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To the west of the North Anna River, on a floodplain, is part of the Bullfield Farm, once owned by Major Thomas W.
Grant ordered the destruction of Confederate supply lines, including the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac Railroad bridge. 9, 1864, and subsequently implement his plan to defeat the rebellion in the Southern states. Bridge and cut as much of the vital Virginia and Tennessee railroad in the New River Valley. Medal of Honor recipient), numbering in all 2,079 officers and men, and 400 of the 5th and 7th West Virginia Cavalry. Subsequent reports from scouts reiterated the size and movements of the Crook's large Union force. Three dispatches had been sent to Breckinridge during the day of the 6th, but Jenkins had yet to receive a single reply. AWOL in cooperation, and that the department he had inherited from Breckinridge was neither heard from nor seen.

Stringfillow already knew that it was going to take Secretary of War Seddon himself to drag Jones away from Glade Spring. For more information about the 52nd New York, consult their webpage, or contact Matt Bursig. Both Union and Confederate soldiers tried to keep their weapons dry while staring at the shadowy outlines of their opponents. For two days, the entrenched armies faced one another, neither willing to take the offensive.
Jenkins, which served only to embolden the enemy while further dividing an already thin gray line of defense. Alfred Jenkins to assume command of the skeleton department during his absence, and he would direct Brig. Proceeding cautiously, he soon had his entire corps across the Chesterfield Bridge and was nearing Hanover Junction. Benjamin Butler would move on Richmond up the James River from Fortress Monroe in the Hampton Roads area.

John Gibbon's lead division ran into Confederate skirmishers, sparking a furious exchange of gunfire. Both sides sent in more men until a full-fledged battle raged on the high ground of the Bullfield farm.
Ambrose Burnside's command on the north side of Ox Ford, and Hancock's corps here at the Doswell house. If Lee assaulted Hancock, Warren and Wright would have to cross the North Anna twice to reinforce him.
On May 25, Grant evaluated Lee's position and admitted, "To make a direct attack from either wing would cause a slaughter of our men that even success would not justify." The following evening, the Army of the Potomac withdrew in another turning movement to Totopotomoy Creek.

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