and illustrious history of delivering results for riders: end to two fare zones, Metrocard and varied pricing schemes, public subway condition reports etc. The Go Select card lets you choose the exact tours and attractions you want to see, print your tickets or show them on your smartphone and go. After all, this is one of the ways I am able to provide you all the free content on this website.
However, the information provided on this page is unbiased and accurate to the best of my ability.

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