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The ad with the headline 'Chiang Rai Large House for Sale', has expired on Tuesday, 09 February 2016!
You are viewing "P a?„a?Ya??a?™a?™a?‹a??a??a?–a??a?·a?­a??a?­a?‡ a??a??a?™a??a??a?–a??a?™a?•a?? a??a?µa?„a?Ya??a?™a?™" classified Ad. Avoid Sending Funds with Western Union, Moneygram or and other similar service unless you are sure to whom you are sending payment. This classic car is SOLDA already, but we have more classic and vintage cars for sale on our website. This Mustang Convertible is an early Mustang of the period 1964-1966 with the clean und unspoilt styling of the first version. This large and very liveable property is located in a safe and private community on a hill top near Mae Yao.
Boasting a large and beautiful garden the house is designed in such a way to maximise the cooling evening breeze. Life is a party at this club, without a doubt the most happening place in the city right now.
No, I have not been to the new Zouk KL, but the talk of the town has similarities with the party that every motor industry player wants to be seen at – the SUV party. Situated in the northernmost part of Thailand near the Thai-Myanmar border, Chiang Rai’s cool weather was a pleasant change from the heat of KL.
Off we went, and although it was is my first time in the third-generation X5, it felt instantly familiar. The 25d engine is a 2.0 litre turbodiesel with 218 hp and 450 Nm of torque from 1,500 to 2,500 rpm.

It had rained overnight, leaving a slick surface ideal for xDrive, except we weren’t in an xDrive car.
Yes, DSC is there as a safety net, but big SUVs are often used as family cars, and 450 Nm could potentially get an unsuspecting (or overenthusiastic, but most likely the former) driver into trouble. The snaky climb to Phra Boromathat Chedi on the hills of Doi Mae Salong was interesting, and the vantage point breathtaking, but our xDrive adventure begins here. BMW included a mild off-road course around a tea plantation that the rear-driven X5 had to sit out of.
Hill Descent Control was used (crawls downhill as advertised), and one climb was steep enough to require all-paw grip, but these are no Land Rovers. We had the X6 xDrive30d, the base diesel variant with performance that’s anything but base. While the X5 was a little ponderous in response and in corners, the X6 felt more hunkered down, resisting roll very well for something so big, and providing extra cornering ability. After the short but wild ride delivered by the X6, it was good to wind down and settle into the X3 LCI for the long final leg back to base. Comfy it may be, but the X3 is still a good steer thanks to a slick powertrain (fantastic eight-speed auto never puts a foot wrong, whether charging down a hill or mixing it in traffic) and well-judged ride and handling balance, things that Munich gets right more often than not.
This free Ad has been placed in Thailand, Chiang Rai location under Vehicles, Used Cars category. Ford wanted to sell 100,000 Mustangs in the first year but reached this figure already 3 months after its launch.
The original X5 fused the brand’s dynamics into a traditional 4X4 body in 1999, inspiring Porsche to diversify.

BMW knows this, and recently whisked us to Chiang Rai for a refresher drive of its X range of SAVs and SACs. The laid back city and the hilly region that surrounds it was also a good canvas for the range of X cars we were to drive. It wasn’t in the plan, but issues with logistics meant that we had to settle for an X5 sDrive25d. That’s often the case with BMWs, thanks to same-same cabin design and the consistent delivery of a certain standard of drivability.
The rain had made it a little more muddy and challenging than the last time the instructors were here, we were told, but all cars cleared the course with high-performance road tyres and big wheels. Ten years later, the X1 brought down the premium SUV’s size and price to a new level, creating a sub-segment that till today, others are scrambling to get a piece of. Even if the only bukit you climb is Bukit Damansara, it’s still good to know that your xDrive SUV is capable of more than a grassy field.
Include the new X1 and Munich’s line-up is formidable, with strength in depth and consistency across the squad. The new X6 is 23 mm longer and 51 mm wider than the X5, but 60 mm lower than its upright sister.

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