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Die tatsA¤chliche Versandzeit kann in EinzelfA¤llen, insbesondere zu Spitzenzeiten, abweichen. You won’t find a bunch of people stressing out over the win, what you will find is a bunch of guys out having fun with their scale rc trucks.

The latest machine from Axial is their SCX10 Jeep Wrangler G6 Edition, a machine for competing in G6 events or for simply having a good time on a trail run.
For power we used a Novak Timbuk 2 speedo mated to a Novak Ballistic brushless crawler motor. Yes, it had some push here and there, but for a crawler it generally goes exactly where you point it. If you’ve never been on a trail run, imagine going to your local park and driving your truck on the trails while you walk alongside. Some trails are flat, some have tree roots, some are muddy, there are just all sorts of varied conditions that you might not ever notice just by walking it. For a stock, non-modded truck, the G6 held its own on the trail, making it through all the sections that the other trucks were making. There were a few points where the modded trucks got through a bit easier, but that was mainly due to their aftermarket tires.
Overall, we feel that you can take the G6 straight from the box and do just fine on just about any trail run.Jumping: The G6 is a crawler, so did we jump it? While certain hardcore crawlers would probably wince at the thought of jumping their crawler, we think it was truly in the G6 spirit.
If you’ve hit a Recon G6 event, they are all about the gnarlier the better for terrain, and sometimes that includes some nasty drop offs in the trail.
No, the G6 won’t jump as well as your Slash, but we had a blast getting air with the G6. Yes, you can play with the G6 on pavement, but you’ll soon be looking for rougher areas to get your bash on. For uber crawling there are better, more grippy, tires on the market, but for general bashing the stockers worked quite well.

We didn’t break any parts on our review G6, which was due in part to the low top speed.
The front chassis brace didn’t leave enough clearance for our servo horn so we had to do some Dremel work for it to work without binding. Also, the ring and pinion mesh on our test unit was quite noisy even after being packed with marine grease.
Otherwise, life was good with parts quality and the manual was well done.We were digging the upgrades the G6 came with like the Poison Spider bumper, the aluminum bodied shocks, and threaded aluminum links. Having more of the weight up front helps a bunch when climbing any steep surface.As this was a Recon G6 edition we expected a few more things on the truck. Pit Bull is the tire sponsor of the Recon G6 events, it would have been cool to have seen them come stock on the truck.Were were stoked the G6 Edition was a kit. The 2 door body with dovetail rear not only looked good, but was able to squeeze through tight spots on the trail and didn’t need a bunch of trimming for larger tires.
But even if you’ve never been to one of the events, or even heard of them, the Axial Jeep Wrangler G6 stands on its own as a great trail truck. Big Squid RC, Basher Approved, and the Big Squid Logo are registered trademarks of Big Squid RC, Inc.

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