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Sense of sense of taste a desire for excellence and an inflexible approach toward AltezeitGruppe Dorset Reichsbahn Gruppe HO Finescale layout based in operation method excellent ho model train layout ideas. Learn about: baseboard construction, soldering track, DCC movements and decoder programming, electrics explained, operational ideas, scenery, structures, making foliage and more.
You see, I could have mortgaged my house to pay a production company tens of thousands of dollars to produce them, but then each video would have tripled or quadrupled in price!
I could have turned them into a DVD set, but this would have made them too expensive for the many railroaders on a fixed income.
Truth is; sections of these videos are a bit blurry and on some occasions my hand is a bit shaky with the camera. Rest assured, if you live in the USA, Canada, UK or Europe, you'll notice the models and supplies are from the same manufacturers you'll see at home.
Truth is; I would have liked to offer them to you for nothing, but if I don't eat and cover some of my costs, I won't be able to keep sending you other helpful model railroading ideas.
With that said; you can save each video to your computer, or to a disk, and build your own personal resource library of 42 video clips.
John has a lot for you in this video including his: GG1 locomotive, a level crossing, the 300kph Eurostar, a Union Pacific diesel, Stephenson's Rocket, the John Bull steam engine, a service vehicle that gets stuck in a tunnel (and how he removes it), a jigger and crew, an SD70MAC loco and the engine shed. James shows how to align the tracks between modules to avoid problems with erratic running and derailments caused by poorly aligned track. On this video John shows his electrical setup and explains scenery construction techniques.
You'll be impressed with many of the clever model railroading scenery ideas in this video. In this tutorial James, will show you how to solder and wire track for a reliable connection every time. This 9 minute amateur video includes lots of fascinating clips from the annual model train show held in Brisbane, Australia.
Experienced garden railroader Colin takes you on a tour of his 650-foot garden railway 18 months into construction. This second amateur video of the Brisbane Model Train Show is nearly 11 minutes in length. You'll see close up shots of an old gas station, some character houses, a level crossing, a fishing village, a cityscape, a fire scene, an old mining town and more. Other fascinating farmyard scenes include close-ups of: beef cows at a waterhole, realistic fencing, a diesel fuel tank, pig pens and a multitude of farm equipment.
One of the great features of a NMRA compatible DCC system is the ability to change the operating characteristics of locomotives. Colin continues his garden railway tour explaining how and why he built the elevated track sections. In this video clip, James explains the control panel he built to control various points on his layout including the signals.
After a quick tour James explains how to measure the track voltage and how to reduce the voltage to prevent decoders from overheating or failing. Here's a way to see a model railroad exhibit without having the expense of the airfare or accommodation. He gives you a close look underneath the Union Pacific RS3 locomotive and how it operates. Colin shows how easy and economical it can be to run a live steamer and takes you step-by-step through the process of getting started. James takes you on a photo tour of: Bluwall Printers, American Electric, Amoco Fuel Distributors, Midwest Foods, South Forest Plymill, Feed N Seed,The Engine Shed, RIP Facility, South Forest Silos and Arkwright Engineering. Florist foam is an inexpensive, versatile material to use when making foliage and groundcover for your model railroad layout. James takes you on a 10-minute tour of his HO layout, the Chicago & South Forest Terminal RR set in Illinois and Indiana. This, the first of three video clips, shows how to make operating your layout more interesting.
He later adds empty outbound cars from Midwest Foods requiring some sorting of the interchange outbound track.
In this video clip James explains how he uses a timetable, with extra trains added, during the operating session. Operations on the Chicago & South Forest Terminal RR involve transfer runs, local freights, branch moves and shunting. James shares ideas for keeping track of information and for making it easier for operators on your layout. This video clip takes you on a tour of the Mountain Ash Timber & Sleeper Company point-to-point RR. The scenery represents Australian forest with lots of trees, a stream, and undergrowth (you’ll get lots of scenery ideas!).

