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You can add a gymnasium and more!You can also add more sets such as the gymnasium, shop class and music class.No school is ever complete without a canteen where the kids will love to hangout and take a break.When you have the large school playset, why don't you consider getting the smaller sets also so that your kid's school playset is so much fun? This must be very much alike to your kid's schoolhouse.There also are other accessories included to make the schoolhouse even more real like the globe and the skull.

Your kid can play as the teacher or the student or she can round up her friends so they can pay together.They can take classes in music, arts and the sciences in some other areas in the building.
Playmobil School House is universal toy for both boys and girls.The playground is not limited just to the School Building - you can add gym, cafeteria, extra classroom furniture, music room, and many more!

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