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The Trainman® aluminum coal gondola model represents a typical Association of American Railroads car type code J311, a gondola car with a load limit greater than 185,000 lbs, depressed bottom, and 36' to 48' interior length. A Coal Belt Lines GP18 is part of a lash-up handling local freight duties on the author's Northeastern-themed HO scale model railroad.
The Coal Belt Lines (CBL) is my freelanced HO scale model railroad, based in part on the Reading & Northern shortline of Pennsylvania. About a year ago I was at a local train show with my son who models the Rio Grande and other major western lines when we were looking over several engines on table. The other air cleaner boxes which I used I had on hand when I started this project were from Details West, which to my understanding they do not make any more.
Using photos I found around the Internet of Lehigh Valley GP18’s, I made up a short list of items I would need to complete the project. The first order of business when the shells were dry was to cut off the turbocharger from the shell.

Next, I cut a piece of .00020-inch plastic to shape to cover the area of the two fan towers and glued it in place.
Once this process is done and everything on the long hood is in place, the air horn is placed on the right side (engineer's side) of the cab.
I set everything aside for a day and then came back to carefully wash the shell for finger prints and any dirt picked up during the work. After decals were applied and allowed to dry overnight, the last item on my list was a light weathering effect of road weary engines.
Typical of these cars is the rotary coupler usually signified by a contrasting colour on one or, both ends. My railroad, much like the railroad it emulates, has acquired much of its motive power as third-hand, hand-me-downs for a cheap price.
Remember we tossed the old Tyco motor, trucks, and drive mechanism when we started this project?

The Coal Belt Lines uses a simple black and yellow paint scheme which looks appropriate for a Northeastern regional short line.
The lighter weight of aluminum allows greater lading and cubic foot capacities ideal for bulk minerals transport. A very good and inexpensive kit bashing project for beginners, or a reasonable answer to a GP18 for your pike. By the 1980s, both coal hoppers and coal gondolas were using aluminum bodies in their construction. A couple things I’ve procrastinated on include the MU hoses and sun shades on the side windows, but they will be installed eventually.

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