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I think you're onto something here, but that one thing should maybe see a bit more development. My point on the yard lead is that on the other end of it, in the middle of the layout, you can't switch the industries without blocking the lead and doing some of your switching in a tunnel. If you've seen my past post you know that I have limited space so I've decided to look at n-scale trains.
When I think of N scale, I think of failing eyesight when I get older, than I stop thinking about N scale.
Go with -- kato, inermountain, atlas -- micro trains couplersI'm planning to go with Micro Engineering and Atlas track. Trainfest 2012 show reportTrainfest was held November 9-11, 2012, at the Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park in West Allis, Wis., a suburb of Milwaukee. I appreciate it (I don't have the patience with RTS, plus their choice of radii is kind of arbitrary, as you pointed out). 2nd most popular scale modeled, so it doesn't have quite as much as HO, but sufficient selection for 90% of the people who want to model "N" 2.
I want to be able to go to my local hobby shop and see rows and rows of N-scale products like I do with HO. I model N scale ( Southern Railway ) and I've found there is plenty of N scale products on the market, just about anything I need. I bought these: Athearn N-scale UP and CSX boxcars, a piece of Atlas flex-track and a piece of cork roadbed, in front of their HO scale equivalents, which I already own. The three-day show featured vendors and manufacturers, model railroad layouts, railroad historical societies, and clinics. Pennsylvania RR class H-21a four-bay hopper (Coal Goes to War logo), PRR class X-31f turtle roof double-door boxcar (shadow keystone), PRR class F-30a 50-foot flatcar (six road numbers), PRR 40-foot GS gondola (circle keystone), PRR class K-11 40-foot stockcar (silver doors and roof), and Seaboard Air Line class X-31 40-foot round-roof boxcar.
Burlington Northern, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Milwaukee Road (two paint schemes), and Western Pacific. Original scheme, black lettering with herald, and black lettering with herald and white ends. New paint schemes: Arkansas-Oklahoma (Montana Rail Link patchout, two road numbers), BNSF Ry. Coos Bay Lumber, Georgia Pacific, Milwaukee Road, Northern Pacific, Simpson, West Side Lumber, and Weyerhauser.
Broccoli, cattails, cauliflower, daisies, fern plants, lettuce heads, lily pads, lupines, pumpkins and rose vines. The layout with feature UP (with some motive power still in SP livery) with some BNSF trains running through. My only issues with it for my intentions for the layout is that it eliminates the double tracking on the bottom loop as I intend to park some trains there (originally with the tunnel curve I wanted to keep certain trains out of sight temporarily). I also read somewhere that because of the lack of products that many n-scale guys have to make everything on their own.I'm really debating if I should just go with n-scale, but I'm going to Boston's biggest hobby shop tomorrow so I'll make my decision then. New paint schemes: Burlington Northern, Milwaukee Road, Norfolk Southern, Rock Island (blue).

