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One of the things you become aware of when you get interested in electric cars, is just how many examples of the breed have passed into history as silently as they once roamed the streets.
A Fiat Panda Elettra for sale on eBay UK is one such example, and proof that the upcoming Fiat 500 Electric isn't the Italian marque's first attempt at an electric car. If you're not familiar with European cars, then the Fiat Panda might be an alien concept to you. Launched in 1980 and penned by famous car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Panda was Fiat's answer to other utilitarian European cars like the Citroen 2CV and Renault 4 - incredibly basic, cheap transport, small enough to nip through the tightest city streets, and practical enough to be used as a family's sole vehicle.
Pandas were equipped with engines ranging in size from a 652cc inline-two cylinder, to 1.1-liter, four-cylinder models in later cars, and the car lasted in its boxy body until 2003, when a brand-new model was introduced - an example of which this author owns.
Among the more unusual models were the 4x4 Trekking, a surprisingly capable off-roader, and the Elettra, produced from 1990 to 1992. Very few Elettras were produced, and even without the benefit of hindsight it's not difficult to see why. Firstly, the Panda's famed practicality suffered, since the rear seats had been replaced by batteries, joined by more in the engine bay above the 19-horsepower electric motor. This used the normal clutch and gearbox, but pulling along a 2,535-pound body - 992 pounds more than the gasoline models - performance must have been glacial. Even so, performance probably wasn't an issue for the car listed on eBay, since it spent its life doing just 5,600 miles at an airport in the Netherlands - no doubt alongside the airport's more familiar electric baggage buggies. Though the listing has now ended, we hope the Panda Elettra has gone to a good home - just like the classic electric Volkswagen Golf CityStromer, previously owned by our own Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, and now being restored by Volkswagen. It may not have been a popular electric car and its performance would hardly do the electric car's image any favors, but it's rare, unusual, and as forward-thinking as any other old electric car.
Electric car conversions aren't for everyone, but for electric car fans who can't stretch to one of the latest models, they're a much cheaper option to get behind the wheel of an EV. One such clean and cheap option, the 1997 Solectria Force, is currently sitting on eBay, with a few days remaining on the listing. In 1997, Solectria Corporation of Wilmington, Massachusetts produced a run of 400 electric vehicles based on the Geo Metro. The car was based on Metro 'gliders' straight from the factory, and fitted with a 3-phase AC electric motor and 13, 4-cell lithium-polymer batteries with around 11 kWh of capacity. Top speed was quoted as 70 mph, and acceleration to 50 mph in a sprightly-sounding 9 seconds.
The eBay example has undergone a few changes, notably a new lithium-ion battery pack, which still delivers an 80-mile range. Unlike many of the conversions of the time, the company didn't disappear overnight, and became Azure Dynamics--makers of the electric Ford Transit Connect. If you listened to our latest podcast you will find our fascination of peculiar cars, and one of those cars was the Toyota Carina.
This car has been used as daily transportation for the last 10 years or so and is in nice, original condition. The car sports over 120,000 miles, and has a current bid of $1,825 and a buy-it-now price of $2,700.
There are so many that it is hard to think of them all but all of them are econoboxes of the past.
Other cars on my list would include: Honda N600, Mk I VW Golf GTI, Austin Mini, Lada 2101, 3 cylinder Geo Metro, Datsun PL 510, Toyota TE27 Corolla, Suzuki Samurai and the compact Nissan pickup. Check it out compared to my ole E30 ragtop and that Town Cow parked next to me down at the Beach 16 show I posted last summer…that thing is huge! Who can blame him, I wouldn't have moved back to Detroit either if I had found a sweet gig in Turin.

