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With the fast moving world, the car buyers across the globe are also demanding more performance than ever in their automobiles.
Automobile experts believe the increasing demand of the highly equipped smart cars can be fulfilled by the car maker Ford which is due to roll out its 2015 Ford Mustang into the showrooms next month.
The entry-level cars get a 3.7 liter V6 with 300 HP and 280 lb-ft of torque with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard, with Ford offering an optional 6-speed auto with paddle shifters. Second engine option is the most powerful 2015 Mustang that uses 5.0 liter V8 with 435 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard, with Ford offering an optional 6-speed auto with paddle shifters.
And the last option, dubbed EcoBoost, is a new four-cylinder engine that can turn out a still-impressive 310 hp. Ford, however, remained silent on revealing more specification about their upcoming plans but indicated that they are exploring “all the options” ranging from basic turbocharging and battery-based technologies including hybridization.

LaFerrari, a new flagship by sports car maker Ferrari, is another example of high performance vehicle which is the fastest and most expensive car ever built by the company. The high-tech solutions like turbocharging and supercharging could effectively allow small-displacement engines, like the Mustang EcoBoost, to perform like their much larger traditional gas engines. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For a limited time on Living Social, you can get a 1-year subscription to one of 5 Disney Magazines for only $15.00!
Hey Carolynn, That code might have already been used all up yesterday when it was posted… Sorry! With the highly stringent mileage and emissions standards planned for the United States, Europe and Asia, the need of hour is a new automobile technology that can add more teeth to the muscle cars.

Ferrari’s limited edition high-performance hybrid car is based on the system developed for the Formula One program of the Italian automaker. But experts say they do have disadvantages as they traditionally bog down when a vehicle starts to move.
Another Ferrari car, Lamborghini, which has relied on huge internal combustion engines, like the 6.5-liter V-12 in the Aventador, is also offering thought to better alternatives that could include hybrid power.
A few years after finishing college (with a degree in arts) I decided that the best way to become more sociable, while also feeling safe, is to test my people skills online.

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