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Clark Gardens in Mineral Wells Texas began as a small private garden in 1972 but evolved into a 35 acre scenic and educational facility that opened to the public in 2000.
The rugged environment here dictates, to some extent, what and how they can grow what they grow.
Please note that the original garden railroad ground layout is being reconstructed at this time. Frequent museum visitors know that the "G" gauge garden railroad at the Texas Transportation Museum is one of the most delightful places at the museum. As you can see in the pictures below, SAGRES members - and they are always looking for new ones - are some of the busiest volunteers at the Texas Transportation Museum.
Close up of a BNSF "G" gauge diesel locomotive at the garden railroad layout at TTM in San Antonio.
Close up of a Santa Fe "G" gauge diesel locomotive at the garden railroad layout at TTM in San Antonio. Close up of an AMTRAK "G" gauge diesel locomotive at the garden railroad layout at TTM in San Antonio. Night time close up of an AMTRAK "G" gauge diesel locomotive at the garden railroad layout at TTM in San Antonio. Close up of a CSX "G" gauge diesel locomotive at the garden railroad layout at TTM in San Antonio.
Close up of a Nacional de Mexico "G" gauge diesel locomotive at the garden railroad layout at TTM in San Antonio. SAGRES regularly invites "G" gauge live steam operators to bring their trains to the "garden." The response is always very gratifying for all concerned, including our delighted visitors. Garden railroading is everything you want a hobby to be - exciting, engaging, detailed, absorbing, hard work and relaxing - fun for the whole family, whether you are a kid of seven or a kid at heart at 70.
The thing was, on opening night as I surveyed the well-dressed crowd of VIP party attendees, I had an epiphany: Houston shouldn't have an art fair.
His work is a pastiche of Spanish colonial retablos, symbol-laden tableaux painted on very flat pieces of metal. In a different hall in the same convention center that weekend was the Big Texas Train Show. The Big Texas Train Show had installations which easily competed with those at TCAF in size.
When I saw this beautiful diorama with its elevated streetcar, I thought--how cool it would be to build an HO scale model of the High Line in New York.
By the end of Saturday (I didn't attend Sunday), the thing that left the strongest negative impression were the flies.

Darke Gallery was shuttered a while back when Linda Darke took time off to recover from a serious illness. I heard that this large Chris Cascio (on the right of Devin Borden Gallery's salon-style hanging) was sold. Claire Shegog apparently takes little figures used for cake decorations and heavily paints them to give them a little more solidity, then arranges them as you can see here. Cordy Ryman's artwork was at DCKT Contemporary at the fair in 2011, and now it's at Morgan Lehman. Paths wind among 50 plus gardens embracing native and Texas adaptable plants displayed among lakes, ponds, and waterfalls.
For example, on my first visit I couldn’t imagine why they had so many attractive water features.
As screwed up as the Houston art scene sometimes seems, Couper's description of the Las Vegas scene makes Houston sound like paradise. So if you think of model railroads (and especially the attendant dioramas) as art--and I certainly do--who had the more successful art fair this weekend? Sure an art fair is not the best way to see art, but it is often the only way to see a lot of contemporary art all at once. Now part of me laughs when I see something like that because it seems to fulfill Hennessy Youngman's definition of art as explained in this video.
While Zoya Tommy Gallery had some Ushio Shinohara boxing paintings at her booth, Kirk Hopper Fine Art had his wife, Noriko Shinohara, at his. As I read the handout given to me at the gate, a reprint of the Southern Living article about Clark Gardens titled Creating a Prairie Garden, I realized the entire garden is self-sufficient for water. It’s kind of like the Dallas Arboretum in that if you want to see the whole place it will involve a considerable amount of walking. This year there were 55 exhibitors (of which four were non-profit spaces), and in 2012 there were 74 (with three non-profit spaces). If galleries--particularly local galleries--make some profit while there here and in doing so put some money into artists' hands, then I'm wrong and I'll happily cop to it.
Artist Matthew Couper was showing his work Zoya Tommy Gallery, so I offered to put him up for the weekend. But despite this, Vegas fascinates him, you can see from the piece above (which was not shown at TCAF, alas). I can't think of a better metaphor for something being dead than a bunch of flies buzzing around. In a dry part of the state of Texas, they use water wisely and also for good aesthetic effect.

They offer tours by motorized cart, something to consider if you aren’t up to a long walk. Last year, when you walked in the door, there were massive artworks by Ann Wood, Sharon Engelstein and the Clayton Brothers greeting you before you even saw a single booth.
It just seems like if you are a Houstonian and you want to collect art by local artists, you don't need this fair. His paintings are intriguing and beautiful--if you missed them at TCAF, check them out at Zoya Tommy Gallery.
The sales director there suggested that Ryman's use of various materials in his work was a sign of his excellence as an artist, because only a really good artist could use so many media so well.
The funny thing was that the labels on the wall said everything about the materials used and the date, but didn't mention that these were comics pages that were meant to be read in a particular order.
Glasstire, which has in the past had elaborate booths with live animals this year had a pedicab. And if you want to collect work by artists from other places around the world, get on a plane to Art Basel or Frieze.
The deliberately primitive realism heightens the sense of utter strangeness, the feeling that these things are vessels of arcane knowledge. I realize that not much of the work here was blue chip art, and therefore was relatively affordable, but the same can be said of the art shown at any number of satellite art fairs around Art Basel and Frieze. The only mainstream media coverage of TCAF I saw was this nice article in the Houston Chronicle about Nathaniel Donnett's "Gap store" at the Darke Gallery booth. Overall I think Clark Gardens is very wheelchair friendly, maybe the most friendly botanic park in this area of the state. In other words, after what felt like three years of growth, this year's fair felt like a retrenchment. One might think also of Michael Tracy, but Tracy's art is much more ecstatic and performance oriented. I just would have hoped a fair explicitly devoted to contemporary art would have represented a broader range of contemporary art practice.

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