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In my post about last week’s 2JZ swapped M5 many questioned why you would go through the expense and difficulty of swapping in the Toyota unit, or at least that it was downright sacrilegious to do so. Comments: Hand built custom driveline by Brett Anderson from Koala Motorsport, Cleveland OH. 1965 220SEB, ORIGINALLY PURCHASED FROM GERMANY IN 1983 AND SENT TO LOS ANGELES, WHERE IT HAS BEEN SINCE. There is a small dime size dent on the right rear quarter panel flare as shown in the picture. The vehicle is pretty much stock with the exception of the few RUF accessories and performance upgrades.
For sale my dad’s Audi S6 (Canadian Import) he has owned the car for almost 5 years now, it has been very well maintainted and a lot of $$$$ has been invested in the past 2 years. One of the complaints on the Avant I wrote up last week was the timing belt issue; this car has had that timing belt service covered, along with suspension work. With several thousand dollars of maintenance performance alone, the asking price of this car isn’t out of line with the condition of the car or market.
Perhaps I have a looser sense of how to do things the proper way, but I certainly can recognize that the 2JZ unit is capable of higher levels of power than the original S62 V8 was for less money, and that at least makes some sense to me even if I wouldn’t do it. Fortunately, the pictures seem to document that most of the trim pieces remain intact, though it appears this car will need a healthy dose of time and energy to get it back to working order.
I’d imagine that could be creatively overcome given the age of the car, but it will take some legwork. Car is very fast, producing approximately 375 HP with the bolt-on performance upgrades listed above. Rightly so, as they’re the German car to have from the 1980s if you wanted the best performance. I think that’s very reasonable for the car you are going to get NO LOW BALLERS PLEASE. These cars have a great sound when the exhaust is opened up, and replacing the clutch is no small job, so it’s nice to see that done as well. That didn’t stop many individuals from seeking them out and importing them directly from Europe.

All professionally installed with receipts to prove all work done by a certified Porsche veteran mechanic. The last 930 we featured was a converted Ruf BTR with about the same mileage but an asking price over double this car.
We’ve covered a string of S6s recently, mostly focusing on the wagon variant that most people desire. O34 makes some great upgrades for these cars and are known for pumping out some serious power, and with the mileage the injector upgrade is probably a smart modification. The reason why is fairly straightforward – some enterprising individual has taken a quite nice Euro-market E34 M5 (great start) and swapped in the equally great S70B56 V12 from a 850CSi along with a 6 speed manual transmission. Further, unlike the all-aluminum M73, the M70-based S70 has a big old iron block, so you’re throwing off the balance some.
For example, this week there was a neat Karmann Ghia coupe and there always seem to be plenty of rusty buses available.
With a reputation for being a widow-maker, early 930s still captivate the motoring masses with supercar slaying performance and brutish good looks. If my reserve is met, I will include the original Porsche 930 parts that came off the vehicle (Fuch wheels, exhaust, turbo, steering wheel, 4 speed shifter knob and turbo floor mats).
Please make arrangements to pick up the vehicle yourself or make arrangements with a transport company prior to buying the vehicle. In that light, this car looks like a solid value, with lower miles, the right color and some tasteful modifications to make it a worthy classic. However, there are some sedan fans out there, and the S6 made a very capable sedan as well.
The original Avus wheels are some of my favorites mounted on Audis (though not as light or strong as the earlier forged Fuchs wheels fitted to the S4 and some S6s), and with the lowering springs this car has eliminated some of the fender gap and floaty ride that plagued early 1990s Audis. I also mentioned in that post that while the miles on that M3 scared me a bit, I’d have much less issue jumping in to a high mile S6. There also always seem to be a glut of older Mercedes-Benz models that someone thought they would restore and never completed.

Like most of the 911 range, prices have steadily been on the rise and these are a go-to for collectors. These cars have remained consistently under their competitors prices despite good looks, solid build quality, all weather capacity, and nearly unlimited tuning potential.
The European lights are a great addition, as is the OEM S6 Plus grille, one of my favorite Audis ever made. I’m guessing this car will likely be snapped up by someone who needs a winter driver rather than a long term keeper because of the mileage, and as such the purchase price at just below $5,000 seems spot on.
That V12 is effectively two inline 6s, meaning you have double of nearly everything in the engine bay.
The interior seems to be one of the best Ecru I’ve seen in a long time, especially considering the miles covered.
Sure, you could find one with a few less miles or a few more mods for a bit more money, but this package sure looks good!
IF BUYER WISHES TO REGISTER CAR, BUYER WILL HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE NECESSARY STEPS TO COMPLETE. Unless you own the body shop, are a handy backyard mechanic and have some favors owed to you by an upholsterer, there’s just no way you can get it done and have the car be under the value of a decent one. Correctly done, they’re very pretty and stately Coupes, with a pillar-less design that seems elegant compared to later models. However, the title of the vehicle will not be released until the funds have cleared my bank.
But unfortunately, even if this one was free, I’m still not certain it would be worth the time and effort to restore to original condition.

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