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For large collections we may want to come take a look, but that step usually isn't necessary.
We'll review your list to see if we're interested (if your collection is mostly low value items and our total offer would be less than $500 we may not be). If we're interested we'll spend a few days valuing your collection based on our own sales history and other pricing sources. We'll review your list and provide you with an estimated value for what we expect your collection to sell for at our on-line auctions. Your first item will generally list to auction within 10 business days of receiving your collection, the time to process your entire collection will depend on the number of items.
You can ship the items to us at our own expense and we can perform an inventory at our warehouse. We can sell your train collection through our on-line auction site without an inventory list. If you don't have a good inventory of your collection and can't provide one, or fast money is less of a priority than maximizing your returns, then letting us auction your collection may be the best option. We're here to help, and we'll gladly talk you through the process of making the right decision for your needs and goals.
Prices are protected by starting items at around 75% of the price we expect to realize based on our sales history. Our buyers receive reasonable combined shipping rates, in return our buyers buy more items per order. We begin processing your collection within a few business days of receiving it, and generally list your first items within ten business days. From the time an item from your collection sells to the time you have money in your hand is typically one month. We've bought and sold toy and model trains by almost every manufacturer at some point in time. This N scale layout offers loops for running long trains and a yard and turntable area to display all of your equipment. This N scale plan gives you a pair of mainline loops with wide curves as well as a yard and large turntable area to switch or simply display your collection.

When Norfolk Southern introduced twenty new locomotives painted in the historic liveries of its predecessors in 2012, it sparked an immediate passion to catch these beautiful machines on the rails and on our own layouts. If you don't have a list or can't make a list, call or email us and we'll try our best to help. We'll ask a few questions about you and your collection along the way to help us determine what options are best for you. We'll usually notify you within 1 to 2 business days if we are (or are not) interested in purchasing you collection.
We're typically on the road at least once a month and are never more than a few months away from your area. If we can't make a deal you'll also be responsible for the cost of return shipping to your location. If you're looking for a quick way out, with quick money, and are less concerned about squeezing every penny out of your train collection, our purchase option may be right for you. Last second bids (often called sniping) are great for snipers, but ruin the auction experience for everyone else. Contacting us or submitting a list is the best way to find out what we're interested in right now. Whether you want a little operation or just a place to show off and run your trains, this N Scale layout will be the perfect showcase. 4 Maximum Grade: noneConstructionThe 4x8 platform is a common layout size, especially for a first layout. Model manufacturers in every scale have quickly responded with an unprecedented amount of product. The time we spend doing price research helps us set starting values for each of your items, maximizing the final sale price. If an item doesn't sell we'll re-list it with a slightly lower starting price to bring in the bids. When someone bids within the final seconds of an auction we automatically extend the auction to give the original bidder a chance to increase their bid. A website has been created to help track their locations and at least two books have been written on them thus far.

You could follow these plans for a simple platform, or adapt the open grid platform as shown on the Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Layout.The plan shown here provides a level track bed for easier construction and operation. In the flood of new announcements, it can be a challenge to stay on top of all your options.Prototype BackgroundThe development of these twenty locomotives has been well recorded.
While a complete review of each is impractical with so many options, price and basic features are included to help you make your decision. Whether you prefer mountains, rural farm scenes, or a more urban environment, N scale gives you plenty of room for scenery to complement the trains.With the turntable, a roundhouse and steam service facilities would be a natural and exciting scene. Uncoupling magnets on the sidings would also make switching easier.Most switches are within easy reach so simple ground throws could be used. As of this writing, Bachmann has not announced all 20 of the paint schemes, but future announcements are likely. Powered switch machines are always an option however if you prefer.The trackplan includes a turntable.
Broadway waited until 2014 to announce its ES44AC model which is not scheduled for delivery until 2015. Models will feature working smoke units - unique among the HO scale offerings for this engine. Powered locomotives can run on conventional transformer control, DCC or Lionel's TMCC and LEGACY command systems.
Lionel tooled a new plastic ES44AC carbody for these locomotives to capture the detail changes since their previous ES44AC release.
MTH did not retool the ES44AC body for the Heritage locomotives, some details do not match the prototype.G Gauge Aristo Craft - Aristo Craft painted all twenty of the Heritage schemes on their Dash 9 locomotive.

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