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Has anyone tried combining either the double track through girders or the single track trusses from these two makers end on as part of a string of bridges?  If so; how did you get on and how do they look? I love the Central Valley Turnout tie kits (CVT) - I don't use the whole kit, however. I use the Fast Tracks point filing jig to make fast work out of filing the point rails and of making the point of the frog.
The result is an inexpensive turnout that looks fabulous and operates silky smooth like the Fast Tracks turnouts.
We use ACC instead of spikes or solder at the rail ends and it all ends up just as strong and long lasting. But from the $10.00 to the RTR versions, they all match perfectly with lots of lovely detail and every frog number and rail code is available. So Thanks Joe, you've made life  lots better and easier for a heck of a lot of Model Railroad Hobbyists! Over 60 of the country’s best layouts will be attending alongside over 40 of the industry’s leading suppliers.

Other stations will specialise in different areas of the hobby.  At Loughborough 16mm live steam, G gauge, OO guage and Railwayana traders, at Rothley model engineering, gauge 3 and GCR’s resident garden railway. If your inclined too, you could scrach build any combination of bridges to fit your layout and space. Here is my rendition of Westers Pacific's Keddie bridge, rear span is a kit, front span is scrach and rail are kit-bashed,  its not compleat and have a way to go yet.
I use the full-sized CVT drawing (download off the Central Valley web site) to cut the frog wing rails and guard rails to length, and then double check every thing with an NMRA gauge as I'm working. Here are the new Ten Dollar turnouts, but with a pre-formed more accurate and prototypical frog, that just needs assembling, actually realistic throw bars, proper realistic  point hinges, and what's more, code 88 wheels don't bump!!!  All parts included with nothing else to buy!
But you can overspike the rails anywhere you like with our scale spikes if you are at all nervous about strength. Marnock E Shed & Ladeside Depot, Stoddern Hundred, Coaly Junction, Hergest, Elmfield and Airesby Colliery.
One big problem, their Duel Gauge turnouts are not available in large quantities and I haven't seem even one in a hobby shop in the past 2 years.

You get a great looking turnout with full tie plate and spikehead detail, and it operates as good as it looks! I'm honored that you thought my basic CV tie kit approach was worth developing into this kind of offering. Should your track get out of gauge you just need to pull a few spikes re-gauge it maybe replace a couple ties and then replace and re-spike the rails just like the real Railroads do. Besides I don't let people get so close to my tracks that they can count the nuts and bolts so, super detail of track and Turnouts isn't necessary. Actually it's totally up to who owns and is building the railroad and to what level of detail they are trying to project.

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