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Easily my favourite job when working on this site is finding vintage toy store pictures to share. If you're digging this then please check out Part One, Part Two and Part 3 and Part 4 in this series. Another great shot from the same store but now the Hobby departmen, look at those great Aurora Glow in the Dark Monster kits, prehistoric scenes and what seems like an excess inventory of AMT Mr. This incredible picture of a Rich's Department store in 1980 shows off some beautiful Kenner Star Wars pieces including rare 3 packs, diecast and 12' figures.

From Gimbels department store in 1980, we have a whole table of Mego World's Greatest Superheroes in full glorious colour! The video game test area of the same Gimbels is made to look like a space ship, doesn't the salesman look thrilled letting kids play with the then top of the line Atari 2600? Gimbels had cameos of popular characters but why the hell would a toy store have Punchy the Hawaiian Punch guy? SE Nichols in Hagerstown, MD around 1985, this was a "toy department of the future", look at that giant viewmaster display.

K&K at the time had 20 locations, their interiors were painted Ontario Violet and Matador Red according to articles.

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