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RM Auctions, the world’s largest collector car auction house, will drop the hammer on an outstanding private collection of high-powered muscle cars in June as part of a single-day sale in San Diego, California. Scheduled for June 19, 2010, and billed Classic Muscle & Modern Performance, the sale will present over 80 magnificent examples from a prominent Southern California collector, all to be offered without reserve. Headlining the line-up is a super-rare, tire-shredding 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88, fully documented with low mileage.
Other notable highlights include a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429, one of just 498 examples produced that year, and two 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28s. Can you advise if you sold the 429 boss, and if not can i have some more info and the real buy it now price.
See if you agree with my list then tell us which is your favorite at the end of the article.
This was the second generation Pontiac Trans am and just like the first it used the same body base as the Camaro. The second generation Firebird became famous after appearing in the movie Smokey and the bandit with Burt Reynolds behind the wheel. The 1970 Plymouth Barracuda was offered with a choice of five high-powered V8 engines with the most powerful being the 426 Hemi that kicked out a whopping 425 hp. The first-generation Chevrolet Camaro wasn’t the biggest or fastest muscle car on the street but it was one of the most desirable. One of the many features of the Z28 Camaro that was most appealing to customers was that it came with front disc brakes and an option for four discs. The Dodge Challenger was the Charger’s little brother and was created to compete with the smaller muscle cars such as the Mustang and Camaro.
So here we are at the top of my list of the Top 10 Classic Muscle Cars and sitting at first place is the awesome Dodge Charger RT. The Charger is still a movie star today and has appeared many films such as The Fast and The Furious and the new Dukes Of Hazzard Movie.
So there we are, that is my list of the Top 10 Classic Muscle Cars, some of you will probably agree with the list and for those who don’t tell us which muscle car you think should be sitting in first place in the comments section below. The mid-sized Chevelle was based on reengineered A-platform and was one of the most successful GM’s cars that ranged from economical family cars to muscle-performance coupes and convertibles.
The Chevelle SS  was the high performance model range with its own line of engines and performance equipment. The Z16 option included heavy duty suspension, narrowed rear axle and brakes from Impala, convertible boxed frame. For 1971 Chevelle faced the same emission restrictions as all other cars, so the horse power went down after reducing compression. Related posts:1958 El Nomado This custom 1958 El Nomado couples Chevy's Nomad and El Camino.

The Camaro car came form GM's Chevrolet division as was classified as a pony car together with […]Mustang sedan and station wagon myth: busted or not?
Modern cars might be taking over the streets, but old is still gold when it comes to muscle cars. Apparently, God loves us, even when we don’t give him any reason, like in this list of crappy church signs. Photoshop is a great tool … especially if you spend hours each day clicking on Photoshop fails. From GTOs to Corvettes, Chevelles and Mustangs, the offering spans a variety of iconic Detroit muscle and represents the owner’s lifelong passion for high-performance vehicles.
Those overpowered beasts were terrible at handling corners but they were big, aggressive, loud and screaming with horsepower.
There were several engines available for the Pontiac Firebird with the largest being the 455 cu in (7.5 L) Pontiac V8.
Even though the Hemi cuda could rip down the quarter mile in around 13 seconds it’s heavy front end gave it poor handling around corners. This car has been a favorite of mine since a very early age and it was a difficult choice between the Charger and Mustang but after a lot of thought I picked the Charger as my top muscle car. The 2-door wagons were available in the bottom line 300 series back in 1964-1965, while the 2-door hard-top coupes and convertibles were produced a bit longer – until 1972. The standard Z16 engine was the big block 396 cubic Turbo Jet V8 available only with Muncie 4-speed manual transmission.
2 years later, in 1968, Chevelle got an other restyle which made the very popular semi-fastback roofline. There're  rumors that Ford not only had intentions to build Ford Mustang Station wagon but actually build 2 […]2014 Camaro SS teaser Chevy unveiled their first teaser image of 2014 Camaro SS. Another star attraction for the sale is an all-powerful, superbly restored 1970 Chevelle LS6 Convertible, considered one of the most desirable of the genre. The Buick GSX produced 360 horsepower and was only available in two colors, Saturn Yellow and Apollo White. The GTO was capable of quick dashes to 60 mph in less than six seconds but unfortunately like many other muscle cars of the era the GTO had poor brakes and handling making the heavy muscle car difficult to control. The base model was powerful enough developing 360 horsepower and if owners opted for the LS6 upgrade then that gave them an outrageous 450 ponies at their feet. It was officially rated at 290 horsepower but a few dynomometer tests later indicated that the Camaro produced around 400hp.
There were several engine models available with the 7 liter Hemi engine being the most powerful. The body was constructed in the UK and was then sent to Shelby were automotive legend Carroll Shelby fitted a mammoth Ford 427 engine under the hood.

The GT500 was powered by a 428 cubic-inch Police Interceptor engine with a conservatively rated 355 horsepower. Owners had a choice between a 440 Magnum engine that produced 375 horsepower or the mighty 426 Hemi which cranked out an astounding 425 hp.
So, that let Chevelles, together with Pontiac GTOs, be one of the most popular street cars. The entire run thought all Chevelle years was done by family friendly  4-door sedans and wagons taht had exclusive nameplates like: Nomad [1968-1972], Nomad Custom [1968], Greenbrier [1969-1972], Concours [1967-1972] and Concours Estate [1968-1972]. The SS396 lasted for 3 years only [including 66-67 LE strut back SC] and the become an option package. All GSXs had the distinctive full body length black stripe that crossed over the standard equipped rear spoiler. This muscle car was so powerful it was ridiculous and it was produced during the peak of the muscle car era.
It could produce 425 hp but unfortunately Dodge decided to tone it down a little and reduced the horsepower on later models.
Despite the larger engine, it was actually designed to be a more usable road-going vehicle. The production took 1964-1977 period when the last year Chevelles were replaced by the Malibu [which first was the top level trim for Chevelle itself].
It is known that there were 2 prototype Z16 Chevelles and one convertible built in Baltimore plant [while the regular Z16s in Kansas City]. Heavy Chevy was the 1972 appearance package with special striping and any V8 except 454 big block. This resulted in a drop of interest that the car had generated during it’s early days. The end result was a frighteningly fast roadster that was also tremendously successful on the track.
The Mustang Shelby GT500 was a huge hit back then and was so popular that Shelby have started creating the GT500 tuning kit for the new 2011 Mustang. The early Chevelle drawings show that it probably would have ended as Nova nameplated cars, bacause the aim for it was to compete with equally sized Ford Fairline and other popular 55-57 models. The one of the kind convertible [commonly called the 201st Z16 Chevelle] was built for GM’s general manager, but is know to be destroyed.

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