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From the Roman invasion and warrior queens like Boudicca, through Saxons and Vikings to the Norman invasion.
The International Centre for Sports History and Culture was established at De Montfort University in 1996 and is today widely acknowledged as the leading centre for the study of sport history in the world, with the foremost historians in the field on its staff. The Centre’s academic team has published many critically acclaimed books and articles.
Here at the International Centre for Sports History and Culture we share the belief that the study of sport can help illuminate not just the history of recreation but of society and its culture as a whole. The Centre also offers opportunities for research students and welcomes applications for PhD study. The International Centre for Sports History and Culture (ICSHC) has confirmed the formation of a formal link with the newly created Musée National du Sport in Paris.
Broadcaster Clare Balding spoke to DMU about her work with the International Centre for Sports History and Culture on the BBC Radio 4 series 'Sport and the British'.
Read about what we have been up to in our latest International Centre for Sports History and Culture news section. Excellent teaching is at the heart of the university's commitment to professional, creative and vocational education. The Jacobite rising was the event which marked the early years of the unification of Kingdom of Great Britain. Due to the largest empire that Britain has, there is no need to wonder that British culture, way of living, lifestyle, education, language and education are widespread around the world.

When Northern Ireland joined Great Britain, the formal title of this sovereign state became United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. World War 2 is one of the important events in the world’s history.  The allies won the war against Japan, Italy and Germany.
Britain had to spend a great cost in the World War 2 even though the allies won.  Britain has to give most empires independence due to the low inclination and wealth to maintain an empire. The single parliament of Great Britain was established after the two kingdom of England and Scotland united.
Facts about Baroque Period talk about the period of artistic style used to show the ornate and decorative movement. As head of the Church of England and above politics, the monarch is the revered symbol of the nation. George Stuart's entertaining monologs 400 Years of English History are available on DVD in the Shoppe.
From the bubonic plague to the maiden voyage of Concorde, the history of the United Kingdom is a fascinating tale of turmoil, discovery and invention.
The event led the kingdom to become the most powerful country in the world after it established the largest empire in the history for almost a century. At that time, Britain and its empire joined with United States, Nationalist China and Soviet Union to win the war. This relief on the Durbar Court wall of Wyatt's India Office depicts a Mughal ruler giving up to Clive the right to receive taxes (see Bremner 733).

You will develop a firm historical and cultural understanding of all aspects of modern sport, from its traditional forms to the present day. English politics and religion underwent a progressive transformation well ahead of Western Europe. Indeed, the challenge is almost as demanding and precarious as was that of their forefathers who claimed a divine right to rule over every aspect of the realm. Location: The Durbar Court in the former India Office, which was part of the Foreign and Colonial Office (now the Foreign and Commonwealth Office), London. In 1800, Kingdom of Ireland decided to merge to establish United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland based on Act of Union. The Tudor and Stuart rulers went from being absolutists in the 16th Century to figureheads in Georgian and Victorian Periods.
From the Tudor rule of Henry VII, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, to the Stuart dynasty of James I, and Charles I, kings progressively lost power. The restoration of Charles II was a constitutional monarchy that continued to evolve in the Georgian and Victorian Periods.

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