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CollegeChecklist Shop With An Expert Make an appointment with one of our college experts to get campus ready. Are you tired of your Aurora Thunderjet and AFX electric racing layout overpasses falling down from the slightest bump? Do you avoid making multi-level tracks because those little trees that Tyco, Mattel, and Micro Scalextric use to support your scale slot car tracks always seem to fall down like dominoes?

Our bridges are extremely stable and solid structures that are hard to knock over even when they are not mounted to a table, they will support your Tyco, Mattel, and Micro Scalextric layout. Does your whole Cox, Amrac, Rokar, Life-Like NASCAR layout seem to shake around from the movement of your cars on the layout even if you use stacks of blocks everywhere?
Do you have trouble finding stable supports for your multi-lane layouts in Atlas, Lionel, TOMY, or Race Masters tracks? Our bridge structures come in 2-Lane, 4-Lane and 6-Lane versions in either a nice textured black finish or a silver sparkle finish.
Do you want your Marchon, Artin, or TycoPro layout designs to look more like a hobby and less like a bunch of toys?

Do you want your Auto World, Race Masters, Model Motoring, or Bachmann layout to look more like the hobby it is and less like a bunch of toys?

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