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Railroad history in the United States is nearly as old as the country itself, dating back to the mid-1820s. Railroad history in America has its earliest beginnings dating back to 1815 when Colonel John Stevens gained the first railroad charter in North America to build the New Jersey Railroad Company, although it was never actually constructed until 1832, and would eventually become part of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The locomotive used was named the Stourbridge Lion, which was a very simple two-axle machine with a vertical boiler, and it was employed to move coal from the mines at Carbondale to Honesdale. While some of the public was wary of railroads at first such as claiming them to be a "device of the devil" as one school board in Ohio put it or that travel by train would cause a "concussion of the brain" the efficiency they brought could not be argued.
With the creation of the Pacific Railway Bill, which was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on July 1, 1862 designated the new Union Pacific Railroad (building westward from the Missouri River), along with the Central Pacific Railroad (building eastward from Sacramento), to complete the transcontinental railroad. It was during this time through roughly the 1920s that railroads enjoyed their greatest dominance and profitability.
During the 1930s the streamliner era hit the nation as railroads attempted to sway patrons back to the rails since automobiles had become so reliable and affordable folks were taking to the road more and more. That same year Union Pacific purchased the Chicago & North Western Railway and Norfolk Southern and CSX gobbled up Conrail in 1999. These days everyone is thinking green and since nothing is more efficient at moving people or goods per fuel mile than trains railroads have gained much praise for their environmental friendliness. Availability: Available in Redlands Ca, Call now to see if we have one in stock at one of our other pickup locations! Availability: Available in Redlands Ca, Call now to see if we have one in stock at one of our other pickup locations today! We will beat any West Coast Look Trailer Dealer, Pace American Dealer, Cargo Express Dealer, TNT Trailer Dealer and Mirage Trailer dealer on the same spec trailer.
This 7 x 12 Silver Single Axle Enclosed V-Nose Cargo Trailer is what you want when you are looking for that 7 x 12 enclosed v-nose cargo trailer. A standard tandem axle trailer has a larger towing capacity and comes with electric brakes for safer braking control. As we know this great nation of ours would not have grown and prospered as it did without the railroads, which brought together the young United States and allowed for unprecedented growth and prosperity.
Colonel Stevens also tested the first steam locomotive in the country in 1826, when he showcased his "Steam Waggon" design (basically a steam-powered horse carriage) on a small circular track he had built on his estate in Hoboken, New Jersey. Being given large tracts of land by the government the railroads were finally able to complete the line on May 10, 1869 at Promontory Point, Utah.

The first decade of the 21st century has continued to see a railroad revival as freight has poured so heavily onto the rails that the industry is running out of capacity, a scenario many thought would never happen and has not been seen since World War II.
Without the railroads it is probably safe to say that our country would not be the world leader that it is today and without them in the future there is little chance we, as a nation, could remain the power that we are.
Some of the trailers in the photos are equipped with optional options and are not on this particular trailer for sale. This cargo trailer has nice smooth aluminum fenders, and white spoke wheels so not only does your trailer look good, but you look good with it! The "Golden Age" of railroading lasted from roughly the 1880s to the 1920s before other modes of transportation (such as automobiles and airplanes) began to displace the industry as the leading means of moving people and goods. Later, in August of 1829 Horatio Allen, a chief engineer for the Delaware & Hudson Canal Company (later the Delaware & Hudson Railway) tested an early English steam locomotive design on a 16-mile stretch of track the company owned between Honesdale and Carbondale, Pennsylvania. Without this bill signed by Lincoln rail history and that of our country would likely have been very different. After the war ended both passenger and freight traffic declined steadily through the 1950s and no matter how hard railroads tried to lure passengers back onto trains it was to no avail. We have also seen a renaissance of passenger railroading as folks flock to trains to beat the gridlock and look for a more relaxing way to commute and travel. Yes, we may not have the most advanced high speed passenger rail system in the world (which, quite honestly is rather embarrassing) but we do have the most efficient and advanced freight system, which is marveled and emulated by other countries. Check out RPM Trailer Sales today and see how good we can make you look with your own custom trailer. Railroads faced their toughest adversity during the 1960s and 1970s when it lost so much market share that many companies were either purchased by stronger ones or simply went bankrupt. After the completion of the transcontinental railroad the industry exploded in terms of mileage and by the 1890s there was over 163,000 miles in operation. The decade saw the beginning of the mega-merger movement when smaller lines like the Virginian Railway were purchased by larger ones like the Norfolk & Western Railway. After the industry was deregulated in 1980 it began to make a comeback and today is seeing a renaissance.
By 1840 the states east of the Mississippi River boasted over 2,800 miles of track and by 1850 that number had more than tripled to over 9,000. By water this trip took 702 miles and three days but by railroad it took only 339 miles and 16 hours.

The 1960s would set the stage for the disaster of the 1970s as the industry cut maintenance and passenger trains drastically in an attempt to reduce costs.
Please call our toll free number to speak with a sales representative to verify all the information on the trailer and the exact pickup location of the unit you are looking at. And, we continue to make strong progress in delivering on our promise to be the best provider of top quality trailers and the best customer service. While the Civil War was devastating to the nation it was also hard on railroads, particularly in the South. First, as our nation's infrastructure has been neglected over the past several decades highway congestion has gotten worse and worse. Despite the carnage brought by the war the railroad further proved its worth as a reliable and efficient means of moving people and material.
The decade also saw the collapse of railroading in the Northeast as Penn Central went under taking most of its neighboring railroads with it. Today it has reached near critical levels and the only relief valve available is trains, thus people and goods have been returning to the rails.
What came out of this mess was the government funded and subsidized Consolidated Rail Corporation or Conrail which began operations on April 1, 1976 in an attempt to revitalize the region. The year 1971 also saw most passenger train operations taking over by the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, or Amtrak, a government subsidized system.
The bill allowed railroads to be much deregulated and allowed them to more freely set their own freight rates and abandon unprofitable rail lines. Before this time railroads had been mostly left for dead as an outdated mode of transportation that should go the way of the stagecoach. The 1990s saw a continued trend of mergers with the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway disappearing into the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway system when it merged with the Burlington Northern in 1995.

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