Yesterday I was making a U-turn onto the feeder road while a yellow Pantera was approaching the intersection from the opposite direction, but stopped by traffic and a red light.
I was on my way to the auto parts store and was hoping he had the same destination in mind, but he cruised past it.
Although the coupe had morphed into a hatchback, the two faux-vents on the time implied only too clearly what Ford wanted to reference.
I think the early Japanese export car ethos and design philosophy that seemed banal for decades is finally starting to become appealing again in contrast to the flabby, anaesthetic, overpowered turn that the industry has taken over the last decade.
On the European car side you could probably do most of a Spitfire, TR2 to 6, MGA or B, maybe an MG T-series or Midget, Sprite, 2CV. Ford GT40: Shelby (limited run of 255 in 2008), MDA (still operating?), RCR, ERA, and Superformance (at least). Yeah, crazy about the number of cobra replicas out there, some ridiculously good, like the new Singer Vehicle Design 911. Yeah, it's too bad the retractable tops never made it to production, but given malaise-era quality, they would have been a nightmare. What's interesting is that the decision to can the retractable T-tops was made at the very last minute. Datsun 510 (inexpensive, nice handling, rear drive sedan); I had one of these, bought it for $270.
Porsche 914-6 (If it was inexpensive, mid engine, awesome handling, sports car); I never had one of these, but my buddy did.
Judging from as-tested prices in a 93 motorweek comparison I just googled, the third generation RX-7 was between ten and twenty percent cheaper than an LT1, 300zx twin turbo, or Supra Turbo, and about 30 percent cheaper than a much slower 968.
According to the Sept 1992 Popular Science comparison test, the RX7 was only about $2,300 less in base price than the Corvette LT1 ($31,300 vs. The older RX-7 was definitely measured against the Corvette when it was new, despite the price difference.
Privacy Policy: Your contact information is considered private and will never be sold or shared with any other entity. Range was around 80 miles at a constant speed of around 45 mph, and the car features regenerative braking to eke out a few extra miles. As Alex has stated, this was a car that was so unremarkable, it lasted in the US for only a couple of years. One of the most anonymous cars ever made, designed to fill the inch-wide narrow crack between the Corolla and Corona and just as dull to drive as any period 'Yota. Something that is better at everything than the Avenger can't really be all that hard to do, and done for the same price. The Mirada was a very large two-door coupe with sporty styling but no real sporting aspirations.
We dream of a lightweight, responsive rear-wheel drive coupe, with outright power less important than driver involvement. Ironically the Hyundai Genesis is a better follow-up than anything from Dagenham or Michigan. It's not all that visible in the US yet, but is already huge in Australia, and where there is interest, aftermarket parts supply is sure to follow. I know they keep saying the FT-86 is coming but really they need something to revive the image they had around the world as a company that made truly awesome cars. Not every needs a beast that has enough torque to yank down a redwood just to make the odd run down to Home Depot. I'd like another Toyota pickup, 2WD, 5 speed, bench seat, crank windows, no frills beyond a radio that I can plug the ipod or a USB memory stick into.

Contact us here to speak to a member of our Sales team and to discuss our membership rates. His passion for muscle cars drove the creation this site and the podcasts that go with it, and he'll be the first to admit it's a lot more fun than having a real job. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. It’s just surface rust, and there are no holes rusted through, just some surface rust here and there. It has most of the qualities I look for in a daily driver even if the fuel economy isn't all that great. The current Challenger is a very large two-door coupe with sporty styling but no real sporting aspirations. Any coupe Ford release now is likely to be front wheel drive and wear the usual colossal wheels and bulky detailing. The models that never lost a following like the Z cars and RX-7 are already so well served that you could practically build a complete car with all-new parts. The production Toronado XS kept the huge wraparound window but had a glass moonroof instead of a T-top.
Having been in college at the time, I remember very well that the Mazda was routinely considered the real driver's car in the magazine tests around then. The problem is that previous generations of the RX7 weren't even close to being Corvette competitors either in power or price. The paint is decent, but someone spilled brake fluid on the driverside-front fender and messed up the paint. Re-doing that plus-size pillowy cruiser to look like a modern-day Mirada would actually be a more appropriate than trying to make it look like a modern-day version Sam Posey's Trans-Am badass.
The Dodge was wider, taller, had a longer wheelbase, and was only an inch shorter overall than the Buick. I don't think it was the asking price that killed it, it was the cost to produce them, and the fact that unlike the Corvette and ZX it was crap for GT duty. Mazda made the same mistake as Toyota and Nissan in the 1990s – they moved their sports models so far upmarket that people who wanted them before could no longer afford them.
We will migrate in your entire inventory for you for FREE and can automatically maintain your listings to be in sync with your EXISTING company website! All three along with the MR2 suffered huge sales declines in the US as the '90s progressed, and none were left on the American market by 1998.
Second of all, both tests date from the end of the aging Corvette C3's life cycle, when the car was at its weakest.
By the time the second generation RX-7 was introduced for 1986, the Corvette's performance and handling were an order of magnitude better. The point remains that Mazda priced itself right out of its natural market by the mid-'90s. Even after the third-gen was introduced, the price kept climbing year after year due to the strengthening yen vs. Weapons of the mind in hotmail messenger,propUsed new used new used car wheels tyres trims cars.

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