Prototype-specific nose length, see-through radiator intake grills and exhaust stack, and Quick-Plug for Digital Command Control decoder.
Plastic and die-cast metal construction, Paragon2 dual-mode sound and control system, and smoke unit synchronized to chuff rate. Die-cast metal construction, Paragon2 dual-mode sound and control system, and smoke unit synchronized to chuff rate. Plastic and die-cast metal construction, Paragon2 dual-mode sound and control system, long or short tender as appropriate, and prewar or 1950s headlight position.
Etched-brass and plastic construction, individually tooled ratchets, wire uncoupling levers, and Kadee no. Positionable boom, magnets under lift, detailed cab interior, and non-working amber warning light. Boards are available for Alco PA and PB and Electro-Motive Division GP7 and GP9, GP38-2, F3A and B, SD70MAC, SD40-2, and GP30.
Eight-plus amps of controlled power, metal cabinet console with power meter, and backlit liquid-crystal display. But perhaps I should put the turnout in another place so I don't have to be switching in the tunnel?I did do a version of this on XtrkCAD but I got so frustrated placing turnouts on the thing that I just gave up and drew all the turnouts by hand.
But otherwise, when in the loop, which is isolated, you don't care which way the turnout is thrown. I only Regret about switching to N scale(besides not enough money) Is spend a 100 bucks and you walk out with a matchbox. Handling: Make no bones about it, big hands and fingers, and gradually fading eyesight, can raise havoc with working on trucks, couplers, installing those tiny decoders, and soldering those tiny wires.
Direct-current model with 8-pin plug for Digital Command Control decoder or with ESU LokSound Select dual-mode sound decoder. Separately applied brake details and running boards, metal wheelsets, and McHenry knuckle couplers. Features eight 3.0 amp solid state electronic switches and includes provisions for four additional 8 amp switches.
Features cabinet-grade plywood construction, 1” wire passages, and pocket screw holes. The layout is ambiguously set  somewhere between Southern and Central California in the present-day.
From the looks of your drawings yours seem a little optimistic.About XtraCAD and turnouts flipping.
They'll be my first N scale locos and I'll be picking them up tomorrow!If you are thinking about going N, DO IT! Railroad-specific details, Blomberg M or B trucks as appropriate, and detailed cab interior. Tie stacks (10-pack, $12.99), Dumpsters (six-pack), loose pallets (30-pack), cut stone pallets (12-pack), and brick pallets (12-pack). Exterior-post hopper with flat extensions: Georgia RR (single car and two-pack only) and Seaboard System.

Can be supplied with a variety of input power conditioning circuits, allowing it to use any low-voltage form of electrical power, including Digital Command Control.
And Atlas Right Track isn't any better, the flex track feature almost caused me to get committed to the looney farm. If I remember correctly a turnout can be flipped using a key sequence like shift F10 or something--so all you do is get it close then manipulate it. I got fed up with running longer EMD and GE locos, Superliners and Auto Racks on 18" radius curves, enough to dampen my enthusiasm for the hobby so FORGET YOU, HO SCALE!!! Upper tracks are hidden in mountain so as not to distract from tracks running in river canyon. I'm now making the benchwork for my first N scale layout (4x8, and 18" radius does just fine in N). Can motor with two flywheels, SoundTraxx Sound Value Digital Command Control sound decoder, and E-Z Mate Mark II knuckle couplers. I'm not a point-to-point guy, I like having trains go around with the option of having enough sidings within it to make for operations. Split-frame mechanism, gold-white light-emitting diode headlights, and body-mounted knuckle couplers. In Japan, N scale is the most popular modeling scale because most people's houses or apartments are very small and compact.
Industries and street trackage realigned (the turnout degrees are exaggerated, but the sidings will end up in the same places). Low front headlight, two dynamic brake exhaust stacks with close spacing and flush housing, and Nathan K5HL horn. And with more people going N scale, that's a larger market for the manufacturers to produce more models and accessories in that scale.
If you got limited space, forget it, unless you're into doing a little HOn3 mining operation. One helical geared power truck and skew-wound high-torque motor in each unit, spring-loaded prototype-specific pantographs, and factory-installed wire grab irons.
Made by Rivarossi, available from Hornby America Inc.Two- and three-truck Heisler geared steam locomotives. Prototype-specific doors and underframe, body-mounted Magne-Matic knuckle couplers, and metal wheelsets. American Car & Foundry 85-foot Railway Post Office-baggage (standard only), Pullman-Standard 72-foot baggage car (standard only), P-S 85-foot 52-seat coach (with or without skirts), P-S 85-foot diner-coach, P-S 85-foot lunch counter-buffet-lounge Chessie Club, and P-S 85-foot 10-6 City-series sleeper. Made by Rivarossi, available from Hornby America Inc.Union Pacific 4000-class 4-8-8-4 Big Boy steam locomotive.
Three-rail version with Mfx digital decoder, sound, traction tires, direction headlights, two power trucks and two pilot trucks.

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