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Street Car Takeover Indy Coverage: Massive Crowds and Mechanical Diversity Galore – Great Event! We have to thank Gray Had for the tip on this wild Craigslist ad which was targeting the eastern Colorado area. 31 GM full size cars including 7 Clam shell wagons, 5 Tow package Buicks and Oldsmobiles, 1 riviera and a bunch of 4 doors.
Screw you, I am a demo driver, it is my hobby, maybe i should have a hobby of smoking meth like you instead, sorry everybody isn’t just like you. There is alot of these cars in the demo community, sometimes when they don’t sell for scrap price, they will get the bumpers cut off and it will get crushed, good I say if there is jackasses like this guy after them. I find it laughable that the guy who claims to have such a high IQ makes a post full of spelling and grammatical errors.
Derby Cars For Sale Source Demolition And Pictures, Derby Cars For Sale Source Demolition And Images.

The ad is simple enough, it states that a former serious demo derby competitor is liquidating his crop of future cars and that they are selling for pretty (ok VERY) reasonable prices.
The owner of these cars knew what made for a successful derby machine and the basics that all these cars have are perimeter frames, curb weight well over 4,000lbs, presumably big block power, and a couple feet of space between the engine and the radiator.
There is nothing like spending time building a car to compete, getting to the track and hearing the roar of your motor and the roar of the crowd.
We feel like the damned governor making the call to the executioners room at the prison to stop someone from being cooked in the ‘chair. There is also a 63 Lincoln Continental 4 door, 63 Chrysler 4 door and a 78 Dodge Magnum 2 door.
You would be very suprised how creative and brilliant some of the ideas and things that go into these demo cars are. Meet us in public instead of behind a computer and then we will see who has more intelligence.

Instead of the electric chair we’re trying to save these 34 classic American monsters from being violently smashed, bashed, and crashed to death in front of crowds at big demo derby events all over the country. Don’t let all of these things go to other derby guys who are going to kill ’em! But to label a group of people like that is shitty, because someone is butthurt over some old boats. I would put money on these cars being worth more cash to a derby guy than most of the folks bashing the derby guys, and I don’t care how much money anybody has, good day.

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