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Pictures of LaSalle Cars from car shows, car museums and classic car auctions across the U.S. A highly useable and drivable car, this LaSalle has participated in two 500 mile tours since 2003. The LaSalle was an entirely separate marque created by General Motors to complement and create a less expensive alternative to the top of the line Cadillac. The LaSalle name remained in production for 14 years before GM cancelled the marque as a result of the looming entry into World War II and the fact that, while it had help boost sales for General Motors in the early 1930s, it had failed to improve upon its past successes as the years progressed. While LaSalle remained as a lower priced entry into the market than Cadillac, it was used to test new designs periodically.
The preceding rings true today, especially the latter quote, as there is perhaps no American mass production car that is as streamlined as the 1934 LaSalle. Finished in a dramatic color scheme of orange with black fenders, drivetrain and chassis, the LaSalle displays its art deco style in dramatic elegance.
A tribute this wonderful car, it received an AACA Primary First in the late 1990s, a Cadillac-LaSalle Club Primary First in 2004 and was last shown at the Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance in 2004. Introduced in 1929 to broaden Cadillac’s market range, LaSalle faced new challenges in 1935 from the Packard 120 and Lincoln Zephyr.
LaSalle’s stature was built on a base of Cadillac engineering and quality assembly using the best components available from outside suppliers. If anything distinguished LaSalle it was Harley Earl’sstyling that had broken new ground when the marque was launched in 1929 and continued to set it apart. The example offered here has a fresh frame-off restoration completed in 2004 with only 100 shakedown and testing miles since it was finished.
Accompanying this vehicle is an original Chicago World’s Fair 1833 to 1933 blush makeup tin, as well as an original full-page framed advertisement depicting this exact car as presented.
The last section the advertisement has historically proven true as it leaps from 1933 at today’s potential buyer, stating: “…And thus it is that a new LaSalle is such a wise investment. In 1930 LaSalle increased its wheelbase to 134 inches and were offered with six fleetwood bodies as well as bare chassis for custom coachbuilders.
It is finished in black with the correct gray cloth interior and is fitted with optional whitewall tires. The 1937 LaSalle Opera Coupe presented here is a tasteful, elegant and distinctive motor car that is an exceptional value for the money. Came from the estate of Percy Ballentine II of Ballentine Ale fame out of Suffix, New Jersey.

The concept of the LaSalle line was essentially created by General Motors engineer Harley Earl.
Unfortunately, the quality car company was forced to shut its doors in 1940, closing down one of the best built and dependable car lines General Motors has ever produced. There is perhaps no more significant example of that than the 1934 LaSalle as it influenced the entire field of automotive design in one fell swoop. In an interview with Ron Van Gelderen, former Director of Design at General Motors, he responded to the interviewer’s question regarding some of the most important styling benchmarks by saying, “The most important benchmark was the ’34 LaSalle.
Richard Kughn certainly recognized the importance of the 1934 LaSalle when this particular example became available to him in 1973. Cadillac had considered dropping the marque in 1934, but Earl responded with some of the most attractive and modern designs ever proposed for a General Motors product. Equipped with its original matching numbers engine it also has the original radio, clock, jack, rear-mounted spare tire has jump seats for occasional passengers behind the primary passenger seats. While the original walnut interior was retained, the car has been completely refurbished and restored to factory correct specifications.
Sloan, Jr., president of General Motors, sought a lower-priced companion to the Cadillac to fill out GM's producr line. The paintwork, interior, and brightwork, while showing some age, appear highly presentable. Harley-Earl, chief stylist for General Motors from 1926-1964 said the Lasalle is to be a milestone car and crowning achievement in the 1930's. As his brainchild it was no surprise that the LaSalle line ended up being one of the most attractive cars on the road.
As the advertising and marketing experts touted their new entry for 1934, little did anyone truly realize how far reaching of an influence the car would have. Actually, that was not just a benchmark for Cadillac, but it was the first all new design for General Motors. In fact, he immediately arranged for purchase of this car when it was offered to him by its then Argentinean owner. Meticulously restored, its rich and deep paintwork is complemented by striking silver interior upholstery and trim, a stunning look that would please even “Mister Earl” if he were here today to see it.
Cadillac 90° V8 L-Head, cast iron block on aluminum crankcase, three-speed synchromesh manual transmission and four-wheel drum brakes.
The car has 34,000 original miles and is complete with desirable features such as the rumble seat and rear mounted spare tire with metal cover.

The engine underwent a complete rebuild as well as all ancillary parts including the starter, generator, and carburetor.
The vendor reports that he has had some mechanical restoration performed, including brakes, fuel tank, radiator, and generator.
Often new ideas and concepts were implemented on the LaSalle line prior to any introduction on any of the Cadillacs. If you think about it, all the designs before this beautiful little LaSalle were variations of a theme started by the Hispano-Suiza influenced, ’2 7 LaSalle by Harley Earl. One interesting aspect of this LaSalle was that it was also an original right hand drive example.
It has only been driven a limited amount as the odometer shows just under 1,500 miles, which is believed to be since the restoration’s conclusion almost 20 years ago. Its strategy obviously commended itself to its competitors that were, like Cadillac, struggling in the Great Depression’s doldrums and these competitors seriously threatened LaSalle’s prospects. The inline eight, the only straight eight ever to power a Cadillac product, bore unmistakable similarities with Oldsmobile’s contemporary engine and LaSalle went out of its way to maintain that it was a LaSalle engine assembled to Cadillac standards in the Cadillac factory. While the 1935 LaSalles lost the biplane bumpers that were among the most evocative expressions of thirties’ Art Deco design, the single piece 1935 bumpers more than made up in practicality what they lacked in finesse.
The outstanding quality of the restoration was recognized when the LaSalle offered here won a red ribbon at Cadillac’s 100th Anniversary meet in Detroit. It epitomizes the streamlined art deco look from its ancillary parts like the bumper, grille and headlights to the exhaust ports along the car’s hood. LaSalle continued with dramatic pontoon fenders and chevron trim integrated into the front fenders, augmented by the new for 1935 vee windshields that made LaSalle’s Art Deco statement. Most recently, a bodyoff, no-expense-spared restoration was completed in 2000 and accordingly, the LaSalle remains in exceptional overall condition. There are no individual model or bodystyle production figures available, but the Sport Coupe was only a small fraction of the total and it is today surpassingly rare and distinctive.

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