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They Reach Higher Top Speeds & Are More Powerful Than Any Other Series-Produced Car Today. Enter your registration number below to get an instant, onscreen valuation from the UK's easiest and most secure way to sell your car. Selling a car can be a daunting process, especially if you don’t know a lot about them. There are the obvious ways to sell your car, privately either through an advert or to family or friends.
Part Exchange – You may get a price you are happy to sell at, but is the dealer using profit from an over priced car you are buying from them to give you a bit more for your part exchange. Car Buyers – Whilst car buyers are often the subject of negative publicity, some justified some not. If you are using a Car Buying company to sell your car just follow these guidelines and you won’t go far wrong. Always be honest in your cars description and you can be certain your valuation will be accurate. Try to choose a company that travels to you to collect your car, they will have committed already and will be in a weaker negotiating position if they try and reduce the price.
Don’t use companies that charge an admin fee, they can make a profit on your car without charging this.

The 2007 Panoz DP01 features a seven speed sequential semi-automatic gearbox that utilizes paddle shifters mounted on the steering colunn allowing drivers to change gears without removing their hands from the steering wheel.
The front wing of the Panoz DP01 is constructed using a single flap element as the horizontal main plane. Another distinct feature of the DP01 is a three element rear wing that features two large horizontal planes mounted parallel to each other. One of the most noticeable characteristics of the Panoz DP01 is the louvered vents on the top of the sidepods. The Panoz DP01 design team also worked with the goal of making a more efficient race car. On the positive side, if you are fortunate enough to sell you car privately you should be able to get a bit more for it…but then what is a safe way to take payment?
You need to ask them if you would you get a better deal if you went in with a cash as opposed to a part exchange. Secure cash payments can be made into you bank account in as little as 20 minutes, under no circumstances should you allow a buyer to leave without verifying the cleared funds are in your bank account. The system also will allow for less shifting errors, meaning less wear and tear on the gearbox, thus reducing the team’s operating costs.
Large tunnels were created that give the car a significant amount of downforce while minimizing the turbulent air behind the car.

This creates a smoother transition of the air as it travels and through the other aerodynamic features of the car.
The design of the wing helps the DP01 create more downforce while minimizing the amount of drag. These vents allow the cars cooling system to work more efficiently allowing the Cosworth engine to produce maximum power.
While there are many subtle changes to the Champ Car’s efficiency, one of the most notable is the design of the airjack receptacle and rain light. Always look at you total cost to change and extra ?500 for you car isn’t good value if the car you are buying is ?1000 overpriced. The wing’s unique shape also helps create less turbulent air coming off the back of the car. While giving the DP01 a distinct look, the design also works to minimize drag while maximizing downforce.

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