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Been wanting to build a hand made steam locomotive for a long time and never have because I am unsure about a few things.
One of the price reduced Bachmann 4-6-0 chassis with metal side rods is probably the best value around. His friend Jerry Dillon looked up at the hillside and said; There is a big ledge, and the whole damned hill is a total wreck with quartz boulders of ore. If you remove the wheels it becomes a stand-alone power unit, but you still have to find wheels of the right type.
If you can use a lathe, there are suppliers, mostly in the UK, who have various wheels that may need machining to size. So I looked at the parts on the Bachmann site and saw the chassis of different varieties on sale at a good price. I've used these to refurbish my older ten wheelers and I really am impressed by how well they perform. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Locomotive Running Stands that provide comprehensive, accurate diagnostics and break in running.
Model Train Wheel Cleaners, or The Wheel Doctor, gently scrubs the wheels clean and provides wheel diagnostics to determine the sources of wheel wobble.
The Saddles (machined aluminum extrusions with integral ball bearings) are designed to support all the powered axles.
The forest turned to all white, and the small bulldozer acted to remove the snow on garden path. The rotor is driven by motor supplied from generator, and the car is propelled by locomotive AB10.
As it is hard work because the snow is heavy and locomotive wheels slips, so the double-header with AB20 acted in the second.

In order to more propel power, all wheels are converted to drivers by using power truck units from OS. No.19 loco DB81 running with coaches and AB10 & AB20 double-header running with works car in snow garden.
After checking Judith M ran well as shown in three photos above, and the last one is Hunslet Jack without saddle tank. The first photo shows saddle tank Dragonfly, 16mm scale 32mm gauge meths fired model based on Mamod. The third is open cab Green dragon, 16mm scale 32mm gauge gas fired model based on Accucraft Edrig. The last is open cab saddle tank Palmerston, 16mm scale 45mm gauge gas fired model based on Accucraft Ruby. The first photo shows coal fired Casper, 16mm scale 45mm gauge model by Modelbouw in Holland. The second is Saxonian IIIK, G scale 45mm gauge model with Klose type linkage rod (dummy) made by Accucraft. The first photo shows Cheddar's steam tram, 16mm scale 32mm gauge gas fired radio controlled model. The last is Single driver Sindbat, G scale 45mm gauge meths fired scratchbuilt model used with Mamod's boiler. The third is Hamburger tram, old scratchbuilt model with wood and metal, G scale 32mm gauge.
Kiso Logging Railway Baldwin 0-4-2 rear tank is being scratchbuilt In the warm workshop of Akubi L.R. After air test in January, the detail parts were built mainly, such as smoke room door, smokestack, and cabin.
The first photo above shows the rod linkage for mechanical lubricator from the crank of the second driver.
The first is safety valve stand in the steam dome, and the second is the dummy generator made of aluminum bar by lathe.

Stationmaster Pascal and Assistant stationmaster Hecto like the snow and cold day very much. Especially it was the first snow and first winter for Assistant stationmaster, because he was just one year old in this February. In the middle of April, they got the long-awaited water play in the garden just after pipe thawing. AB10 and AB20 double-header train waiting in Bontenzaka station, and the lighthouse in the snow garden. Slaters (UK) makes a range of nylon wheels with steel tires, so they are worth looking at as they are easy to fit. Metal side rods would make a difference in price I would assume and that is what I would want. Available for steam and diesel locomotives, they are infinite gauge adjustable from N to G-scale. It is by radio controlled and the driver in warm room can look the image from camera in car. I have thought about just using the bottom end off of some plastic loco but that seems a bit of a Frankenstein as I want to use mostly wood and metal. Even if you completely rebuild the chassis frame there will be lots of useful parts which would otherwise cost a lot more. Thought about just using a Bachmann motor and gear drive and have seen a motor and gear box from Tamiya and something like that seems a possibility. There is currently a 20% reduction on online parts orders over $50 at the moment until the 2nd of November so time to stock up!

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