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In addition to the greenhouse effect, the Crown Vics had an interior chrome moulding that a tall driver could hit his head on if not careful (been there, done that). Rainbowpsr, believe it or not that is probably a factory color as they were trying to get women into their cars.
I remember riding to the beach in a brand-new Mercury with this same kind of transparent green front roof section (and no air). I believe this car is finished in Tropical Rose and Snowshoe White which is a correct 1955 Ford color combination option. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Not cool: that the transparent roof section amplifies the greenhouse effect inside your car, slow-roasting you, your family and your interior.

I had a chance to buy a pink Crown Vic in pristine condition about 30 years ago; only problem with it was a stuck valve. By the time we got to the beach we were fried and covering ourselves with newspapers trying to get away from the searing sun!
And I think that was an original color as there are at least (2) such vehicles in my neck of the woods. Also the 56 Mercury montclair had the low roof line just like the crown vic and took the same windshield. We picked up a new ’56 Dodge 2dr hardtop in Detroit [at the factory] for my boss and drove it back out here to California, it was pink, white and charcoal gray. The lower roof lines in the crowns made it all come together as classy and chopped topped cool.

He was a very conservative man,but that’s what he ordered and the very 1st day he brought it to work, he wore a bright pink shirt, charcoal pants and a white sports coat!Oh yes, and a RED tie.
Now, true, pink fell a bit out of favor unless you were Elvis–who, incidentally insisted on it for his mom’s Cadillac–NOT just because it was a female color, but because pink was considered COOL. It took all the way until 1970 before pink came back a little bit (Panther Pink and Moulin Rouge on Mopar vehicles).

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