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While it’s no big deal to like superheroes these days, they weren’t very mainstream not so long ago, especially in small towns. So imagine my exhilaration at finding a job where my enthusiasm and knowledge for toys was not only embraced, but valued. Foreshadowing Marvel’s dominance over today’s movies, they installed a full-on Marvel section devoted to the X-Men, Spider-Man, and even The Avengers. FAO Schwarz would feature clowns, jugglers, Raggedy Ann and Andy, magicians, and a myriad of other characters to delight children and grownups. I also happened to be a fountain of information about superheroes and comics and knew a lot about the geography of that area of the city, where to send people looking for places to eat, landmarks, what have you. But the kicker was that I was a massive smartass who didn’t have a problem walking around in tights and a cape.

And so began a year of an absolute dream job for a small town boy who’d been made fun of for loving superheroes; being paid to be a superhero!
And if you have a picture or yourself as a kid, standing in front of FAO Schwarz with a silver superhero in a red cape, that was totally me.
Infoman got to meet celebrities, showed up on television a few times, and once, even stopped a crime!
Granted, I didn’t know I was stopping a crime, but I did actually chase down and scare off two teenagers from stealing another guy’s hockey bag. The job gave me a good look, up close and personal, to what FAO Schwarz meant to children and families the world over, not just those from New York. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account.

Being able to dance on the giant piano whenever I felt like it didn’t hurt that analogy at all.
His costume was ostensibly based on the robot elevator and the character was supposed to know everything about the store.
I got asked to play Infoman because it was common knowledge that I was a great big nerd who not only knew everything about the store, but lots about different toy lines to boot. I would practically dance out of bed in the morning, and float on a cloud during the train ride to work.

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