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Evanston, the first in a string of North Shore Chicago suburbs, stretches along four miles of Lake Michigan. A mecca for lovers of jazz, blues, delicious food, and diverse cultures, the Windy City is only a 30-minute ride from the Northwestern University’s Evanston campus. Additional information for visitors is available at The City of Chicago’s Official Tourism Site as well as at Downtown Evanston.
Google Maps provides walking, biking, driving, and transit directions throughout the Chicago area. Estimation is calculated based on tax assessment records, recent sale prices of comparable properties, and other factors. Built in 2002, this property was last sold for $403,000 in 2014 and currently has an estimated value of $301,598.
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Fake safety cams: Los Angeles activists have been installing them, complete with warning sign. Bike light sting: Oxford police handed out $75 tickets to 167 people biking without adequate lights.
Peer to peer bikesharing: Danish startup AirDonkey, which is planning a system somewhat similar to the one Spinlister is working on for Portland, is also on Kickstarter. Seattle levy: A single Seattle landowner has spent $325,000 in an attempt to defeat its transportation levy. Detroit biking: When you build 170 miles of bike lanes where once there were none, biking has a way of quintupling. Driving subsidies: The business models for Uber and Lyft depend on our willingness to keep building more traffic lanes than gas taxes can pay for, notes the Atlantic. I’d love to hear about a low-car, blue collar town where the anchor grocery chain is Safeway or Kroger who located there in spite of not being allowed a large parking lot and where displacement was prevented by hardassed rent control. Were you implying that since they’re occupied, illegally, that this is a good outcome?
Well, I suppose if we want to count among available housing units those that are dangerous and occupied by illegal squatters as appropriate, well, okay I guess. That is, aside from advising they move outside of the city, assuming there is housing somewhere they can afford…and commuting back into town where their jobs are? Look, I don’t have an alternative that does also consider the broader economic context and governmental intervention in the economy. I mean, here we are, fifty years or more into greater federal government intervention into education, housing, employment, health care ajd what is being consistently reported…worse outcomes.
So, a better question is, why do you think more rent control will alleviate the problem you’re trying to resolve given our history with rent control? My take is that government overregulation is retarding economic growth and government deficit spending and monetary policy works together to keep money cheap which leads to these cyclical housong booms. This is a hard, hard problem, but the government in my opinion has made the problem worse and more difficult to resolve. Despite decades of Federally-subsidized college tuition assistance, college tuition continues to go up, up, and up. Despite decades of federal transportation funding, every year we continue to hear how bad our transportation infrastructure is. As clearly stated above, my point is that government involvement is solving a problem generally results in worsening that problem.
The people qualifying for rent controlled housing should be those that justifiably have a need for it.
Some landlords benefit, because rent control won’t always apply to every unit, and so it reduces the supply of market rate units. 1420 Chicago is an 8-story, 28-unit contemporary apartment building at 1420 Chicago Ave in Evanston.
Bedrooms have hardwood floors and are large enough to accommodate multiple pieces of furniture.
1420 Chicago has limited amenities, but more than you’ll find in most buildings of its size.
Downtown Evanston offers an eclectic mix of locally-owned boutiques and name-brand retailers.. Residents of 1420 Chicago who are setting up their first apartment will find much of what they need at Lemoi Ace Hardware and Affordable Portables a few blocks from the building.
The upscale Westfield Old Orchard shopping center, anchored by Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, is accessible by a bus route that stops just outside the building. If highly-caffeinated is your preferred state of being, you won’t have to go far to maintain it. Wine aficionados look forward to the twice-weekly tastings at Vinic Wine, less than a block south of 1420 Chicago. Downtown Evanston is a pedestrian-friendly environment and a number of restaurants have outdoor seating areas.

