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Discussion related to everything about model railroading, from layout design and planning, to reviews of related model tools and equipment. Strikes me I may have seen it done (as a model) somwhere,, but I don't recall exactly where.I LOVE the idea! Who Sez BIGGER ISN'T BETTER??This is the Walthers 130' Turntable, the largest I've seen yet.Walther's Part # 933-2829, MSRP $329. I am going to need a small turntable for my new RR and would like to have a go at scratchbuilding it.
What style of turn table do you have in mind?  A wooden gallows turntable using the armstrong method for propulsion? Mine will be sort of a backwoodsy, set in the early 40's, branchline terminal type turntable, definitely nothing fancy. As an inexpensive, fairly easy alternative to scratchbuilding a turntable, what about customizing an Atlas Turntable like this one from the 2Guys how-To's? Product DescriptionNew and Improved HO Scale Manually Operated 9" Diameter Assembled Turntable for Model Railroad Layouts from Atlas Model Railroad Company.
Fully assembled 9" diameter turntable has the ability to stop at 21 positions, 15 degrees apart. Smooth manual crank operation; however, it can be easily motorized for remote control operation. Your Number One Resource For Model Railroad Product selective information HO Turntable with DCC 933 2849 HO advanced Roundhouse 3 Add On Stalls.
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Since this is an imported item, we would like you to search the specification of this item by yourself. After a really bad experience last spring with the Walthers 90' Turntable - kit version, I went ahead and purchased the pre built Cornerstone Series Built Up. A big honking modern (relatively speaking) with a concrete pit and compressed air drive?  Something in between?
Lights Realistic Sounds Working Parts The Imaginarium condition put over Set will fire any child’s resourcefulness for hours on closing With a variety of features and characters to represent set up whatsoever.

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I had some time today to work on my model trains and was doing some enquiry on local railroads model train roundhouse turntable. Wholesalers occasionally put restrictions on the number of pre-orders for extremely popular items, in which case we would be unable to deliver the items to every customer. This is the expensive model so I was meticulous about installing it and hooking it up according the the directions. In one of my Interstate books a pic exists of one of their turntables that is pretty basic.
I have an old stepper motor from one of those air conditioner like coolers (they use water & a fan - can't remember what they are called!) so have been thinking of doing something with that. You have to be very careful when laying track to this or you will end up with the turntable grinding into the track of one of your sidings so measure well, test, nail.
So iodine finally got around to installing the turntable and roundhouse on my i of the largest framework Model Railroad Turntable foxrivermotorman 2 841 views 4 XV Railroads and the waste of. My main use for the turntable will be to purely turn locos - it will have 2 exits only, one to the engine house (single stall) and one to a track beside the house.
20 items With its own table and drawer for storage the Imaginarium aim Table Set is perpetually ready to gaming when you want it Don’t tell the adults.
Ring rail trucks are metal castings with brass wheels and steel axles, complete with motor and gear detail. Trains interchange at my town and the engines will need servicing and turning before heading back to whence they came.
Bridge control cab and round-top bridge arch consist of metal castings to be glued together. I talked to the tech people at Walthers and they said it sounded like it a problem with the electronics in the control box so I sent it in to them along with $35 to cover the cost of checking it out, fixing what was wrong with, and shipping it back. Diamond Scale Products designs and manufactures complete operating turntable kits in several scales and with several different bridge lengths.
I found one in a magnet type screwdriver I had and It now has its own special place that I am sure it will always be.

They are designed to be realistic in appearance and to provide excellent operating characteristics. After hooking it up a second time, making sure EVERYTHING was exactly to the manufacturer's specifications (level mounting, clean bowl and gears, dedicated power source for the motor with the correct voltage, etc) it again worked for about five minutes and then just quit.
The kits are craftsman-type and have numerous fine details included in metal castings, plastic moldings, and basswood scale wood.
I made a mistake and one fell out and it was a very, very long time before I got it back in. If you plan to turn the turntable manually or with a motor unit, the alignment of the track rails is by eye. I am so discouraged at this point I feel like ripping it out and sailing it out the window into the nearest tree. I feel I have checked everything there is to check - power, gears, contact points (yes, I cleaned and adjusted them as per directions) but still no luck. Indexing can be added to make the bridge rotate automatically to a selected track location. It would be nice to have them offer to have me ship the entire thing back to them at their cost so they could determine what the problem is but I doubt that will happen.Any thoughts would be welcome. The only thing I dislike about this item, is that it doesn't come with a small office near the turntable like other turntables you see. The Diamond Scale Products indexing does not require using fixed angle increments and can have sensors located wherever desired around the circular pit. Its solid state system senses when the bridge is close to a track that has been selected and slows the motor drive.

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