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Classified listings for Vehicles,American Classic Muscle Cars for Sale.A place to post your vintage, Classic or Muscle car for for free.
First thing you will notice is the striking black glossy paint and 17 BBS polished Style 5 wheels.
Braking system was fully inspected and many parts were replaced such as new front and rear rebuilt calipers, pads, master cylinder, and stainless brake lines. New brakes- New front calipers, rebuilt rear calipers, pads, stainless brake lines, master cylinder.
Please note we do not represent these vehicles and our opinion on these cars has no guarantee or warranty. The front has a very nice custom front spoiler with integrated vents and front bumper was deleted. Carpets were replaced with German loop black carpet, Seats are reupholstered with factory look and new foam padding. Speedo, brakes lights, signals, wipers, sunroof, rear windows, fuel gauge and reverse lights are inoperable. For me, I’m a huge fan of Fjord Blue and it was disheartening to discover this was the car’s original color.

I dont know enough about them to be serious about it but it hits all the right notes for me. So fluid and pure were its lines that any attempt to add a spoiler here or wheel modification there distracts from the overall aesthetics. If you would like additional attribution for your work, or wish to remove your listing from our site, we are happy to accommodate. It has the Boss 302 intake, BBK cold air kit, (original intake and air cleaner included.) Roush exhaust.
Lower rust in rear quarter panels was cut out and replaced with Jaymic replacement panels from the UK. Fuel system needed servicing so tank was removed and cleaned, new fuel pump, new seals, and new fuel hoses.
It is truly a unique build and may not be for the E9 purists but I built it for my own use and had already restored a few E9s in the past. This is a car that looks good in stock form but can also withstand a tasteful modification or two. Also, this car does have its needs but it certainly is good base for someone who likes to tinker a bit.

Even the factory CSL version had a butch, purposeful look that took it from the ordinary to the extreme. Custom aluminum gauge panel holds two VDO gauges (oil temp and oil pressure) in lieu of the speaker grill. In light of that, the seller has been realistic keeping this a no reserve auction and letting the crowd decide on where this car’s value lands. This 1973 3.0 CSI was brought to our attention from our reader EB and is for sale with no reserve. Given what we’ve seen other E9s go for, I’d suspect this one will probably wind up edging $30,000 if just a tad over.
Once the car is fully sorted it is car show worthy and a real hoot to drive with the bigger motor.
Upon assembly we replaced water pump, thermostat, hoses, cap & rotor, wire set, replaced jetronic unit, fuses, relays and more.

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