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The Fernridge Garage was part of a lone commercial area a few miles south of Langley, British Columbia. Accurately scaled templates, allowing you to trace out and build to your choice of materials. Overlooking Lake Ontario, the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is one of the oldest landmarks in Toronto. Some accounts vary, but it is thought to have been constructed in 1808, and decommissioned in 1958. Download plans in either N, HO, OO, or O ScaleScaleable to Z, TT, or S Scale - See tutorial on building to other scales.
Once the site of a small ferry crossing Kamloops Lake, and a stage coach stop along the Cariboo Wagon Road, it is now situated between both the CPR and the CNR mainlines. The town also hosted terminals for both the Gravesend & Rochester Railway London, and the Chatham and Dover Railway. They may not be as romantic as the Bridges of Madison County, but they were nonetheless heartwarming in the cold mounatins of southwestern Colorado. There is little call for coal in Rockwood, because most heating needs are met by slash left from the lumber mill there. On the old Silverton Northern line, the facilities are mostly big enough they utilize pits that the drop bottom coal cars dump into. Over on the team track, there's another small coal operation that uses one of the sheds I make from the Walthers stock yards kit. Over at the Gold Prince, the coal dump is under a roof to help exclude snow and the coal is similarly cabled up the mountain.

At the end of track, the McKelvey's run a small coal service with little more than an ancient Mack and a couple of shovels to transfer the coal to it from the RR cars.
Some company coal heats the station and a small supply of coal is kept inside the covered turntable shed for emergency use only, since firemen hate shoveling coal into the tender. Staging and the Cascade Branch were added on this side of the wall (along the bottom of plan next to this paragraph.) Durango was still on the drawing board on the center penisula. Note: Took better image, plus added the one below of mainly standard and dual gauge track . As an aside the NZR had their own settlements along the rails, and in the days of steam, drivers and firemen were known to throw decent sized chunks of coal from the locomotive as they passed their respective abodes to be picked up later to help keep the home fires burning, at the Governments expense.
I pretty much have the whole show covered on the narrowgauge, from minehead to gaping boiler door. The lines were constructed to haul coal from the Broad Top Mountains to the Pennsylvania Railroad in Mount Union. The big May Day Mine at Hesperus, west of Durango, is the primary source of coal on the layout. The coal shed here is one of several I made from the sheds that come with the walthers stock yards kit. The pit empties into an elevator, which takes the coal up to dump into the tramway buckets to take up to the mine on the mountainside above town. At Chattanooga, the Union Trust Tram has an elevator to take coal up to fill the little 4-wheel cars used to take supplies further up the gulch. I'm also working on a system to standardize dispatching coal shipments so that customers get them more regularly.

I do happen to have two schematic's, one primarily standard gauge, the other narrowgauge.
Quality will be iffy and lots of small changes since this was amde, but gives you a better idea of the space.
It's the one that has a nice big, prototypical set of coal bins built from a Cibolo Crossing Salida coal shed kit. When layout plans and schematics have been published, I’ve always liked seeing how the builder has managed to incorporate both into layout space. Model Railroader's editor Neil Besougloff will show you how to make puffball trees to model a forest canopy on a model railroad.
Hesperus turns from Durango bring the coal there, where it goes to various points on the narrowgauge sustem.
At Tefft, it's somewhat similar and a Rio Grande company coal shed (Crystal River Products kit) sits between the station and section house. I can read Model Track Planning, and Operations Books in hard copy and online till my eyes glaze over, I need to actually be able to see so I can then work things out for myself. Senior editor Jim Hediger describes his kitbashing strategy for the large coal mine planned for the model train layout.
Other structures are also in the works, as associate editor Steve Otte shows you the Blair Line wood structure kits that he's working on.

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