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I have discovered that the locomotive is based on a Pere Marquette 2-8-2 which I have found undecorated and DCC for a very good price. Without finding the polar express in HO scale I will not be able to sell my sons train set and upgrade to DCC and HO scale.
The locomotive in the movie was based on Pere Marquette 1225, a Berkshire type locomotive, 2-8-4, which was very similar, if not identical to the Nickel Plate Road's Berkshires.
Apparently in restoring PM 1225 they had done some very detailed 3D computer schematics to help them which made it much easier for the animators to recreate the engine in virtual reality.
Anyway, while the engine is very accurately portrayed, I suspect the cars were based partly on real cars and partly on toy train cars - and of course, partly on the cars in the original book.
For modelling the train cars, there aren't any observations cars (real or model) that have the rounded observation platform.
He owns almost all of the Thomas trains and recieved the Lionel O Polar Express for Christmas.

It could be Lionel worked with the animators from the start, and the cars are at least loosely based on Lionel cars?? I maybe wouldn't try to model the cars too accurately - unless you want to do a lot of kitbashing - and just concentrate on finding fairly close cars and decorating them to match the Lionel cars. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
I quickly became addicted to model railroading and am excited to start building some modules.
The car color scheme on the Lionel set looks correct, gray with a burgandy band at the window line. I am looking for something similar to the passenger car, baggage car, observation car, etc pictured above.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

There are a couple of good 4 models out there - some with DCC and sound I believe - so that part is easy to model. I will be making a modular setup with windmills, roundhouses, airports, bridges, etc in the basement. I was able to find many different cars that fit the description but none of them have the window setup I am looking for.The observation car pictured above is very close to the one from the movie but has far too many windows.
The Lionel three rail track is unrealistic and terribly limiting for the setup I want to build for my son's birthday. The controls are antiquated in comparison to the new DCC controls.If I can determine exactly which passenger cars were used in the movie and find HO scale models of the same, I will paint them up to look like the original polar express and give him a dynomite modular layout.

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