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Micro-Trains Northern Pacific Track Cleaning CarMicro-Trains has partnered with MNP Inc., an engineering group that specializes in motorized track cleaning cars, to produce an N scale motorized track cleaning car proven in HO, O, G and S scales!  This car comes equipped with a high-torque electric-geared motor, guaranteed to make your track shine!
Woodland Scenics TidyTrack Rescue PadsReplacement Pads for Rail Tracker™ Use Rescue Pads for semi-annual cleaning to remove heavy build-up. Woodland Scenics TidyTrack Clean Track SolutionUse Clean Track Solution with Cleaning & Finishing Pads. Woodland Scenics TidyTrack Roto Wheel Cleaner N ScaleStop cleaning locomotive and rolling stock wheels individually. Woodland Scenics TidyTrack Roto PadsEasy-to-apply replacement pads for N and HO scale Roto Wheel Cleaners™.
Woodland Scenics TidyTrack Dust Monkeys N ScaleDust Monkeys are an easy and convenient way to remove dust from track and stop further accumulation during regular train operation.

CenterLine Track Cleaner Model N2Rail cleaner comes assembled with trucks and couplers mounted, and includes a brass roller, ten roller covers, and one elastic band (may be used instead of string), as shown in the image on the left.
CenterLine Extra Roller for Model N2Have you lost a roller or want to keep extras made up for different solvents and fluids?
CenterLine Extra Roller for Model D12Have you lost a roller or want to keep extras made up for different solvents and fluids? Just set it on a powered track and set each end of the loco on the cleaner , it does the rest. The Rail Tracker cleaning tool actually follows the track and hugs the rail while you clean, making track maintenance a breeze. Smooth burrs and track imperfections, remove contaminates, build-up and oxidation and improve track conductivity.

It is used for slot car racing and model railroads to eliminate accumulations of oxide, which insulate and interfere with smooth electrical conductivity. The Rail Tracker cleaning tool is ergonomic in design, featuring a pad holder that locks in place or swivels. Used with the included handle, this self-guiding system makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas, like inside tunnels, around structures and under power lines, etc.
If your wheels are clean (free of gum) but corroded (oxidized, rusted) your locomotives will still not run smoothly.

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