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HO track to race on so hopefully I can get some time on it in the future to compare how it feels on a different layout.
Morning is difficulty-shooting your model train's malfunctions, putting small amazon Program below.
This section describes the construction of the Tuckaway 25 Portable HO Scale Slot Car racing layout.
Not only is this an easy layout to build, but it can be built for under $275.00 including all building materials, AFX track, power packs, controllers and 4 Super G-Plus slot cars. With the carpet trimmed you are ready to apply the finishing trim to the edge of the table. Place the heated soldering iron tip on the top of each nail head and hold it there until the nail head is sufficiently heated. See the For Sale page for a complete turn-key kit of everything needed to build this track, except for the table itself. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. So you have a bunch of slot car track, its a fun little hobby, fast challenging and relatively cheap.
The track is secured with small trumpet head wood screws, This type of screw is needed because the door is soft and nails pull up. The red and white borders can be made two ways, allot of office supply stores sell cork in 1ft ft square sheets in carious thicknesses.
I had a busted rubber made tub, this was cut up with the heavy scissors into strips to wrap the overpass.
This track has a little under 40ft,  and my Wizzard brand cars can pull 3.5 seconds laps! The Tomy AFX Super International Race Set, along with providing a good selection of track sections, also includes two 22 VDC power packs, four (4) controllers and four (4) Tomy AFX Mega-G slot cars.
The Tomy AFX Super International Race Set includes Track Layout Sheets to recreate the entire Formula 1 season. Purchasing a Tomy AFX Super International along with a 4-Way Split will not only give you the extra 12" radius turn sections most track designs require, but will also provide you with a total of four (4) 22 VDC power packs, enough to power each lane individually. This race track incorporates a technically challenging infield section to test both driving skills and chassis setup. This first category of raceways shown below are ideal for an apartment dweller or someone without a lot of room for a large permanent raceway.
Along with Tomy AFX Super G-Plus and Tyco 440x2 cars, I often run my older Aurora Model Motoring Thunderjets on this layout. This first layout provides a 4-lane layout that fits on a single 4×8 foot plywood table. The layout illustrated below fits on a single 4 × 8 foot table and provides a lap length of 35 feet per lane. This design is ideal for modern Tomy AFX slot cars as well as older Model Motoring Thunderjets. If you own the Tomy AFX Super International Racing Set and are thinking about building a permanent HO race track this is an inexpensive layout to construct. If you have ever wondered about your driving skills or your ability to prepare fast HO Slot Cars this is a good means of testing your abilities against other HO racers from around the world. This next racing layout is a variation on the original Whitefish Bay 33 described above that provides a longer lap length of 43 feet with an infield comprised of two additional chicane sections. This next layout fits on a single 4×8 sheet of plywood and provides a 52 foot 2-lane raceway suitable for landscaping. This next 2-lane layout makes exclusive use of the 9" radius turns found in many 2-lane sets.
This next layout also fits on a single 4×8 sheet of plywood and provides a 51 foot 2-lane raceway. This next layout packs a lap length of just over 65 feet on to a single 4×8 foot plywood table.
This next group of 4×8 foot raceways replicate NASCAR and Indy Racing League 4-lane ovals. The first oval shown below is the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indianapolis 500 and more recently the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race.

