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Even one year of being mentally stressed and incapacitated for deeper thought, is a year lost forever. Save money in high-interest savings accounts, instead of term deposits, because the former use compound interest paid more frequently. Adapt tiny house building plans available for free, like the Zinn by Jay Shafter's Tumbleweed Tiny House company.
The Zinn is 99 square feet (14' x 6.9') and the loft is about 2 metres from the ground floor.
Cyclonic architectural element of a central ladder integrated into a roof truss and anchored on concrete piers below. The block is zoned "Rural Resources", with residential building as permitted at the discretion of council planning officers. When applying for planning and building permission, I enclosed my arguments in support of my building plans. Other aspects included in the site design were: access, bushfire prevention, location of buildings, tanks, vegetation, site contours, water courses and drainage lines, waste, solar easement, and setback lines.
I stuck to the timber stick-frame, because it would be easy enough for me, and lightweight enough not to require a concrete slab.

I've relied mostly on passive means for building warmth, like sealing off air inlets, heavy curtains on windows, and occupying the sun-facing rooms of a building. For hot shower-water, I plan to use an evacuated tube solar hot water "hybrid" pressure system that couples the tubes to the storage cylinder, mounted on the roof, fed from the water tanks and pumped by 12V-powered pump. By regulation, the minimum water storage for a rural residential site of 1000sqm in Tasmania is 10,000L, if they are not on "mains" supply. Water tanks for use in bushfire prone areas can be poly (no longer necessarily metal or concrete), but no poly pipe connections are permitted exposed above ground, as these can easily melt in the approach of a fire. A fire-fighting truck needs to get within 3 metres of the water tank, and the tank outlet must have specific fittings (see the Tasmanian Fire Service website for details). Water is pumped by 12V pump from rain tanks up to the evacuated hot water cylinder on the roof, which thermosiphons and feeds by gravity down into the shower, kitchen sink, laundry tub and hand basin. The key problem for the site was to have a 14 metre fire buffer all around the building, when the block was only 20 metres wide. Owner builders in Tasmania are currently (2014) required to do two courses: one is for building management, and the other is to obtain a "white card" showing an understanding of safety issues.
Then, to obtain building permits, OBs have to obtain a certificate of compliance from their building surveyor, to indicate the building plans meet federal and state building codes.

When permits have been granted, the OB needs to submit forms relevant to different components and stages of the building, to show to council their works are approved by the building surveyor.
The structural timbers, foundations, and bracing, had to be specified by a structural engineer. Following are some photos of construction, starting with a garden shed slab, and levelling the crown land by hand (pitchfork, shovel and wheelbarrow). This page describes the building of low-cost, eco-friendly accommodation for a single person.
Because the local climate is very heavy rainfall, it would be difficult to be indoors most of the time, in a tiny house. An onsite wastewater system requires a special plumbing permit, which also costs a lot of money. We have pulled 8 Golf Car Tram's as a train with remarkable manuverablity and effective braking.

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