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This plant is actually an evergreen, and according to the tag, takes full sun and little water.
I fell in love with this stuff at a national convention and brought some home on the plane. Still have to add the track ballast, I stained the kitty litter today and its now drying in the last of the summer heat.
On a whim I stopped by Michaels and found that the Lemax Christmas stuff had a set that includes two squirrels and a fox, and another with two squirrels on a stump, they are the right size but are the ugliest painted animals I have ever seen.
I have blue foam for my "mountain" and the portals need some reworking, but first comes track laying! All the ties are glued down and begun spiking outer rail down, its the guide rail, and the inner rail will be gauged off it once its down tightly. Scenery like this has never been a strong point for me, I'm a styrene butcher by trade.

I like the looks but I'm uncertain about the adhesive method to use, right now they are just stick in with friction so I can get the look right, I might use the same PowerGrip adhesive I used for the foam itself.
I was cutting him off the base when it snapped off and broke the tail off in the process and into the dimensional portal that seams to exist under every workbench. Blue foam is brand new to me, but if it works well I'm doing the indoor layout with it.
I'm planning to try it out, but I figured someone from the G scale community has used it before. Her findings were that the deeper dirt was sucking all the moisture way below the reach of the plants. I also have to test run locos on it when I place trees down on the lower half to make sure I have the clearances, also I have to look at possibly cutting one or two of my tall trees in half and trimming them to make smaller trees. So I had to improvise, the tree stump I bought had the bushy tail of a squirrel sticking out of the stump, I cut it off and added it to Foxy.

It will have detachable legs and felt pads so it can either be freestanding or set on a tabletop.
At her instructions I layed a new water sprinkler line to install a micro drip head watering system to the affected area, approximately 3 ft by 25 ft. Added more small trees on the lower part but on the upper part its getting nice and crowded. We found that 3 one hour waterings per day kept the plants in healthy condition and they thrived extreamly well.

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