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When you walk around the streets of New York City, especially in the Midtown area, the second most common sight one sees, after the iconic yellow cab, are the double-deck tour buses filled with camera touting tourists. As a native New Yorker, I love seeing people delight in the sites and history of my city, and in order to keep friends and family informed on what the best options are, I often play tourist myself.
When it comes to double-deck buses, there are two major brands to choose from: City Sight Tours (blue bus) and Gray Line Tours (red bus). Both offer hop-on, hop-off tours which include stops for pictures and short walks through the area or the option to take the ride through the city, as well as tickets to the attractions of your choice.
If you want some entertainment with a lot more fun facts and tad more comic relief, I would check out The Ride. Speakers allow on-board performers and riders to interact with the pedestrians as well as on street surprises.
Another bus tour that provides visitors with a unique perspective of our beautiful city are the On Location Tours. Though many of the bus tours offer options to purchase tickets on bus departure site as well as online, I would recommend researching the them online if possible, as this is where most of the savings are offered in addition to clear descriptions of what will be offered.
Whether you have been to New York before or are visiting for the first time, taking a tour of any kind can be entertaining and informative. Carol CainCarol is her happiest when on an adventure, either close to home or farther away. Carol, we did the double decker bus last year & even did the night tour over to Brooklyn, was a very cold drizzly night, but I still loved it. Content on Girl Gone Travel® by Carol Cain is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Hornblower River CruiseDiscount valid Mon - Thurs only on purchases made before the day of travel. Free entry & breakfast to the Museum of the City of New YorkDiscount valid Mon - Thurs only on purchases made before the day of travel. OWO entry Fixed Date Tickets OnlyOWO tickets are valid Sun-Fri for the next available timed ticket. When I first started playing with my dad's set in 1990, I bought this GP-38 engine to give the old UP 2023 a break. I originally did not order one of these when they came out in the catalog, but I heard such great things about them that I finally caved and bought one from Legacy Station.
This was an end of year offering from Lionel for 2011 and these are really done quite well. I'm sure how true to the prototype this model is (I believe #3 was actually a 3-truck shay), but it's nice anyway.
I was a little sceptical when lionel first announced their Vision Line, but I gotta say they've made a believer out of the me. Lionel hit a homerun when the first Vision Line GEVO Hybrid came out earlier this year and they've done it again with the genset switcher. From Lionel's 2009 Volume 2 catalog, this little gem is equipped with TMCC control and is very cool looking. This AC6000 leads the Ice Cold Express train set that I ordered from Lionel's 2010 Volume 1 catalog. I didn't order one of these from the catalog, but I liked it a lot so I picked it up from Legacy Station. Although lionel dropped the awesome smoke effects when they took these out of the vision line, they're still great engines. I've always been a fan of the B6, so I'm really glad to finally have my first model of one.
I like this little engine a lot, even though it's by no means the fanciest steam engine in my collection.

