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Do you use any special setting on the mid train DP units to keep them from derailing the trains?
Normal operation on the layout is as per prototype, 4 axle units only, no mid train helpers.
Great "trees" looks like native foliage (weeds) how did you preserve them and fireproof also? After deciding on the location and visiting Wallerawang in 2006, plans were drawn up and many discussions were held before the layout design and track plan was finalised. Construction of "Wallerawang" commenced in early 2007, and the layout was exhibited between October 2009 and October 2014. If you only use the space between curves, then yes, the yard gets shorter fast, particularly once you consider the yard ladders. But there are ways to curve a yard ladder to get longer yard tracks, such as a pinwheel ladder. I would expect between 1 and 3 trains per session with two being common and 3 being a little rare.
The yard-like tracks on the left side of the plans are from a while back, and they are actually laid down.
I use two rules of thumb: for a normal passing siding between the curves multiply the train-length by 2 and you find the required length of your table.

Classification is done when a train is entering a yard and his consist is divided for different destinations.
The above is my opinion, from an active and experienced Model Railroader in N scale and HO since 1961.
I'm actually not that sad to see the layout go, I learned a lot from it, and have an 800 square foot basement all to my self in the new house to build a new layout. I moved 5 times in Calgary always taking most of the layout, except the last time with the helixes and mountains all that remained is a 14' long by 13 tracks wide yard which is installed on Salt Spring ready for the new track plan. The main aim of the layout is to represent the location of Wallerawang Junction, a station located on the Main West line between Lithgow and Bathurst, west of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales (NSW). The layout consists of six modules, with four modules representing the town of Wallerawang, the station building and yard, and the branch to Mudgee.
Note the design for the layout was originally a dogbone with two reversing loops, and recently I've decided to instead go with a lift out bridge. I have tried to implement those features in the past, but the problem I'm finding is a lack of ideas to fit effectively fit a functional yard without consuming half of the layout. With my layout, the turns in each corner seem to really shrink available space, since the yard can't begin until after the turn. I plan on using a dedicated switcher for the yard with the road engines changing trains or just simply dropping the train off.

It had beside the main or thorough fare just one passing siding doubling as arrival and departure track. If that track is straight for a short distance, the center of the yard can curve without causing problems (although the broadest possible curves ease the task of shoving cars, of course).
Since more trains will enter this yard it will not take to much time before one of the bowl-tracks has sufficient cars for a train. In the past few years I've been a part of an informal group of local modelers who get together every week for operating sessions on each others layouts. One thing I wished I had on the old layout was a longer mainline run, the new layout will be double deck, allowing me to have the Dawson branch on the lower level (with a long mainline run) and the line from Chetwynd to Prince George on the upper. If you have ideas on how to better utilize the lost space in the corners, that would be great.
Before it was basically a dog bone, but now I'm going to use a lift out bridge and eliminate the reversing loops from the plans. One of our regular operators did shoot some video of the layout, I'll see if I can get him to send me a copy.

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