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Starting in 1955, characters from animated feature films were not permanently placed in any land outside of Fantasyland. By the end of the decade both Aladdin and Tarzan films inspired permanent changes to significant parts of Disneyland’s Adventureland. Today, CEO Bob Iger speaks of major film franchises being the best way to expand the Disney theme parks. How do we best organize everything so that everything fits nicely, integrity is preserved, and everyone still gets to have loads of fun?
Costumed characters have always appeared in the parks (EPCOT Center being a slight exception for a time) and I think they always should appear in the parks. The semi-permanent meet-and-greet backdrops, like everything else, should not visually disrupt their surroundings.
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At the D23 Expo, Disney Interactive unveiled the latest additions to its lineup of Disney Infinity, the company’s largest gaming initiative to date, set to hit stores on August 18. Toy Story in Space will be the sixth play set to be released in October and features Buzz and Jessie in the play set pack, with Woody sold separately. The newest character figures will be playable in the Toy Box mode and will also come with their own “Adventure.” Players can invite friends to play through Adventures with them, with two players on split-screen or four players online.
Plus, when you order through my link, it helps me to pay for my website, and continue to offer you lots of free stuff. It's a topic I believe to be crucial in maintaining the high standards and integrity of the Disney theme parks.
I’m not referring to walk-around meet-and-greet costumed characters making temporary autograph-signing appearances (although I will address that later on). Original characters like Tiki Birds and Country Bears were introduced outside of Fantasyland but these were created for these types of environments specifically.
Disneyland President Paul Pressler (and many others) at the time talked about how everything should be tied to the Disney films.
Their designs and craftsmanship, like everything else, should be on par with the world class environments that surround them. On one side someone will use a need as justification for something that the other side considers to be sub-par.
Their tacky designs were of no concern to this young man because the Value Resorts fill a need. There is little room for expansion but one more family-friendly offering here would lighten the load over in Fantasyland a bit. Designate Fantasylands, Critter Countries (Rules 3 and 4), and Mickey’s Toontown (Disneyland) as the ONLY places in these two parks to house any permanent character-based offerings.
Return the Figment and Dreamfinder duo to Journey Into Imagination and improve the attraction to its original level of entertainment and quality. We shouldn't be foolish enough to think that more third-party films won't make their way into the parks.
The newly announced Toy Story in Space Play Set, featuring Buzz, Jessie and Woody, will become the sixth play set for Disney Infinity and is scheduled to be released in October.
Players can go on a space adventure with the Toy Story gang as they help to relocate the Pizza Planet Aliens to a new world. Be sure to sign up for our Daily Newsletter where we deliver the best in Disney News & Planning Tips to your inbox!

Live-action franchises like Davy Crockett, Swiss Family Robinson, and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea were permitted outside of Fantasyland. This is no doubt largely inspired by the huge success of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal's Island of Adventure. Meet-and-greet sets should blend in so well that when no character is present, the set doesn’t look like a set.
It meets the needs of small children yet looks great, is well-designed, well-built, fits beautifully, and can be enjoyed by all ages. After all, good and appealing design just might be the most important factor in Disney’s 85+ year success. This will accommodate new attractions based on animated feature films and animated short films (The short films need some love too!). This fun-for-all-ages expansion would allow youngins who can’t yet see the critters inside Splash Mountain to see some critters elsewhere. This would require the removal of character rides in the Tomorrowlands, Adventurelands, Frontierlands, etc. Figment needs to not only host a great ride again, he needs to represent Future World in a more important way.
Quality dark rides, spinners, and other family-friendly attractions can be based on the many untapped animal-focussed animated films in Disney’s library. I believe this offers solutions for all types of fans and requires very little compromise from either side of the debate.
The company also announced the next wave of playable characters for the Disney Infinity Toy Box mode, including Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, and characters from Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen and Phineas and Ferb. The Toy Story in Space play set introduces hoverpacks, jetpacks, laser blasters, goo blasters, new mounts and more into the Toy Box mode. You can find us all over the internet at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and even our Tee Public Store! I believe there are excellent solutions that require very little compromise from either side of the debate. Characters from corporate sponsors like the Frito Kid, Aunt Jemima, and the Kaiser Aluminum Pig were also permitted.
I would consider any classic attractions to be just as iconic as any film threatening to tie itself to it. I treasure the memories of my visits to Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and to other animation studios.
If no designated set is available, characters can stand in front of appropriate existing structures or landscaping. The clash between the design-focussed fans and the operations-focussed fans seems to be never-ending.
Continue current expansion of Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, as planned, with the future option of expanding to the northeast if needed. Imagine Country Bear Jamboree but with all sorts of critters putting on a show (maybe in a carousel theater??). My suggestion: Two attractions I designed called Critter Canyon Railroad and Critter River Expedition.
Remember, this does not include characters like Country Bears, Tiki Birds, Haunted Mansion ghosts, etc. In fact, I oftentimes am able to negotiate a lower rate (or bonuses) not available elsewhere.

If implemented, I believe the Disney parks will offer better experiences and better environments. Pecos Bill, from the 1948 short film, was a part of the Golden Horseshoe and Wally Boag’s brilliant show. The plan focuses on better placement of character-based attractions yet all types of attractions and their surrounding lands will benefit from this plan. Circus Train-style train that repeatedly intersects with a slow Storybook Land-style boat ride. Want no more mindless cartoony overlays on top of classic, sophisticated themed environments? The day may come when Pixar makes a film a about critters, for example, that would fit nicely into a Critter Country. Perhaps a Finding Nemo attraction would fit in the Fantasyland-style land I proposed for Animal Kingdom in #7. This level of craftsmanship has been seen very few times in the past deacade and a half. It is my love for these things that strongly enhances my desire for better organization within the theme parks.
The train would look like it was built by animals with natural forest materials in addition to some old abandoned railroad parts they’ve come across.
The Tomorrowlands and Future World don't need to be hodgepodge lands when we have two hodgepodge parks. The boat ride would pay subtle homage to the never-built Western River Expedition that was once intended for that side of the park.
You’ll unlock the Incredicar, a helicopter, amazing bases that can be customised and more. Mike and Sully are up against a rival school and you’ll be pranking the students from Fear Tech and defending your own campus from being toilet papered, and other such college japes.
He can upgrade with grenades but as a pirate, the focus is really about upgrading your ship. You can change the sections of hull, the sails, your ship’s weaponry and swap out hair clothers and more on your crew members. Multiplayer can be either both people on the same boat, one sailing while the other switches cannons to suit the foe or both players on your own ships up against the enemy.The Adventures section was the most impressive. Much like Little Big Planet 2’s create mode, you can build anything you want in a 3D space using your unlocked items and upload that world to a moderated online community for other people to play. We saw a giant world shaped like and electric car and a functional replica of Bowser’s Castle from Mario Kart.
From those early days of The Hobbit (say to Thorin “Carry me please”) she graduated to Lucasarts adventures and western C-RPGs. Eventually she found first-person shooters, Japanese RPGs and survival games and is now a fully-rounded gamer.

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