I picked up a set from the early 70's on ebay that had this engine along with 5 cars for $32! This is a cheap caboose that I've used for weathering tests and other "non revenue" purposes. Just like the Husky Stack above the real-life versions of this car go though the CSX yard behind my place all the time, so I was really happy to get this. John DuarteGray Line New YorkGray Line offers more than 20 bus tours, from a basic two-hour ride (with 40-plus hop-on, hop-off stops) to the guided "Manhattan Comprehensive" tour, which includes lunch, admission to Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building, and a boat ride to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.
Trying to decide which tours are the best to invest in is hard to figure out with so many companies offering specials and package deals. In my opinion if after living here for as many years as I have I can walk away with a renew sense of love for New York and inspiration from a bus tour, than it’s the tour visitors should take. The difference between these two options is minimal and vary based on price and accessibility. These are fun if you have never been to New York City before and want to see the sights quickly and pick up some quick facts.
Most attractions are closed, but on a nice clear night, a ride on the upper level of a double-decker gives the best view of all the lights and glamour of the city.
This 13-feet-high, 45-feet-long bus was completely gutted and rebuilt to include three rows of stadium style seating. I have never laughed so hard on a bus tour as I did on this one and the insider’s tips they share are worth every dime.
Just remember to wear comfortable shoes, carry a sweater and camera, and don’t forget to look up – just not in the middle of the sidewalk please because we really hate that. I love to be entertained, especially on a NYC tour as a NY'er — they are going to have to work hard to keep me smiling! There are three tour routes to choose from, allowing you to explore.A hop-on hop-off New York bus tour allows you to see the city at your own pace and provides easy transportation to top sights. As with many early 90's items that Lionel put out, this one was comprised of mostly plastic pieces, so it sustained a lot of damage over the years. They've got a lot of pulling power and the whistle steam effect on these Mallet's is done very well.
Modeled after the real 765, which is still in operation, they took the trouble to sample sounds from the real thing and they also had Rich Melvin (he's one of the people who drive the 765) record the crew talk sounds!
Phenomenal attention to detail, superb sounds and fantastic Legacy control make this another milestone for Lionel. The engine lacks some of the detail I'd expect on a premium engine, but it runs fantastic and sound great too! My dad had the original 2023 engines when he was a kid (I've still got those engines), so I decided to get a brand new reissue so that I could see how they looked when they were brand new. The thin and fragile plastic rails have broken several times over the years, but never anything super glue couldn't fix. Despite being a lower end car made mostly of plastic (including the plastic trucks), this is a nice looking car. In my opinion, these cars blow away just about any postwar car as far as beauty and sheer craftsmanship are concerned. I found it funny that this expansion pack came in before that actual set that it's supposed to enhance. After I took possession of my dad's old Lionel set in 1990, this car was the first new car that I added to the set. You wouldn't have to worry about driving in traffic, and being on the roof would allow you to see exactly how tall those buildings are.
The city at night is when you feel its magic most and it’s an experience that never gets old.

The Ride is not a double-deck bus, but is design to provide optimal, wide views of New York City sights and people.
The performances highlight the unique qualities of this great town and are enough to make even this jaded New Yorker walk away feeling proud to live here.
Riders have the option to select from tours such as Sex and The City, New York City TV and Movie Sites, or even The Soprano Sites tour. They did an amazing job recapturing the look and feel of the original 700E and yet packing it full of 21st century technology and features. The caboose is also really well done, with the neat doghouse on the back with a man inside. The passenger cars are made from extruded aluminum, which only adds to the overall quality of the set. The set consisted of this engine, 3 57' mechanical refrigeration cars (1 with sound and 1 with smoke) and an extended vision caboose. 46 inches of die-cast metal with 4 motors, 4 smoke units and spinning fans on top of each unit.
The hoppers are a brand new tooling and look amazing, and the caboose is wonderfully detailed with LED lighting and a smoke unit.
The e-unit on this engine was having some trouble when I got it, but I got that fixed at a local shop. My grandkids have never seen New York City before, and I've been trying to convince their mom to let me take them.
The Ride can be between an hour to 75 minutes long, depending on traffic, and if stuck in traffic, it continues to engage the audience and entertain. Though these tours will resonate most with a specific audience – like the ones who will understand the Ghost Busters references, or know who Miranda and Samantha are, they still manage to provide a glimpse into the glitter and glamour of New York City beyond the television screen and take guests to tangible destinations that are very much real and loved by residents and visitors alike.
I replaced the cheap plastic trucks with die-cast trucks, so the car has a nice weight to it.
It's a lighted caboose, and I have made a custom modification by placing thin paper over all of the windows. The tours about 3.5 hours in length with several stops dependent on the type of tour you are on. It is now is good operational order, although its conventional configuration makes it pretty much useless on my modern digital layout. Not only does covering the windows give the illuminated car a warmer look, but it also provides a bit more realism since you are not able to look into the car and see the light assembly.
Lionel has to compete for the train market now, and they have really come through with this series. Though this engine is pretty darn flimsy and cheap, one good quality that it does have is that it is VERY fast. Or hop aboard the "New York TV and Movie Sites" tour and visit more than 40 sites from big- and small-screen productions such as Seinfeld and The Godfather. Don't' ask me how, but this thing really flies and would give any of my new locomotives a run for their money. I made a slight goof on the underside of the car, but otherwise I think it looks pretty good.

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