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When I saw today’s Doodle this morning, I first thought of a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. On the Google homepage you can see that Doodle is an animation: the light bulb shines  more or less.
Author: Martin Missfeldt, Berlin based german artist, about creative image optimization and youTube video-optimization. Edison and Batchelor noticed that as the stylus of their printing telegraph punctured the paper, the chemical solution left a mark underneath. The electric pen was sold as part of a complete duplicating outfit, which included the pen, a cast-iron holder with a wooden insert, a wet-cell battery on a cast-iron stand, and a cast-iron flatbed duplicating press with ink roller. The electric pen proved ultimately unsuccessful, other simpler methods (and eventually the typewriter) succeeding it for cutting stencils.
The Edison Papers site has a short article on the electric pen, as well as a page of links to documents about the pen. For a detailed history of the invention and production of the electric pen and duplicating press, see my ongoing research project.
Many of Edison’s sales agents used the electric pen and its flatbed duplicating press to create advertising material and stationery for their companies.
Batchelor writes to his brother Tom in England, giving a full description of the pen and press. Given awards at Centennial Exhibition for his automatic telegraph system and his electric pen and autographic press.
Begins two months of development work on a rotary, high-speed press for electric pen stencils, much of which is done by Charles Batchelor, who begins to resume role as Edison’s chief experimenter.
With Charles Batchelor proposes a plan to George Bliss for establishing a foreign electric pen company.
Charles Batchelor accompanies Edison to Port Huron and then goes to Chicago to settle electric pen accounts with Western Electric, returning to Menlo Park on 8 March.
Signs agreement with Batchelor, George Bliss, and Charles Holland for marketing the electric pen in Europe.
Signs agreement with his nephew, Charles Edison, and former electric pen agent George Caldwell to exhibit his musical telephone. Files depositions by himself, Batchelor, and Adams in electric pen patent interference case against Henry Trueman and gives evidence in hand-stamp patent interference with A. I have tried the new Electric Pen for writing MS, printing and drawing, and consider it perfectly successful for all three purposes. Several on-line and print sources have stated that as many as sixty thousand electric pens were produced (a number also quoted by the Smithsonian Institution, although this Smithsonian page cites no source), but it’s likely that this quantity is far too high. The digital edition of the Edison Papers has numerous documents regarding the electric pen, but no list of serial numbers, nor overall information on quantities made. An 1876 electric pen instruction manual, the cover of which refers to the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition (running from 10 May through 10 November), lists users such as the New York Herald, Mutual Life Ins.

These early users were supplied with pens and duplicating presses produced by John Ott, succeeded by Ezra Gilliland, both working under contract out of Edison’s own facilities in New Jersey.
These documents indicate that perhaps no more than a thousand duplicating outfits (each including an electric pen) were being sold per year even at the peak of sales activity in the three years following the pen’s invention, and that by the end of 1878 the pen faced serious competition from the newly introduced typewriter. If you know of an electric pen not on the list below, I’d appreciate receiving its serial number. Please email me with any information, or feel free to forward my email address to anyone who might be able to help with my research. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Sign up here to get product announcements, artist news, and more delivered straight to your inbox. Read the PRS story; get factory tour details for your next visit, and check out our career opportunities. PRS artist Tim Pierce is well-known in the guitar community as being wonderfully inventive on the guitar and able to play a diverse catalog of riffs. Recently, PRS artist Aaron Marshall (Intervals) visited our Maryland headquarters to film a series of videos!
He invented, for example, the phonograph (record player), the dynamo, the mechanical typewriter, the carbon-bulb, the telegram, electric chair (!) and much more.
This led them to conceive of using a perforated sheet of paper as a stencil for making multiple copies, and to develop the electric pen as a perforating device. Once the stencil was prepared it was placed in the flatbed duplicating press with a blank sheet of paper below. Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), a prolific letter-writer, was an early adopter of the electric pen. The highest known serial number on a surviving electric pen is 8739; the majority of pens examined to date have a serial number, so it may be significant that nothing higher than this one has yet been found.
Gilliland continued to make the equipment at Menlo Park until manufacturing was transferred to Western Electric in Chicago at the end of 1876. But further communications from Bliss regarding production problems and late deliveries from Western Electric make it doubtful that this number was ever met, and this is confirmed by royalty payments recorded in Edison’s ledgers.
It’s possible that the pen has been restored, as the coil cover material appears to be new. Thanks to this invention with electricity, it has helped improve the way of transportation by making it easier to transfer items and people themselves.
Check out this article to learn about David’s chops, gear, and the inspiration behind his signature style.
However, these days Martin has his own band and is churning out a stream of original material including a new album, Back to Steel.

I don’t want to describe the related circuits in detail (the documentation of Edison and his staff about light bulb took at least 40,000 pages).
But despite these numerous everyday inventions that could be monetized in consumer products, Thomas Edison was never a rich man.
An inked roller was passed over the stencil, leaving an impression of the image on the paper. He purchased one on 20 June 1877 from Parker’s and used it to produce a number of his writings for private circulation. However, Jehl would have had no direct knowledge of the production and distribution of the pen during his association with Edison, and writing sixty years after the fact he was almost certainly just quoting the publicized number.
I can scarcely believe this to be possible and shall be glad to have you advise me what the facts are".
This production volume information, the analysis of royalty statements mentioned above, and the serial number evidence make it likely that fewer than 10,000 pens were sold. The cost of batteries were to big and the transportation use of the motor was not yet practical. In that time there was no electricity, no telephone, no recordings or other products, it was a completely different way of life. The company remained in business as an office products and equipment manufacturer until 2004. In November 1876 production of the pens was transferred to Western Electric in Chicago under the supervision of George H. He was amazed at the electromagnet that was created by Joseph Henry and was intrigued by this. Even though his invention was only useful for a little while it helped improve our way of transportation in a major way. Davenport’s electric car never caught on only because his batteries were not rechargeable . He has electrified New York and co-founded a company, that grows to a global corporation: General Electric.
All my work was deductive, and the results I achieved were those of invention, pure and simple.
While other of his inventions earned a fortune, he remained throughout his life a steadfast man who could live off the royalties of his inventions quite well.

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