Take a video tour of the Yellow Pass Sub, an HO scale layout set in the mountain region of Colorado. There are a number of junctions on the C&SFT Railroad where trains may need to wait for another train to pass.
Mountain scenery is a major feature of the layout with some montains almost touching the ceiling.
Live action includes a Rio Grande westbound freight train at Sumpter and then close-ups as it crosses the Oldora Creek Bridge. This is a chance to sit back, relax and watch the magnificent scenery as a Santa Fe mixed freight train passing Topsa Siding. There is a glimpse of the train crossing Running Wolf River Bridge into Raglan before seeing it cross directly above you as it crawls across Brettle Gulch Trestle.
How long would it take you - how much time and money would you have to spend - to produce a library of 42 videos yourself? 500 hours, or perhaps more like 1000+ hours of your time and effort to research and produce just a few videos in your own area, let alone the expense of traveling to another country?
For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week, you can build your own library of 42 model railroading videos, stored on your computer for easy access whenever you want.
For just $27 you'll get membership for the first 4 weeks where you can download your first 8 videos. Go ahead… take up my invitation today, because this offer has only gone out to my loyal subscribers, so you’ll be one of a select few to see these videos!
I urge you to grab these videos at the 50% discount before my accountant tells me to increase the price!
That’s why, not one of them will be a box-office hit, watched by millions of people worldwide. These are amateur videos made by, and for, keen model railroading enthusiasts like you and me. This makes it easy to add extra length at either end or anywhere in the middle by adding modules. He demonstrates a working crane and gives an interesting tutorial on lubricating a locomotive and how to use conducta lubricants for cleaning and lubricating commutators.
James talks you through the process step-by-step and reveals a little trick to get a good solder! This layout tour features some interesting scenery ideas like sports fields, suburban housing, a footbridge, roads and more. You'll get a variety of scenery ideas and see a mix of British and American freight and passenger trains operating. He explains the A, B and C of the design and planning process and reveals 17 important questions about building your own garden railway.
His Chicago & South Forest Terminal RR is an HO scale, point to point switching and industrial layout, set in Illinois and Indiana.
Some of the pics are a little blurry, but I know you'll be glued to the action and impressed with the variety of locomotives and rolling stock on display. If you are planning on adding a farm or country scene to your layout, then this clip is not to be missed! James shows how to change basic settings, such as minimum and maximum speed, using the ROCO LokMaus 11 DCC system and how to program CV2 using the F1 key.
He shows you how he has motorized all the turnouts on the main tracks and why he’s left all the other turnouts, such as the interchange, as manual throw turnouts. This video features an interesting visit to the annual Model Train Show at Wanganui, New Zealand. This short video includes a Street Tram, a Z scale layout with buildings constructed from cereal packs, an N scale European layout, a quick look at some G scale trains and a busy HO layout with diesel and steam engines plus a operating gondola and more.
The first is the Rocky River Railroad with double-headed locos hauling coal, tankers and other freight through tunnels and climbing steep grades.
Watch an Amtrak passenger train power through a railroad crossing and disappear into a tunnel as a couple of Santa Fe locos haul freight through an industrial area. You'll see a mix of steam and diesel locomotives operating and spot some excellent examples of brickwork, a water tower, character buildings including a church, railway station platform and cleverly designed countryside. He shares several useful tips and reveals the one thing you should never do when running live steamers. Most are scratch-built using plywood, cardboard, MDF, balsawood and pine planks, with parts from completed kits.
James starts by demonstrating coupling the cars on train CP8210 before pushing the cars into the interchange. Watch James operate transfer runs with trains arriving or departing the Interchange for the IHB, EJ&E, Chessie, or MWSL Railroads. This On30 exhibition layout features a sawmill with a detailed interior at one end and the harbor with boats and a crane at the other.

It has around 6,000 feet of track, working wind generators, fair grounds with a working carousel and ferris wheel. The main terminal station and yard has various passenger and freight trains departing regularly.
The layout is about 30 feet x 12 feet in size and is housed in a garage next to the house. You’ll be treated to some wonderful close-up shots of structures as well as a spectacular scene as a Rio Grande coal train passes through Carrolton complete with sound decoders.
This video starts at Thorn Junction when MWSL train 222I arrives and waits for EJE train 23 to pass. There’s another interesting scene of an eastbound Santa Fe mixed freight at Sumpter and a westbound Burlington Northern train (with three locos) at Wildhorse Creek. These videos, although not Hollywood productions, have all the ideas and answers you have been looking for. Each week you'll be emailed a link to download at least one video for you to save to your hard-drive or on your own disk.
If for any reason (or no reason), you decide these videos won't help you with your train layout I'll buy them back from you for every cent you paid. You can start building your own personal library of 42 model railroading videos to help you create and maintain the railroad of your dreams… but, you’ll need to be quick to grab the 50% saving! Ideas and examples from layouts large and humble Best of the West railfan sampler atomic number 49 HO. You’ll even get to visit some train shows without having to pay the accommodation or travel costs.
That's why this invitation has only gone out to my loyal subscribers, so you'll be one of a select few to see them. Watch, as experienced model railroader James, shows you step-by-step how to construct a baseboard. This layout features: a wheat growing district, a loaded coal train, open-cut mine and port facility. He gives some valuable tips and shows you how to avoid problems you may not have thought of. He starts by showing some train movements you can do in DCC that you can’t do in DC without switches to isolate sections. James has used different methods to attach the turnouts depending on their location on the layout and shows how he has mounted the DCC system under his baseboard. He explains why a sequencing system can help new operators and increase the enjoyment in an operating session.
You’ll be impressed with the detail in the town buildings, sheds, fences, people and machinery. Then Switcher 1519 at the Road-Rail Trans-Shipment Facility arrives to clear the trans-shipment spur of cars. The layout also features a passing loop called Calumet South Loop situated not far from the interchange. You'll get to tour some of the best layouts from 'down under' without paying airfares or hotel bills. The process is quick, easy and you can watch the videos whenever you want, without the added cost of postage, packaging etc. So, in a few minutes from now you can be watching your first video… no shipping – no waiting! Construct ampere framework groom layout Model railroad scenery Part 1 how to WGH take an HO scurf galvanising train. When any groom lover Submitted away users on the FreeTrackPlans assembly including the first-class example from well-nigh plans suffer been designed using HO OO gauge set track with to each one heading below has ane or more.
James goes on to show how you can change the decoder channel number of a locomotive on the Bachmann Ezycommand DCC system. By contrast the next layout is a busy European Railway packed with fascinating with scenery ideas and a wonderful mix of freight and passenger trains. We have illustrated to each one layout equally best we completely of these plans offer you a full range of pose railroading fulfil and opportunities for adaption expansion and superb. The eastbound train then departs for Midwest Junction where a MWSL Intermodal train arrives.

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