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The Modelling NewsLatest in news and reviews and kit builds from the scale modelling world1. With the Vallejo washes I?m trying to make filters, washes, streakings and earth splashes with and without texture adding some of plaster.2. We looked at the special 250th edition this month but the new Issue #251 is the second half of their celebration and we have some large images and text of contents so you can see for yourself before you buy. The streamlined, 82-component Vanship is the bigger of the two, and looks much like a cross between an old Mercedes-Benz roadster and a 1920s-era corrugated-metal Junkers aircraft.
We’d venture that, conceptually, the ridges in the stub wings act as radiators for the anti-grav motors that keep the Vanship airborne.Air-scooterThe 32-part Vespa kit (above) - named, we’d guess, after the famed Italian scooter - is also neatly done, though lacking the curving bodywork of its Latin namesake.
Both craft feature egg-beater antennas at the rear, giveaways for the anti-gravity motors they use for lift instead of traditional aircraft wings.Crews and standsBoth kits have neatly-printed decals and Hasegawa supplies four crew figures, named in the show as Tatiana, Alister, Fam and Giselle. Transparent plastic display stands are included.About the showLast Exile is set on the fictional world of Prester, a planet with two nations at war. The two sides, Anatoray and Disith, are separated by a turbulent region of Prester’s atmosphere called the Grand Stream. The historical referencing has given Last Exile a richly dense visual backdrop.Cute or serious?It’s a fun mish-mash of ideas that has been a success, with the drama appearing both in print and on TV. As drawn, the anime characters (DCD sleeve below) are somewhat on the cute side for the SMN Crew's taste buds. Then the kit was number 14 in the range, this latest is number 329.Parts layout for the new release (above) with the rear chassis (below), where the motor used to be located.
It sat between the rear wheels, battery at the back.Electric powerThe age of the kit is also signified in that it was originally intended to be motorised. Even in the 1980s, many Japanese car kits still had this feature, originally intended to be a compromise between a full ‘scale model’, and something that still had an element of ‘play value’.
The first issue was motorised, but by the second issue, in 2004, this element had all but gone, Tamiya instead turning its attention to motorised radio-controlled large-scale model cars. The box-top (below) shows the second issue, number 274, with the car in blue and black.Chassis modsScale model purists need not worry too much, as the motorisation was done with skill and care. When viewed from above, the mods to the chassis pan that originally took a motor and battery cannot be seen.

Admittedly there is some compromise if you turn the chassis over, as some details are lost, but this does not show if the model is displayed in the usual upright position!Box (above) and side-panel (below) of the first Tamiya Group 5 Capri, issued in 1980.Driver includedThe age of the original tooling also means it’s a somewhat simple kit, but there’s no harm in that; sometimes it’s nice just to be able to assemble a model without having to deal with too many intricacies!
You also get a neatly-sculpted driver figure in the kit, which always helps with such a model.The original kit built up (above, below). The new one is identical, apart from colours, markings and lack of motor.DecalsAlthough simple in construction, racing cars such as this are made by the final finish. Here the main colour is white, the moulding colour of the majority of parts - but, as is common with these types of Tamiya kit, there is a very comprehensive decal sheet. This features the black and red panels, and all other sponsor markings of Wurth, the German auto-parts manufacturer, whose name is displayed prominently on the front spoiler and on the doors.Early box-topsThe kit’s first issue had the black, red and yellow markings for Mampe, the Berlin-based drinks company with its distinctive ‘elephant’ logo.
There were two divisions within Group 5: one for engines over two litres and one for under, so the Capri, with a 1500cc engine ran in the latter. It’s looking a bit worse for wear and the carefully sprayed non-standard white finish is peeling away from the black bodywork. But the motor - neatly hidden by Tamiya’s talented kit engineers - still works at the slide of a switch.Added weightIn fact, the motor and single AA-size battery add a nice heft to what is otherwise a featherweight model. But maybe not - if assembly is speedy and relatively simple, then that leaves more time to devote to super-detailing, weathering, even a decent diorama setting. So the final result will probably balance out, timewise.SummationGreat pair of kits for superhero and sci-fi fans alike. Even so, at one-third smaller than standard 1:6 scale, these Iron Men might just look a little feeble in a lineup with the bigger scale. Since its founding, DML has released more than 1000 items, and its high-quality products have won many awards from magazines and model societies around the globe. DML todayCurrently, DML's business scope includes plastic models, action figures and diecast collectibles, as well as resin, PVC, vinyl, and radio-control.
According to Dragon, the company, “…sets the industry standard in many areas, and is a market leader in many of its lines. Still, it looks good, which is what counts, and is more proof (if any were needed) that Lego has to be the world’s most useful and diverse toy building-brick system.Enjoy these pix, and note the excellent N1 booster that KKF has made (above right), even if it isn’t to the same scale as the convincing lunar lander model. The Aventador has more than 600 components, made of materials that include metal, plastic, rubber and various textiles.Functional partsSteering, suspension and spoiler mechanisms are functional as are the swing-up doors.

Despite that, the car is claimed to be easy to build, and can be assembled in either left- and right-hand drive versions.
Despite the large scale, the low-slung Lambo is hardly a massive shelf-filler, as it barely tops 142mm (5.6in) high.
Still, size isn’t everything, though looks are, and this one has it in spades.About PocherArnaldo Pocher was born in 1911 in Trento, Italy.
The model had a galaxy of components - 144 in plastic, 173 brass, 506 more in steel, copper, leather, rubber and aluminium.
The Fiat set the scene for many more Pocher kits, including classics from Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce (below), all based on official manufacturers’ plans and specifications. For the auto model world, Pocher kits represented - and still do - the peak of achievement.Rivarossi bows inThings changed with the 1970s sale of the Pocher company to another famed Italian model company, Rivarossi, itself a brand now owned by Hornby. It is a straightforward kit with 20 components to assemble the rocket itself, plus a plastic base and a metal rod to support the completed model.Satellite choiceBut you do get a payload, or in this case a choice of two satellites, to be placed under the rocket’s removable nose shroud. The first stage uses a mixture of liquid oxygen (LOX) and kerosene, feeding a Russian RD-151 rocket engine. The second stage has a solid-fuel motor, built in South Korea by Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI). Inside the boxThe kit contains a single component runner, a set of peel-off decals, a large colourful set of instructions, plus a black plinth and metal rod to support the rocket.Third time luckyTo date, there have been three KSLV-1 launches.
The first two, on August 25, 2009, and June 10, 2010, were failures, but the third attempt was a success. On January 30, 2013, the rocket sent the STSAT-2C (Science and Technology Satellite 2C) into orbit. Together you will have to go through the city to find a car wash, professional one where employees laundry wash cars very well inside and outside.

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