This next NASCAR Oval also fits on a simple 4×8 foot table, but unlike the track above, this raceway uses Tomy's high banked turns at both ends to create a fast raceway.
I was one of the founding members of the River City Racing Club in Louisville back in the 80s and 90s.
Don't be concerned about the finish veneer used, as it will be covered by the carpet in a later step.
As the nail head heats up it will melt the plastic surrounding it and allow the track section to pop back up to its normal height. The cars included in this set alone often sell for up to $25.00 each, so purchasing this complete set is a truly great deal.
While not providing the variety of track sections that the Super International includes it does contain a good number of 12" radius turns. Combining the International Challenge and 4-Way Split race sets provides a convenient and cost effective means of creating an interesting 4-lane raceway in a minimum of space.See the Tables section for detailed instructions on building a 4x8 foot table suitable for mounting this race track. It uses the AFX Super International Racing Set described above as the base with only a few additional pieces of straight track. This particular layout incorporates an overpass section to provide for longer, faster straights.In addition to a Super International Challenge set this layout can be built with (8) 15 inch straights, (6) 9 inch straights and (6) 12 inch turn sections. This particular layout incorporates an overpass section to create identical lap lengths of just over 21 feet per lane.In addition to a Super International Challenge set this layout can be built with only (8) 9 inch straights and (4) 12 inch turn sections.
This particular layout can be built using the Tomy AFX Super International and one (1) additional 15" straight to create lap lengths of just over 36 feet per lane. The main straight leads into a 90 degree right-hand turn followed by a 225 degree hairpin section. If you're looking for a race track design that will be both challenging and still fit on a smaller 4×8 foot table this is a great raceway to build.
This racing series allowed you to compete with other HO Slot Car racers from around the world using this standard track configuration.Because the track layout remained the same for all racers, lap times could simply be compared to see who the World's Fastest HO Slot Car Racers really were.
The open area in the lower left-hand corner of the diagram above provides space for a computer display monitor. Several long, fast straights combined with a twisty infield section make this an excellent 2-lane raceway.
Several fast straights on the outer portion of the circuit are joined using wide 15" radius turn sections. It provides a fast, challenging 4-lane racing circuit with a lap length of over 26 feet, yet fits on a standard solid core exterior door. Fold up the legs and it will be small enough to be easily stored against a wall or under a bed. This will create a perfectly countersunk nail hole and restore the track to its normal flat position.Repeat this process for each nail securing the track to the table top. Emphasis has been placed upon creating layouts that are both fast and challenging, while fitting a long lap length in the smallest available space.All layouts are designed to be built using the widely available Tomy AFX track system. Combining a Super International and 4-Way Split will allow you to build a layout with several wider turn radius sizes. The 4-Way Split set includes GT Prototype sportscars as raced at Le Mans.The first layout illustrated here is the Tomy AFX 4-Way Challenge. The total cost, including the two race sets and table supplies should be under $350.00, making this a great weekend project. They're small enough to store when not in use, yet provide enough table space for a challenging 4-lane HO raceway. While not as fast as modern traction magnet-equipped cars, the T-Jets can still be quite a handful to drive due to their narrow tires and lower cornering speeds. Upon exiting the hairpin the cars must negotiate a pair of 45 degree left-hand turns before accelerating down the infield straight.A decreasing radius turn at the end of the infield straight feeds onto a short chute followed by a sweeping carousel turn before exiting out and onto the back straight. The circuit is comprised of three fast straights with a technically challenging infield section. The overpass incorporated into this design provides a means of folding the raceway back in upon itself, and in the process provides additional long straights. This method provides a track that appears larger then it really is and avoids a static appearance. Several long, fast straights combined with a technical infield section make this an excellent 2-lane road course.

The interior of the race course provides progressively tighter turns.Note the location of the driver's stations in this design. A hollow-core door, while less expensive, will not provide a means of fastening the track to it. You should use wood glue as well as finishing nails to firmly secure the retaining walls to the table's edge.
When a nail is flush with the track's surface use the nail set to drive the nail in just a bit further.
A few of the layouts, where noted, can also be built using Mattel Tyco plastic track sections.If you are new to HO Scale Slot Car Racing, or only now returning after a long absence from the hobby, I can highly recommend the Tomy AFX Super International Race Set as a good first set.
This is an ideal track for detailed landscaping and would be a good choice for someone wanting a 2-lane track to race both modern and vintage Aurora slot cars. The large open area inside of the 180º turn provides ample room for pits and a paddock.
Their placement along the fastest straight on the left edge of the table provides an unobstructed view of the infield underpasses.
Make certain that all track sections are properly joined and that the joints do not have any large bumps or gaps. Coloring the nail heads black will make them all but disappear and give your racing layout a very professional appearance.You are now finished with track construction, just connect the power supplies and controllers to the terminal tracks and you are ready for years of trouble free slot car racing fun. The center area on the table provides enough room to create a realistic pit row and garage complex. If you do find a damaged door though, make sure it is not warped.Place the door in a flat horizontal position, using saw horses if available.
Do not concern yourself with these dimples, as they will be removed in the next step of construction.
See the Race Sets page for details and all of the track layouts that can be built with just the track from this set. In addition to a Super International Challenge set this layout can be built with only (4) 9 inch straights and (4) 15 inch straight sections. See the Scenic Hills 33 above for my choice of elevated 4×8 foot raceways suitable for authentic landscaping. Included in the set are two 22 VDC power packs, four (4) AFX hand controllers as well as four (4) AFX Mega-G slot cars. Once the track is attached to the table top you will not be able to move them easily, so use this opportunity to test various guard rail locations.Once you are certain that all track sections are properly joined you can begin to actually attach the track to the table.
When mounting the track also make certain that there are no gaps between the inner and outer track sections that make up the 4-lane width of the layout.With the track firmly attached to the table you need to remove the dimples created by the previous track mounting step.
That is fine, as you will be trimming the edges later so that they are flush with the table's edges.
Finishing nails do not have a large enough head and will allow the track to eventually work itself loose.
Work quickly as the adhesive will start to dry in 15 to 30 minutes depending upon the ambient air temperature. You will definitely need a trowel for this operation, no other tool or implement will work here. Carefully position the carpet on the adhesive and smooth it out before the adhesive has a chance to dry. A kitchen rolling pin makes a good tool for smoothing out the carpet before the adhesive cures. Covering the table top with carpet will dampen the track and greatly reduce the click-clack sound normally associated with plastic racing layouts mounted directly to a wood base. The dark green color also provides for a realistic looking, professional finish.Let the carpet adhesive dry completely before trimming.

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