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Perfectly suited to be pulled by Kato's EMD F40PH locomotives or GE P42 "Genesis" locomotives. I think you're onto something here, but that one thing should maybe see a bit more development.
My point on the yard lead is that on the other end of it, in the middle of the layout, you can't switch the industries without blocking the lead and doing some of your switching in a tunnel. Amtrak's Superliners were based on the famous Budd built Hi-Levels operated by the Santa Fe railroad, for their El Capitan all-coach train.
I appreciate it (I don't have the patience with RTS, plus their choice of radii is kind of arbitrary, as you pointed out). The layout with feature UP (with some motive power still in SP livery) with some BNSF trains running through. My only issues with it for my intentions for the layout is that it eliminates the double tracking on the bottom loop as I intend to park some trains there (originally with the tunnel curve I wanted to keep certain trains out of sight temporarily).

Amtrak Superlines run all over the country (with the exception of the northeast corridor, where high roofs and low tunnel cielings pose a dangerous combination). But perhaps I should put the turnout in another place so I don't have to be switching in the tunnel?I did do a version of this on XtrkCAD but I got so frustrated placing turnouts on the thing that I just gave up and drew all the turnouts by hand.
But otherwise, when in the loop, which is isolated, you don't care which way the turnout is thrown. The layout is ambiguously set  somewhere between Southern and Central California in the present-day.
From the looks of your drawings yours seem a little optimistic.About XtraCAD and turnouts flipping.
And Atlas Right Track isn't any better, the flex track feature almost caused me to get committed to the looney farm. If I remember correctly a turnout can be flipped using a key sequence like shift F10 or something--so all you do is get it close then manipulate it.

Upper tracks are hidden in mountain so as not to distract from tracks running in river canyon.
I'm not a point-to-point guy, I like having trains go around with the option of having enough sidings within it to make for operations. Industries and street trackage realigned (the turnout degrees are exaggerated, but the sidings will end up in the same places).

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