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From the hodgepodge of el tracks, streetcars, and horse cars of turn of the century Chicago, to the design indecisions of mid-century Chicago, to the sleek, SOM-defined el cars of today: a visual tour through mass transit design. The 5000-series CTA cars, the city’s first new edition in almost 20 years, returned to the rails this weekend after a lengthy sabbatical to fix some defective parts. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Long Beach Island dining tradition that is Howarda€™s Seafood Restaurant began in 1950 with one very entrepreneurial spirit,the late Howard Sparks. Both a builder and fisherman by trade, he combined his loves of cooking and fishing into a business that thrives to this day. The National Museum of American History purchased Chicago Transit Authority rapid transit car #6719 in 1999 for America on the Move.
For manufacturing, 3D printers have arrived like the shiny new toy that everyone will want for Christmas because as the Internet would have you believe, it’s pretty cool and by the sounds of it, everybody will have one. There are several key benefits to the technology that can be seen in real-life functional situations today. There are many ways to leverage 3D printing without having a 3D printer in your office or home. Back to manufacturing, the part that makes up the majority of the 3D printing real-life story. For businesses, bureau services have become a viable option for producing prototypes and short-series production runs. Leading service providers have observed trends that show although some small businesses may invest in low-end 3D printers to produce basic prototypes, they commonly outsource to bureaus for a specific type of manufacturing.

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What started as just a counter and a few tables has grown into a place where generations come together to celebrate summer at the Jersey Shore. Color photograph of CTA car #6719 being forklifted into place in the transportation hall on January 7, 2003.. It is the centerpiece of the City and Suburb section of the exhibition, which examines 1950s Chicago mass transit, interstates, airports, and suburbs, and the relationship between transportation choices and the social, structural, and political landscapes of U.S.
It cuts out multiple steps for traditional manufacturing methods by reducing the need for numerous prototypes and retesting. For the home user, this can be just a click away with portals, such as Shapeways or 3D Hubs making it possible in some cases to select a printer, submit a file, have it printed and shipped directly to your door. The benefit is that 3D printing service providers can deliver a range of options for processes and materials that widen the scope for businesses and deliver the best solution for printing their products. On the other end of the spectrum, companies have started out with their own professional-grade 3D printers and then completely switched to outsourcing to reduce costs.
There are so many options now, meaning the door has been flung wide open for any business or individual to benefit from this burgeoning technology.
The 6000-series railcars have been called the “workhorses” of the Chicago Transit Authority; over 700 6000-series cars were put into service by the CTA between 1950 and 1969. It can be more cost-effective for batch manufacturing, allowing engineers to produce multiple parts in the same run from the one CAD model.

In fact, in some cases this can become a business in itself and several success stories have come to light on people making substantial businesses from home, based on these pathways. In fact, you may be surprised to hear that a number of small businesses outsource their additive manufacturing services to keep costs down. In essence, rather than blowing an entire budget on one printer, service providers, as the title may suggest, can provide multiple services for manufacturing needs.
From tech giants like HP down to international brands like UPS, pushing the industry forward with new and innovative platforms – there has never been a better time to utilize these avenues available to us and join the 3D printing manufacturing revolution.
After trying to dress them up a bit in the city colors, the familiar 3200 and the new 5000 are updates on the look SOM defined.
What’s more, an increased number of materials are surfacing, digital materials that allow you to create products with the same material properties found in time tested production methods. With high-end additive manufacturing machines costing tens of thousands, it leaves small and medium businesses with fewer options for installing their own.
On the consumer side, it allows customisation, a personal affinity with products and a way of producing solutions for every day problems that couldn’t otherwise be produced by usual means or shipped from Amazon.

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