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Chevy seems to be getting into the toy business as it introduces there first electric corvette toy for all the kids to enjoy.
Yup, these are toy Corvettes manufactured by RIDEMAKERZ®, a company that uses a Build-A-Bear process that lets kids actually "build" model cars that they can have fun with after the build is complete. The two new Corvettes, one that features "Jake" the Corvette Racing mascot (the skull), can be built at Ride Makerz stores in nine states.
At the debut of the new Corvettes at Pratt & Miller's race shop, Ride Makerz's CEO Founder Larry Andreini told us, "The new C6R and C6RS tap into American’s general love of cars and their particular passion for America's sports car, the Chevy Corvette. Every once and a while, I receive emails from people looking for a certain game, electronic toy, or computer from their distant past.
Have a memory of a computer, video game, computer software, or electronic toy you need help identifying? I believe I bought this Radio Shack LCD Mini Slot Machine unit at a hamfest back in the 1990s.
Discussion Topic of the Week: Did you (or do you) ever own any Radio Shack electronic games? Casio's Infraceptor watch functions as a game machine, a phone book, an infrared message sender, and a stopwatch. Thirty years ago last June, Texas Instruments introduced Speak & Spell at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago.
By Christmas 1978, the iconic orange and yellow device hit stores with a suggested retail price of $50 (US). The promise of the Game Boy could never have been made more clear than in this 1993 ad by Hudson.
Those possibilities felt very real when I finally convinced my dad to buy me a used Game Boy around 1990.

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Like an alien mothership come home, a small flying saucer surveyed the pulsing, Technicolor scenery of Manhattan's trendy Studio 54 dance club.
Further up, in the pitch black balcony, a 56 year-old engineer from New Hampshire fought off drowsiness and reminded himself why he had attended the deafening event: among the glamorous movie stars, the blasting music, and the swirling mirrored balls, it was his creation they were there to celebrate.
In the balcony, the engineer smiled: he had reached the end of a story that had begun, surprisingly, six years earlier. Often we yearn to reclaim fond memories from childhood, but those memories remain just out of reach. Yesterday afternoon, I made a trip to some local thrift stores that I hadn't visited in eight years.
Neither device does BASIC like the VTech Pre-Computer 1000, but they're both highly collectible microprocessor-powered toys. VC&G is a blog about computer, video game, and technology history founded in 2005 and run by Benj Edwards.
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We're excited to make these models available so that kids, parents, and any car enthusiasts can all build and trick out their ultimate model Corvette. While reading about the Sega Pico on another website, I suddenly had a flashback to a toy I used to have a long time ago.
It was larger than a modern TI graphing calculator or an original Game Boy, and also had a handle.

Wiggins before the year is out, as it's not only more relevant during 2008, but it also might be of interest to historians some day. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. Fathers and sons should especially be fired up about these Pratt & Miller Corvettes because of their racing record and awesome style.
Anyway, it consisted of an LCD screen (like a calculator would have), the mascot (I guess) was a grinning triangle man. To run the "games", you inserted a card into the front, which was a flimsy-looking touch-sensitive surface.
When the light in the middle of the base unit illuminates, be the first person to press the button on your controller.
One was a simple calculator card, one had this Simon-like memory game…I'd say there were about 20 or so cards (I think they were two-sided). Unfortunately, when I google Texas Instruments toys, all I get is Speak & Spell (and its variants) and two more things that were definitely not it.
A shocking game for up to four players When the sound stops and the light goes from RED to GREEN, press the button.

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