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Looking forward to seeing Welly, Sun Star and Spark stands!So far my favourite is Bugatti EB110. This great looking Porsche came with a broken passenger mirror for only $40 tax included from the Toronto Motorsport junkyard. Kit will be built box stock, minus the light bar (which will be coming from AMT's Smokey Police Car), and the addition of home made decals. All I can say is that to see that interior and try to compare it with the statement that just not into it is a bit beyond me. Beautifully down interior, Calgary had these cars from 75-78 I am quite familiar with these cars apart from the radio stack and the package shelf lights it is identical to Calgary units of the day. A slew of new models arrived this week, the first to be photographed and reviewed is the new Kyosho “Hi-End” Ferrari F355 Berlinetta 1995.
Im resurrecting this thread I know, but i have a question:first of all, great review, thanks.

I thought that there should be a thread dedicated to car colours as they are very important. The Exoto Vaillant has been a uber-grail for me, but the asking prices on belzebub-bay are literally stupid, so this should be an acceptable compromise. I superglued the whole front suspension on one of my Porsches because it never sat right.I need to get me a Norev at some point, looks like good value and they have a lot of interesting cars. Not alot of detail, and the molded in exhaust bugs me, but it'll do as a shelf model at least! The standard squad was of coarse a 4 door but the district Sargent's and some canine units were 2 doors.
Thanks, Dave.The front bumper and side skirts are off In my opinion and after seeing numerous pictures, I still think they are. For us it could be a reason for picking up a model (and for some even a real car).Some production colours have become iconic such as Mica Blue, Bayside Blue, Dakar Yellow, Alpine White, Formula Red, Speed Yellow etc.

They ran a light system that was basically home built by their shops I wish you luck in reproducing that system in miniature. Hopefully I'll update soon, but this weekend is Thanksgiving, so probably no work getting done this weekend! Bynx, it looks like something is wrong with the front suspension on that Porsche, but probably fixable.
This is in responce to a photo Plymouth 71 posted and I realy like how your Monaco turned out. By the way, what is it that your eagle eye picked up on that made you know there was a problem?

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    The Z Scale Micro-Track Code 55 Nickel Silver sitting in various locations on the scale trains for all.