As you’d expect in a college town, national brands have a strong presence, but there are enough one-of-a-kind restaurants near 1420 Chicago to satisfy almost every palate. TimeOut Chicago’s Evanston City Guide recently ranked SPACE, just over a block south of the building, as one of the best bars in Evanston. Raymond Park, a few doors north of the building, has greenery and benches and not much more.
Rentals are typically available in a number of nearby condo buildings, sometimes at lower rents than in the managed apartment buildings.
If you’ve lived at or visited 1420 Chicago, and are not a real estate agent, add your thoughts in a comment. Continental Painting is a full-service commercial painting and decorating contractor located in Chicago, Illinois. One of the highlights of February was my trip to Evanston, Illinois to speak at the Evanston Public Library and to tour the town where Time Between Us and Time After Time are set.
I had an incredible time walking around (yes, even though it was 4 degrees without wind chill). Here’s a photo and video tour to give you a sense of Anna’s beautiful hometown!
I walked through campus and down to Lake Michigan, basically doing Anna’s daily run in reverse.
I swear, two people jogged by me right before I took this picture. I would never run in this weather, but Anna and other tough ones certainly do! On Thursday night, it was time to visit the Evanston Public Library. This is an absolutely gorgeous building, inside and out!
An early flight the next day gave me a chance to see the beautiful sunrise over Lake Michigan.
Since Time Between Us came out, I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel around the country, talking about writing books for young adults. At the beginning of the year, my boyfriend was accepted to graduate school at Northwestern University. As I thought about the setting for my first book, I began to realize how much I’d loved those two years I spent in Evanston. I hadn’t thought about them in a long time, and I was starting to forget the little details, like waking up one October morning to find my entire neighborhood transformed by overnight snowfall. From 2008 to 2012, I spent my days writing about a city I hadn’t seen since a brief visit in 1999. But now I finally get to go back, and for the best possible reason: To meet people who have read my books and want to talk with me about them. When I was living in Evanston, I was part of the university community, but I’d often see the local teens around town.
I liked to imagine they did, so I created the coffeehouse — a place that brought the two together for live music on Sundays. I got to feel like local once. During that first summer in Evanston, everyone I knew (including Mike) went back to their respective homes for internships, but I stayed behind.
A truly “urban suburb,” Evanston includes residential neighborhoods, parks, business districts, beaches and recreational facilities.
Eighty percent of the university town’s households within half a mile of its rail stops own either one or zero cars.
People who demonstrate to police that they’ve bought lights within a week will get the charge waived. We love them so much that we devote many hours every week to read them and make sure they are productive, inclusive, and supportive.
In fact, nearly a thousand buildings in NYC alone have been abandoned by their owners due, in large part, to rent controls.
They’re abandoned buildings that are in disrepair and dangerous thst are filled with squatters or vacant.
I was replying to an advocate of rent controls by observing the adverse impacts of such controls and one particularly noteworthy example of that effect. Sure, I happen tonagree with her that, like PBOT, the City of Seattle has sufficient transportation funding, but it squanders it just like PBOT. Never mind, she said, that the levy proposes a list of “illustrative” but not mandatory projects. She opposes public transit when it removes publicly subsidized parking for private cars near her businesses.
I am interested ne of those who strongly believes that government intervention, in areas like education, employment, housing, health care, generally worsens conditions rather than improving them.
Add in local zoning and regulatory requirements and you continue to down economic opportunities. But thats irrelevant as you can see from my posts that I am referring to rent controls generally, hence thr NYC experience.
As we have seen with federal and state subsidies across the board – they only expand.

Is there abuse of rent control, such as people that could afford to pay market rate, but somehow have wangled their way into rent controlled housing? With suitably strong renter protection laws that mandate minimum standards an active renter can force a landlord to keep their place maintained.
The apartments have bright, spacious living rooms with hardwood floors and wall-to-wall windows. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
From our headquarters, two blocks west of McCormick Place, we are centrally located to support our Chicago and suburban clients.
We have been in business since 1994 and have grown to be one of the premier painting companies in Chicago.
Bennett was in pretty bad shape when Anna found him on this bench in Chapter Six of Time Between Us.
It was located in a town I’d never heard of, and he asked me if I wanted to come along. Or stacking sandbags in the trunk of our little Honda Civic to keep it from skidding on the ice. And even if it was, it wouldn’t look like it did in my books because that interior is based on a place in downtown Chicago, complete with mismatched couches, high tables, and live music. Since I worked from home, I used to sit in my un-air-conditioned apartment, trying to type while sweat dropped from my forehead onto my keyboard.
Evanston’s downtown area maintains thriving shops, restaurants, movie theaters, art galleries and more.
The 3 assigned schools for this property are located in Evanston Central Consolidated School District 65.
Eliot once said, “Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. To simply say, well, they’re occupied, even if illegally and in dangerous conditions? Further, raising the min wage is just subsidy by another name, except, rather than the govt providing the subsidy, consumers pay it via higher prices.
If not for rent control there are many people that simply could not afford to live in the city.
Using poor people to bear the brunt of a dysfunctional economy does not contribute well towards a healthy society. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). This trip was magical for me, and it wouldn’t have felt quite the same without that blanket of fresh snow! I wanted Bennett to be 17-years-old in 2012, and that meant he would have been born in 1995. Or that horrible jacket I wore everyday that made me look like an orange version of the Michelin Man.
There are currently 12,859 similar properties for sale within 10-mile radius, ranging from $155,000 - $1,995,000. Rent controls discourage new construction, discourage renovations leading to dilapidated buildings, and, again, hurt landlords and renters alike. Either way, rent controls, affordable housing programs and min wage increases all have perverse results.
Bennett would feel both fascinated and out of his element when he went to visit Anna, just like I’d been when I first moved from San Francisco to the Midwest. How could I pass it up? (I should probably mention that I was head-over-heels in love with this guy, right? How strange to watch your entire town change twice a year, every May and August, as students left and returned again.
Chicago’s public transit system is extensive and far-reaching, with many bus and train stops throughout both cities. Sports fans can take in a professional basketball, baseball, hockey, or soccer game, and jazz lovers shouldn’t miss Al Capone’s old haunt, The Green Mill.
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You are either blind to it, or are intentionally taking a counter position because you enjoy doing that on this blog. On nice days, I ran a three-mile loop that wound through beautiful neighborhoods, along Lake Michigan, through the campus, and back home again. We encourage you to take advantage of the many entertainment opportunities offered by this vibrant, cosmopolitan city.

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