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Our first stop this year was Charlie and Jane Kratz's Cranberry Creek and Pinelands Railroad in Shamong New Jersey. Charlie and Jane have been working on the railroad for 5 years, It is so complete and well done that the pictures describe it better than any words can. Your railroad can reflect anything from an actual railroad set in any era, to creating your own whimsical empire with unique cars and using bird houses for buildings.
If you are familiar with running a train around the Christmas tree over the holidays, why not run it around a tree in your backyard? Ecologically diverse wetlands, woodlands, savannas, prairies and formal gardens in Northern Indiana. The Railway Garden is an outdoor G (Garden)-scale model train garden that tells the amazing story of America’s steam engine history and its impact on the United States civil war, expansion west and the industrial revolution. For train enthusiasts who also love landscaping and digging in the dirt, a train garden is the perfect combination of both hobbies. Garden train layouts can be simple ovals or elaborate winding paths up hills and through tunnels. The best train gardening information advises investing in quality brass tracks that withstand water and weather.
We can create a garden railroad all the way from the initial landscaping and railroad design, through construction, to selecting your railroad equipment,  accessories, and operations.

The owner had built all the track, locos and rolling stock himself in absolutely beautiful detail. These larger-scale trains move through the backyard landscape, transforming part of the yard into a miniature world. The most important part of how to design a train garden is to add smaller plants so they don’t overwhelm the train itself. Real trains might be able to pull heavy loads up steep hills, but it might strain the smaller engine of model trains. Whether you choose an antique model or a modern design, creating a garden train track can be a fun project for the whole family to enjoy. Incorporate real landscape details into your garden such as building a bridge over part of a pond or curving the track around a large boulder that’s already in the yard. Lay the track on the gravel and fill the space in between the railroad ties with very small pebbles to keep it in place. Add small herbs, such as dwarf thyme and creeping rosemary, and make use of smaller succulents, such as hens and chicks, and flowers like miniature marigolds. These included fully working trains and fairground rides mostly in wood but all with superb engineering skill and an absolutely immaculate detailed finish. Take from a favorite book or from real life, but add a touch of the familiar to your design.

Every plant does not have to look like a miniature version of its larger cousin, but they should all fit into scale with your train garden design. The obvious advantages of Garden Railroading using g scale railroads is that many buildings can be scratch-built, and because the train can stretch from one side of the yard to the other, the perception that the train is actually going somewhere is far more satisfying for operators. For example a set like the Bachmann Trains Tweetsie Railroad Ready-to-Run Large Scale Train Set is an example of a complete G Scale Train but retails for $309 on Amazon and almost $500 in hobby stores.
But when I thought about some of the locomotives in the HO and N Scale guages the price really wasn’t that much different.
Track though is definitely more expensive – if you use Lionel G Scale Railroad Track Packs then you can plan on about $5 per foot of running track if you buy in 4 packs. With G Scale Railroads the scenery issue is obviously natural and the scale of buildings means you don’t need as many on the layout to make the rail road both usable and attractive. I prefer to build my own prototype buildings, which is a good thing as there are not a lot of commercially available buildings.

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