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Buyers should be warned that many of the cars for sale are damagedEnlarge PhotoThe original Fast and the Furious movie was pretty decent. Now the fourth instalment is out and some of the cred of the first movie has been restored and once again there are a series of modified rides that are no longer needed.
You’ll find cars like the Camaro used to portray the F-Bomb, a Buick Grand National from the opening fuel truck hijacking scene, a 1970s Plymouth Hammer replica and a Nissan 350Z modified to the hilt. Speaking with Edmunds, Fast & Furious' Picture Car Coordinator Dennis McCarthy explained that these were all the cars that couldn't be reasonably fixed. The Volo Auto Museum in Illinois announced it has a matte gray 1970 Dodge Charger RT for sale, which it seems to be one of the cars driven by Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in the 2009 Fast and Furious movie, the fourth in the series.
The sellers failed to give any details on the car, other than it's an automatic V8 and that the appraised value is $200,000. The same company announced earlier this year the sale of a 1973 Camaro F-Bomb replica, one of the cars that was used in the same film, driven by Vin Diesel’s character through the underground tunnels. We know Paul Walker was a massive car enthusiast and he had owned pretty much all the cars he drove in Fast and Furious. The blue R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, complete with roll cage and safety harness and driven by the late actor in the 2009 Fast and Furious 4, is being put up for sale by its Munich, Germany-based owner – GT-A International for €1 million.
Before you start uttering profanity at the owner for trying to make a quick profit, he has pledged to donate half the proceeds of the sale to Paul Walker’s Reach Out World Wide (ROWW) charity. As for the R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R fans out there, you will be pleased to know that this example is right hand drive too!
If you have watched the movie, you definitely kept in mind that Paul Walker drove this awesome lime-green Evo VII fitted with custom aspect skirts, enormous rear aluminium spoiler and neon lights. However, the most of the Mitsubishi Lancers showcased in the movie were normal versions customized to seem like an Evo.

There are three Corvette Stingray Concepts being shown at SEMA, two Stingray Coupes and a Convertible. The Corvette Stingray Convertible Atlantic Concept represents the East Coast with its sophisticated styling enhancements and upscale looks. You also notice that the Corvette Convertible Atlantic Concept has the Competition Sport seats and is trimmed with a suede wrapped interior. The Corvette Stingray Coupe Pacific Concept features a Torch Red exterior complimented with a carbon fiber hood and visible carbon-fiber weave on the removable roof panel.
Finally, the third Stingray pays homage to the video game that helped launch the seventh generation sports car.
Now for Gran Turismo 6 and just in time for the game’s 15th anniversary is a real life concept version of the video game car, complete with race inspired elements like yellow-tinted headlamps, a carbon fiber rear wing and a ground effects kit which comes with carbon fiber rockers and front splitter. On the inside, you’ll find the Competition Sport racing seats with driver and passenger racing harnesses, a custom flat-bottom steering wheel and a leather wrapped safety belt bar and rear braces. The Gran Turismo concept is powered by the 460 horsepower LT1 V8 engine and comes with a seven-speed transmission. Kaufmann, who is from Crowley, is referred to in the release as a self-taught restoration visionary who naturally fell into hot-rod work. Adam was one of the founding members of txGarage back in 2007 when he worked for a Suzuki dealership in Dallas, TX. Sure, it had the odd cheesy line (“I live life a quarter mile at a time”), but it’s safe to say most car fans would have enjoyed it. While previous cars used in the movies have been sold privately, many of the cars from the latest flick have turned up on eBay. However, if you have $129,998 stashed somewhere, you can spend it on one of the most famous movie cars.

This was confirmed by ROWW on its website, where it stated: “This type of outreach and support from companies like this and fans globally is sincerely appreciated”. This one, maybe a true Evo therefore it is a nice ride to shop for, particularly since it`s almost new and has not suffered any in-depth modifications. Like the Atlantic Concept, the Pacific Concept comes outfitted with a carbon fiber trim kit with a front splitter and rocker extensions in black. At Gas Monkey, Rawlings and Kaufmann restore junk cars, and turn them into cool, classic rides.
There are a couple more guys on the show who apparently went to the same high school as Kaufmann that will make appearances on the show as well.
With the release of the next two flicks, quality started to slide and the cars simply got lamer. The third Stingray is the real life version of a Corvette that can be seen and driven in the upcoming Play Station 3 game Gran Turismo 6, which commemorates the games 15th anniversary. So much so that by the end of Tokyo Drift it seemed pretty safe to assume that the franchise was well and truly dead. While the hot babes are off limits, you might want to settle with one of the cars featured in the series.

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