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The written history of New Providence begins in 1664 when James, Duke of York+ and brother to King Charles II+, purchased the land that became known as the Elizabethtown Tract+ from the Lenape+ Native Americans+.
The Presbyterian Church+ established in 1737 was a focal point for the community, and the lack of serious injuries when the church's balcony collapsed in 1759 was deemed to be an example of Divine intervention+, leading residents to change the area's name to New Providence. According to local tradition, George Washington+ spent the night in a local home, which still stands to this day. On April 14, 1794, Springfield Township+ was formed, which included the present-day township, along with the towns of Summit+, New Providence, and Berkeley Heights+.Snyder, John P.
On March 14, 1899, New Providence also withdrew from New Providence Township and was reincorporated as a borough.
The 2011 film ''Win Win+'' is set at New Providence High School, having been written by Thomas McCarthy+ and Joe Tiboni, two former students at the school.
As of the 2000 United States Census+ there were 11,907 people, 4,404 households, and 3,307 families residing in New Providence. The median income for a household in the borough was $90,964, and the median income for a family was $105,013. New Providence is located in the 7th Congressional District, New Jersey Redistricting Commission+, December 23, 2011.
As of March 23, 2011, there were a total of 7,916 registered voters in New Providence, of which 1,818 (23.0% vs. In the 2012 presidential election+, Republican Mitt Romney+ received 3,267 votes (53.7% vs.
The New Providence School District+ serves students in public school+ for pre-Kindergarten+ through twelfth grade+. During the 2007-08 school year, New Providence Middle School was recognized with the National Blue Ribbon School Award of Excellence+ by the United States Department of Education+, the highest award an American school can receive.
Serving students in PreK-3 through Grade 8, The Academy of Our Lady of Peace is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools+ and operates under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark+.

Service on the New Jersey Transit+ Gladstone Branch+ of the Morris and Essex Lines+ is available at the New Providence+ and Murray Hill+ stations, offering service to Hoboken Terminal+ and to Penn Station+ in Midtown Manhattan+.
Lakeland Bus Lines+ offers weekday rush hour service from stops along Springfield Avenue to New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal+.
New Providence, New Jersey+ New Providence is a borough on the northwestern edge of Union County, New Jersey, United States. Its first European settlers were members of a Puritan+ colony+ established in 1720, which was the first permanent settlement of its type. Supposedly, the local stream, Salt Brook, is named for an incident when the salt supply of the colonial village was dumped into the brook to prevent passing British soldiers from taking it. With ''Boroughitis+'' sweeping across the state, many communities within townships were reverting to small, locally governed communities (mostly reincorporating as borough+s) due to acts of the New Jersey Legislature+ that made it economically advantageous for communities so do so.
The governing body consists of a Mayor and a Borough Council comprising six council members, with all positions elected at-large+ on a partisan basis as part of the November general election.
In the 2009 gubernatorial election+, Republican Chris Christie received 2,559 votes (58.8% vs. The middle school and high school share the same building and some of the same facilities (art rooms, auditorium, east wing, west wing, gyms, music rooms, TV production room, cafeteria). The district's high school was the top-ranked public high school in New Jersey out of 328 schools statewide in ''New Jersey Monthly+'' magazine's September 2012 cover story on the state's "Top Public High Schools", after being ranked 5th in 2010 out of 322 schools listed.
New Providence School District currently links together the computer networks of its buildings by using a wireless+ LAN+ which includes Yagi antenna+s at two towers by the large copper pyramid-shaped roof. Two Gladstone Branch trains each weekday morning offer one-seat rides to Manhattan, and two evening trains leave New York and stop at both of New Providence's stations on the way to Gladstone. The settlement was originally called "Turkey" or "Turkey Town", due to the presence of wild turkeys in the area., Borough of New Providence.
Retail liquor sales are legal, however, and restaurant-goers may bring their own alcoholic beverages+.

Much of the Murray Hill+ community lies in New Providence, with the remainder in Berkeley Heights; Other unincorporated communities+, localities and place names within the borough include Johnsons Bridge and West Summit. Members of the New Providence Borough Council are Council President Michael Gennaro (R, 2016), Armand Gallucio (R, 2017), Gary Kapner (R, 2015), James Madden (R, 2015), Robert Munoz (R, 2016) and Robert T. The transistor+ and laser+ were invented in this Bell Laboratories when it was part of AT&T+. In 2011, the borough announced that it was considering issuing on-premises liquor licenses, which could bring in as much as $500,000 for each bar granted a license, with plans to use the money raised to pay for improvements to recreation areas. The Borough Council consists of six members elected to serve three-year terms on a staggered basis, with two seats coming up for election each year in a three-year cycle.''2012 New Jersey Legislative District Data Book'', Rutgers University+ Edward J. There were 5 voters registered to other parties., New Jersey Department of State+ Division of Elections, March 23, 2011. In the 2008 presidential election+, Republican John McCain+ received 3,367 votes (52.8% vs.
Growth continued in the area, and on November 8, 1809, New Providence Township was formed from within Springfield Township.
The mayor can veto+ ordinances subject to an override+ by a two-thirds majority vote of the council.
On March 23, 1869, Summit+ withdrew from the New Providence Township and reincorporated as a township without any other town.
The mayor makes committee and liaison assignments for council members, and most appointments are made by the mayor with the advice and consent of the council.

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